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    Forwarding this to the LMO so she can see it!
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    As we look forward to what 2018 will bring in the TFE Det., it's always nice to reflect back on all that has happened in 2017. It has been a good and very active year here in the TFE Det. in 2017. Newly Elected Detachment Leader and her staff. We have seen many new programs started and/or old programs improved this year: Trooper of the Month, Blood Members, Mediation Tracker, Fundraiser Program, Academies or Temples. We have seen the formation of the first 4 TFE Det. Academies or Temples. We have created our 1st ever Det. Racing shirt, and had two sales runs of those shirts. We have cleaned up the Membership Records for the Detachment, and everything is now running smoothly. TFE Detachment Merch had a strong kick in the pants this year, after a long pause with very little Det. Merch coming out, this year we came out with several Coin and Patch runs. We have had a strong push at writing and/or correcting existing CRL's. Many of these newly written or corrected CRL's were just done last week, so we are still waiting on LMO review and approval, before we can post them for you to take a look at. We have had a strong year with many more TFE Det. Members being added to our coveted Comms Tower FB page. Our Membership has skyrocketed with a large influx of new members, eager to be a part of the best Detachment in the Legion. From all of us here in the TFE Detachment Staff, I hope you all have enjoyed your time here with us in 2017, and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2018. We have more planned for the TFE Det. in the new year, and we will try to make the TFE Det. even better for you in 2018! Det Staff-
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    So far it is looking good! Just smooth out the surfaces and you're rocking it.
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    Hello everyone, DS-62629 here. I just joined 501st and Flagship Eclipse as Nightsister Asajj Ventress not too long ago. I've been in Rebel Legion for a bit, but I have been wanting to join 501st as my favorite Star Wars character. I am so happy to finally be here! I'm from the Sacramento, CA area. I look forward to getting to know all of you more!
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    Glorious! Don't shoot your ey........ you know what? You should be fine.
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    I'm not sure if this will help, but I have that exact fabric from Dharma for my Darth Maul build. Here's a photo against my Darth Vader gloves and sleeves as well as my Chippie boots (which are a bit worn). It's pretty black. That having been said, the fabric in the above photo is folded over on itself several times, so no light gets through. When it is a single layer, the color will alter by what's behind it, so you'll want to line it with something black. There is a bit of color texture to it, when you are up close. Dharma will send a sample swatch to you. That's what I did, because I had already bought my linen for Darth Maul and I wanted to make sure that the raw silk was a good match.
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    With the buckles removed, and the red stripe added to the heel, I think these boots are a great fit. Thoughts? https://www.chineselaundry.com/shop/sale/clearance/set-in-stone-leat/785807771048.html
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    Good luck on the costume. I look forward to seeing your progress.
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    This was one of the finished parts I got from my squadmate, so not sure on the exact details. If I remember right, the ring is 3D printed and the handle inside is (I think) a US handle. One side is normal, the other end was modified so it would handle the second blade (it lights up on both ends). I'm hoping to eventually add the single blade version as an option someday...
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    Hello! Im Jennifer from Portland, OR wanting to join Cloud City Garrison/501st. I’m interested in Mara Jade. I’m wanting to do this because I love to help the local and non local communities and because I can “be someone else” for a while!
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    Just keep in mind WA does not come with two tunics only comes with one and does not come with belt, gloves, boots or balaclava.
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    I have the WA COTF Nihilus and it is a fine costume very good quality work and I’m happy with it. Always keep in mind that a costume from a merchant isn’t always approvable you may need to make tweaks and changes yourself depending on what you GML says. For my Nihilus I had to change the skirt a little bit and dye my cape black as well as weather it just a bit more. If anything contact your GML and discuss with him about WA Nihilus. I love my Nihilus from WA and I troop with it. I hope this all helps and good luck on your Nihilus adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Darth Malgus as a 1st costume, to join the 501st, is not an easy feat, as this is not an easy costume to put on or to wear the whole day at a troop. For the normal person, I would suggest an easier costume to start off with and then to try to make something at this difficulty level. Approval is dependent on your local Czech Republic GMO/GML. You have to attain the right look, compared to official reference materials. If your GML/GMO has any questions with your approval pics, they will submit them to us, and we will give our opinions. The costume in the Video would be approvable yes, but most people in the 501st don't have a "team" to help them get dressed and put on makeup and prosthetic. It is unrealistic to have to show up several hours before the troop to start putting on the costume. Pants, find an official LFL reference to support your look, and you are fine. I have seen black, and I have seen gray, so for the time being, either. Materials for the armor is up to you, but it must look correct. It has to have a thickness to it, it has to look like hard armor. Lights and everything else seen must be included. Find an official reference you are happy with, and make your costume look like the reference. This costume is not an easy one to pull off the correct look. This costume is also quite expensive to pull off the correct look. Not trying to discourage your interests, but many have started this costume and not seen it to the end, and then it was just a waste of time and money, and they never got into the 501st. Many have attempted this costume, currently only 2 have an approved Darth Malgus in the 501st!
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    Hi everyone! I'm prospective member of Ukraine Outpost and I'm going to do Mother Talzin costume for approve me as 501st member. So I decided to create this topic to show my work step by step. There is no clear CRL yet for this character, so I'll better to show all process and correct possible mistakes during processing, it's much easier than remaking of finished costume. Also I hope that my research will be usefull to next people who will do this character. So firstly what exactly parts does it consist of. I analyzed Talzin's stuff and see there the next items: 1) Top with long sleeves. Red with pattern sleeves decorated with reddish brown stripe, other part is plain red. 2) Leggings. Red fabric with the main pattern. 3) Neck piece. It's rather collar of the top, but as my sewing experience shows, it's much easier to do it as a separate piece. Plain red, has thick bubbled ruffles. 4) Bodice. Reddish brown as sleeves decoration and the same matherial. V-shape neckline to the collarbone. I was thinking a lot about quantity of the stripes. There are only 6 visible, but seam lines on the bust part points that there are another pair covered with skirt. 5) Shoulder pieces. The same patterned fabric as on sleeves and leggings. The length of single piece is easy to determine according to arm length. It should be from shoulder to wrist. 6) Skirt. Made of red matherial similar to the backing color of sleeves/leggings/shoulders but with large dark red pattern. Underlayed with some tight matherial to keep shape. Consist of three pieces. Side pieces are 1/2 wide of the middle back piece on the hem line. The length could be determined according to leg length. In the original it's about 2/3 of hip to floor. 7) Criss-cross scarf (tabards?). Made of the same fabric as sleeves/leggings/shoulders. The left piece cross over the right one both at front and back. 8 ) Pleated sash with belt and decorative stripes. The sash itself fitted to body shape. It's made of plain red matherial and has 4 pleats over waist line and 3 under waist line. Brown belt is made of leather-like matherial few tone lighter that bodice and sleeves decorations. Two decorative stripes on the front (floor long, the same matherial as sleeves/leggings) and two short on the back (the same color and matherial as belt) 9) Back "wings" 10) Headpiece 11) Boots 12) Makeup About the fabrics. I did pattern based on the screenshots and printed it on a fabrics (polyester for most pieces and matte spandex for leggings). I also added weathered texture which also visible on the original fabric. Skirt pattern is in progress yet, but I will print it also on polyester. For the bodice I purghased reddish brown faux leather. And here are the fabrics itself. It's both looks allmost identical, spandex just a bit softer. (I need shoot it outdoor in daylight, indoor light "eats" the colors) And the bodice pattern unassembled/assembled on a dressform. About the back shape - I did it repeating the "wings" piece. That's I have at the moment. I will add new materials as I work on the costume. PS: my English is far from ideal, but I keep practice and I'll be really appreciated if you'll notice me about possible mistakes. PPS: and thanks to @romero4444 from this thread. He collected really great references base.
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    I haven't disappeared I promise! Busy season at work is making it difficult to get back to my project. Pants are done, but still stuck on the gloves and boot cover. Once I have some time I will take some pictures and make a better update!
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    Thanks for the tip. The last pic was actually the first. After I took that one, I figured out to throw the cape over my shoulders. Just doing that holds pretty well, but I do have a couple safety pins set aside for next time.
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    I have more photos of the forearm sleeves with belt pouches. All from the comic. I'll look for more Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Mynock's Den is going to be releasing an ABS set of the armor here soon. You can keep an eye out for the start of orders on his FB page here: http://facebook.com/mynocksden
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    The armor, itself, it pretty good, though you will need to switch out the rings at the bottom as Blackrock said, and use straps to attach them rather than the strings that they come with. Also, the soft parts are bare minimum level for approval, so I would recommend looking into getting custom soft part made in the future that are more accurate.
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    Probably just the code, but could you give me an idea of what the platform might run?
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    Goodie, thank you! Sent fra min SM-N950F via Tapatalk
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    Hi everyone, I apologize for dropping away from the forum and this thread for so long. I had big plans to finish this costume and try to get it approved in time for Celebration, but 2012 has not been kind to my family, and the project had to be set aside too many times. I was determined to take it to CVI, though, so I did the best I could. I spent every evening in Orlando sitting on the floor of our hotel room, sewing and gluing and painting, and managed to finish it enough for a wearing on Saturday. I never got a chance to try on the whole costume until that very morning, so I was worried that something wouldn't work, or something would fall apart... but I wore it for six and a half hours with no problems. Murphy decided to be kind for a while, bless his mischevious little heart. There are pieces that were never finished at all (the blasters, the armor at the back of the neck), there are pieces that were strictly temporary (the silver forehead pieces were made of foam instead of being sculpted), and there are some things that just flat out need to be done over again now that I know a little more about what I'm doing. I owe my wonderful husband a huge "Thank you" for putting up with my lateness in finishing the costume, and for putting up with my stressed-out temperament over the past few months. He's the best. My Eleena sister! This was the bright moment of my day. We had discussed fabrics and colors beforehand, so we matched quite nicely! I know that Eleena has freakishly thick lekku, but I had no desire to sculpt something like that, so I made the sculpt thinner than the references. I wore the very first casting from my newest and thus far most successful lekku mold, and I was thrilled with the results when I pulled it from the mold. Sometimes it's nice to just sit there and smile to yourself when something works out the way you had hoped it would, and to know that hours and hours and hours of work paid off. Fabric. I ordered over a dozen fabric samples, and never found the perfect one right off the shelf. I didn't have time to customize the fabric, so I settled for a temporary stand-in. It was a good color, but definitely wasn't glossy enough. And it snagged on EVERYTHING. Definitely something that will be upgraded in Eleena 2.0 Scott and I have dubbed this jumpsuit the Eleena Jammies. It just needs to have some feet attached. The black stripe on the legs needs to be lowered a bit (it showed above the belt about an inch), and it needed to be wider. The front line seemed okay, but I think it needed to go back a little bit further on the sides. I had trouble with the collar wanting to sag open at the front. I'll need to reinforce that to help it stand better. And, the invisible zipper in the front seam needs to be replaced by a lapped zipper opening. The reference images have that lump along the front seam that looks like a covering over a zipper. The arms proved a bit too loose and wrinkly, so those need to be tightened, and I think it would help to put a loop on the end to hook over my finger. I had a hard time getting the gloves on without pulling up the sleeve fabric. Prepairing to make the mold for the front armor. The old Talon tattoo patterns on the body cast proved useful, because they helped me line things up on the armor sculpt and make sure that everything was even. I don't think I made the front armor quite wide enough... but at this point I'm not really sure I want to start over, just to add an inch or two to the width. Sculpting the back armor... Painting black latex in the back armor mold. It was tough to get all of the latex painted in and then backed with foam before the latex dried and began to shrink away from the mold. Once I started, everything had to be prepaired in advance and ready to move! The belt box sculpt was made with a melamine core covered with pieces of styrene. You can't get much done at our house without an overseer or two. It can get quite warm in our workshop during the summer, so I did most of my work in the evenings after it cooled off. I'd leave the door open, and His Highness soon discovered that the shop lights attract the big brown beetles that he loves so much. Every evening he'd glide in the door and keep me company while he feasted for a couple hours. (Few things can bring a person closer to needing a clean pair of shorts like having little talons suddenly land on your shoulder when you're utterly engrossed in using a belt sander.) I cast the boxes in Smooth-On's Feather Lite resin to keep the weight down. The belt buckle was cast in standard resin. They were first spray painted silver, and then weathered with acrylics. I think the belt buckle came out a bit too big; I think I'll make the next one a little bit smaller. The detonators started out as clear plastic Christmas ornaments. I drilled holes in the top and bottom of one, blocked the bottom hole with clay that caused an indention (to help me center the red button later on) and filled the globe with resin. I then drilled holes arround the equator, and used sewing eyelets and the rounded ends of rivets to fill them. The scalloped design was made with clay. Once I had the clay cleaned up as much as I could get it, I made a mold and created a hard master with tooling resin, which I then spent quite a few hours with sandpaper and a set of files, trying to get the lines straight and the scallops even. From there, I made another mold and cast them in hollow rotocast resin. (Again, trying to keep down the weight so my belt wouldn't weigh a ton.) I'm not happy with the final results yet... I didn't build up the top and bottom enough to adjust for the added width created by the scallops, so the detonators look a bit oval in shape. I'm going to try building up the curve of the hard master again, and see if I can't make them more round. The gloves are lambskin, which proved fairly easy to sew. I had a really hard time with the slit on the upper part of each gauntlet. If there had been a seam at that slit, it would have been a lot easier! I couldn't make the gloves as tight as the references... any smaller, and I couldn't get my hands into them! Here's my glue station. While working on the gloves and boots, I spent a lot of time going back and forth between my sewing mashine and this sheet of plywood on the floor nearby. Sew a seam, put a bit of contact cement on the leather, pound it flat. Sew another seam, repeat, repeat, repeat... They're not perfect, but I'm pleased with the final look. I put some elastic in the wrists to try to keep them from looking too baggy. It did help a bit. I used melamine to make forms for the leather pouches. It's slightly wider on the top than the bottom, and the sides are rounded. The smaller pouches were made with a single piece, while the bigger pouches were formed over a stack of melamine that had been glued to make a deeper thickness. The leather was wet-formed over the melamine and left to dry. Then, I pulled out the forms, sewed the seams, and used contact cement to reinforce everything. E6000 was used to glue the pouches onto the fabric. I had to wear the jumpsuit while gluing on each pouch to make sure that they were placed evenly, so I slid a piece of plastic under the fabric in each location to make sure I didn't glue the pouches to myself by accident. I then used strips of stretchy fabric to hold the pouches in place while the glue set. The leather turned out a bit more colorful than the references, but it was the best match I found so far. I haven't figured out how to make the teardrop shaped spots on the pouch closures yet. Still trying to decide if they should be painted, glued, or cut. They look like indentations to me. It took three tries before I found a pair of shoes that had the right shape toe and heel that I could use for the base of the boots. This pair was the closest, and though they were a little bit tight, they served me well. First, using a heavy canvas fabric to make the muslin pattern. Hair/quilting clips work well for holding leather for sewing. This was a heavier cow leather, and my sewing machine had some trouble with it. I had to hand-turn the wheel quite a few times when the machine motor just didn't have the umph to get through the leather on its own. Since the brown topper has an opening in the back, I put the zippers in the back. I didn't want them to be too visible back there, however, so I used invisible zippers in the seam. It looked great.... but the zippers started failing after just a few test-wearings. I had to replace one of them before I'd even finished making the boots, and the other gave out at Celebration. They worked well for my day of trooping, but at the end of the day one of them jammed up and I ended up having to pull my foot out of the boot without unzipping it fully. Not easy! The plastic links of invisible zippers just aren't made for the stresses of boots, and I also found that having the zipper in the back made it REALLY difficult to get the boots on and off. I'm going to have to redesign them, with metal zippers placed on the inside of the leg. That means that the brown top will have to be adjusted, but I'll experiment with it a bit and figoure out the best solution. Most likely, I'll just use a partial zipper, or make the brown section removable on one side so that it can be closed after the zipper. I found that the boots tended to sag a bit under the weight of the brown toppers, so my options to solve that are to make them a bit tighter, or to put some boning inside to hold them upright. I don't want to attach them to the pant legs; I'd prefer that the solution be in the boots themselves. The brown leather was wet-formed over the boots, and I used pieces of stretch fabric wrapped around it to hold the leather in place while it dried. Then, I trimmed away the excess leather, and began gluing the leather onto the shoe one section at a time with E6000. I used the stretch fabric again to hold the leather in place while the glue dried. Blue painter's tape was used to help me line up the silver pieces on the top of the foot. Those pieces were sculpted in scraps of styrene, molded, and then cast in hot glue. I'm not a fan of hot glue for costume pieces, but in this case I needed something flexible, so it served its purpose. And, that's where things stand so far. I still need to give this costume a lot of attention. The headwrap and forehead decorations need to be properly sculpted and shaped. I need a different fabric for the bodysuit, and bits and pieces need more attention all over the costumes. Many people didn't know who Eleena was at Celebration, but those who were familiar with the character seemed to appreciate the effort that I put into the costume, and their reactions were kind. I'll be looking forward to finishing the costume, and hopefully, someday, getting it approved. Pam
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    . Darth Revan Revan was a Dark Lord of the Sith who lived around the years 3,963?3,956 BBY; roughly 40 years after the Great Sith War and the fall of Exar Kun. Revan sought what many considered to be the complete annihilation of the Galactic Republic, a tendency later followed on by Revan's apprentice Darth Malak. Revan and Malak led a breakaway faction of Jedi Knights into war alongside the Republic against the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. This action was taken against the will of the Council and caused a schism within the Order. After Revan led the Republic to victory, Revan and Malak left known space and returned "changed." Following their return, the two new Sith Lords waged war against the very Republic they'd fought to save. Interestingly, however, Revan waged war in a very particular way, seemingly wanting to preserve the infrastructure of the Republic and to strip away the "dead weight." It is theorized that Revan believed there was a greater threat than the Mandalorians lurking outside of Known Space and was seeking, in fact, to force the Republic to strengthen itself, rather than actually seeking the Republic's outright destruction. Because Revan's first (and main) appearance is in the Knights of the Old Repubic videogame, the character's appearance and even gender is variable. However, more recently, canonical sources dictate that Revan was, in fact, male - in spite of the fact that in the second Knights of the Old Republic game, the character is first referred to as female and it is decision of the player whether or not to contradict this and "set" the character as male. Darth Revan Image Gallery http://theflagshipeclipse.com/gallery/t ... p?album=22 Visual Reference Sources These are the sources for LFL image resources. The purpose of this section is to show costumers where the character has appeared so far, and to tell them where they can look to get more information about the characters. Action Figures or Miniatures - Hasbro Action Figure, 3.75 inch size. (Note: the mask used for the sculpt on this figure is a fan based sculpt instead of the mask belonging to the character in the game.) - Star Wars Miniatures: Legacy of the Force Set. Piece --1. Darth Revan. Games That Include the Character - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic by BioWare. - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords by Obsidian Entertainment. Official Background Information Sources This is a listing of links or sources that will provide more information about the character. They may or may not have images. Star Wars Books - Star Wars The New Essential Chronology. Pages 21, 22, 24. - Star Wars Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force. Pages xix, 22, 23, 30, 56, 57, 91, 131-133, 154, 163, 164. - Star Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide. Page 28. Unofficial Background Information Sources NOTE: While wiki sources can be interesting and informative to read, they should NOT be considered accurate sources for character backgrounds or costume images due to the fact that anyone can go in and edit the text or images, regardless of accuracy. - Wookiepedia Entry for Darth Revan http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Revan - Wikipedia Entry for Darth Revan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darth_Revan - Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia Entry for Darth Revan http://theforce.net/swenc/newdescr.asp? ... 8510&tab=d .