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    Forwarding this to the LMO so she can see it!
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    As we look forward to what 2018 will bring in the TFE Det., it's always nice to reflect back on all that has happened in 2017. It has been a good and very active year here in the TFE Det. in 2017. Newly Elected Detachment Leader and her staff. We have seen many new programs started and/or old programs improved this year: Trooper of the Month, Blood Members, Mediation Tracker, Fundraiser Program, Academies or Temples. We have seen the formation of the first 4 TFE Det. Academies or Temples. We have created our 1st ever Det. Racing shirt, and had two sales runs of those shirts. We have cleaned up the Membership Records for the Detachment, and everything is now running smoothly. TFE Detachment Merch had a strong kick in the pants this year, after a long pause with very little Det. Merch coming out, this year we came out with several Coin and Patch runs. We have had a strong push at writing and/or correcting existing CRL's. Many of these newly written or corrected CRL's were just done last week, so we are still waiting on LMO review and approval, before we can post them for you to take a look at. We have had a strong year with many more TFE Det. Members being added to our coveted Comms Tower FB page. Our Membership has skyrocketed with a large influx of new members, eager to be a part of the best Detachment in the Legion. From all of us here in the TFE Detachment Staff, I hope you all have enjoyed your time here with us in 2017, and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2018. We have more planned for the TFE Det. in the new year, and we will try to make the TFE Det. even better for you in 2018! Det Staff-
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    So far it is looking good! Just smooth out the surfaces and you're rocking it.
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    Add your TKID and Pick your Garrison or Squad (if you are in a Squad) in your profile. Please post a link here to the 501st Website of your profile for Costume Verification. Specify which access you are requesting: 501st Access- You are an approved member of the 501st Legion and would like access to the 501st Member areas of the forums that standard forum members do not have access to. SLD Access- You are an approved member of the 501st Legion and the Sith Lord Detachment. This is just like 501st access except that as a member of the SLD, you have access to merchandise runs for the Flagship Eclipse that other Detachments do not. Detachment Access- you are an approved member of the 501st Legion and the Flagship Eclipse Detachment and would like access to all Detachment Member areas of the forums that are not available to standard forum or 501st members. Please note; membership approval and additional access is not automated. Instead human volunteers review each request. Typical response tyme should be within 24 hours but may take longer depending on personal schedules. (We are adding additional staff on the task to help speed the process.)
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    HI everybody this is my work in progress for my traitor Barriss. I am very excited to be building this so here's hope its amazing. Here is a link to the flickr album where we will be posting all of my pics as I complete parts of this costume. https://www.flickr.com/photos/107981530@N03/albums/72157691172929264
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    If you love the character / design, do it. Between the Character Style Sheet, Cover art and pre-vis this one should be fine for approval if done well. It has several things in common with her Bounty Hunter outfit, but is unique in many ways. It would be a Legion first so you'll want to work with the Detachment and me to get a CRL together. Very best of luck with it.
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    Hello! Im Jennifer from Portland, OR wanting to join Cloud City Garrison/501st. I’m interested in Mara Jade. I’m wanting to do this because I love to help the local and non local communities and because I can “be someone else” for a while!
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    Hello! I'm very excited to finally start the process of becoming 501st! I'm looking to do Doctor Aphra and start with the Red Vest A version. I've been going through forums looking for resources, but any additional info would be great! Thanks in advance! I'm looking forward to this new adventure
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    Welcome! I just finished my vest A this month. I'm not sure if I can be much help but am happy to try in any way I can.
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    Hello! My name is Ivo Turk. I am form Zagreb, Croatia. I have a Darth Nihilus (KOTOR II version) costume and I hope to be approver for the membership in 501st Legion.
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    I have the WA COTF Nihilus and it is a fine costume very good quality work and I’m happy with it. Always keep in mind that a costume from a merchant isn’t always approvable you may need to make tweaks and changes yourself depending on what you GML says. For my Nihilus I had to change the skirt a little bit and dye my cape black as well as weather it just a bit more. If anything contact your GML and discuss with him about WA Nihilus. I love my Nihilus from WA and I troop with it. I hope this all helps and good luck on your Nihilus adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For a costume to be approvable, it must achieve the correct look, and be approved by your local GMO/GML. If your Local GMO/GML has questions about your costume, they will post your application pics on the Legion forums, for us to give our opinions on. Nothing is 100% approved from any merchant, you have to wear it properly and it must look correct. Wrong look, too long/too short, wrong mask, missing part of the costume, wrong boots, wrong gloves, etc, etc, are all things that could cause your costume to not be approved. There are also 2 different Darth Nihilus costumes, you did not specify which one you wanted to create? I have seen MWA "Darth Nihilus: COTF" approved, ofc I have also seen them not approved, if they were not worn correctly, or were missing a part of the costume, or were using an element that was wrong (Like a weathered mask). If you were making "Darth Nihilus KOTOR II" then MWA costume is the wrong look.
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    after a long time I return to show you my advances for this costume ....
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    TFE folks! The Legion Census is live, so please go to https://www.501st.com/memberDB/ and go to "Census" to complete your mandatory information. As some folks have asked, you may have a, "Pending" listed on your TFE membership under your profile. This membership does not show up anywhere except on your personal information page and only affects your ability to vote in the detachment election early next year. I updated this list after the past election this year, and will be doing so after the census is completed in a few weeks, as well as in the months before the election next year to ensure everyone is able to participate. Please do not worry if you say, "Pending" at the moment, as part of the requirement for being a member of the detachment is being active in the Legion, so it makes my life 100x easier knowing that this requirement is up to date by waiting until after the census. To give you an idea, it requires cross referencing every single email listed in the Legion Database under Flagship-eligible costumes with every single email registered in the TFE forums to ensure the requirements are fulfilled, and when they are not (say, you aren't registered on the TFE forums, but are on the 501st DB), I send out emails to every single one of these people to let them know how to get back up to par with the requirements. Per the Legion Charter/Ops and Protocols requirements for Detachment Membership: "Formal membership, voting rights, and eligibility in a detachment requires that a Legion member be active, own a qualifying costume as represented by the detachment, and have the corresponding costume designation in his/her profile. The approval of said costume is, however, still the purview of the LMO. Ownership of a qualifying costume is verified annually as part of the Legion census. Membership in a detachment is optional, and you can be a member of more than one detachment. Membership is initiated by the Legion member when the above criteria is met and they register on the detachment's forum. Active status is maintained by logging onto said forum once a year. Failing this, the member becomes an inactive member of the detachment. All that is required to be reactivated is to once again log in." Therefore, in order to make it easier for the cross referencing, I wait until the end of the census time frame, then go through all of the automatically listed active members who completed their census, and then use only those to complete the syncing of the DB and our forums. The TFE forum does not affect the 501st Legion DB, and the DB does not affect the TFE forum EXCEPT for the fact that registration on our forums and logging into it once a year are some of the requirements for the 501st Legion DB Detachment approval. If you are registered here on the forums and are logging in at least once a year, then I consider you a member of the detachment, and you get access to all of the non-election benefits such as the Membership Programs and Merch runs. The membership in the DB is merely an administrative parameter in order to make election organization easier. That does not mean that I neglect it, but it is fulfilled before any necessary actions are required. That being said, emails will be going out to those who are pending the week after the census ends to those who are not registered on the forums OR who have an email registered on the forums that is different from your 501st Legion information email so that I can get everything synced and sorted. Also, if you are able to log into your account and you are correctly listed as a Detachment Member, don't worry about the 50% account profile stuff. It is not necessary. You can dismiss it. Hope this helps!
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    Welcome! There are several of us using his kits, myself included. I did make some changes to the kit though. I changed out his rings that are on the bottom of the armor as well as removed the pleather and replaced with real leather. Make sure that you post pictures of things as you put everything together so that we can offer up some advice.
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    Nothing to see here, move along, move along
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    Hmmm. I wonder if I can do about the same thing with a CHIP.
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    Hello! AssassinGirl, DZ-27027, hailing from Alpine Garrison (Utah). I have been a member of the 501st since 2013 but am now looking at doing my next costume: Barriss Offee: Traitor. I currently have an approved Jawa. I did have an apporved Juno Eclipse; Rogue Shadow but retired her at the end of last year. I joined the 501st because I love the work they do. I have been apart of so many great opportunities it is amazing! I am really excited to start Barriss!
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    Here is a good place to check/ask, as the people who have built him would be the best to reply! http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/forum/118-starkiller/ Hope it helps, Nina
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    Just got done with my Lana outfit (still need makeup trial before C2E2 this weekend), but so far so good, I think! Wig's parted wrong here, too- it was about 12:30 am and I wasn't in the mood to fuss with it!
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    Ah don't we wish for a time where Star Wars characters only had one outfit in their closets.
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    . Darth Revan Revan was a Dark Lord of the Sith who lived around the years 3,963?3,956 BBY; roughly 40 years after the Great Sith War and the fall of Exar Kun. Revan sought what many considered to be the complete annihilation of the Galactic Republic, a tendency later followed on by Revan's apprentice Darth Malak. Revan and Malak led a breakaway faction of Jedi Knights into war alongside the Republic against the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. This action was taken against the will of the Council and caused a schism within the Order. After Revan led the Republic to victory, Revan and Malak left known space and returned "changed." Following their return, the two new Sith Lords waged war against the very Republic they'd fought to save. Interestingly, however, Revan waged war in a very particular way, seemingly wanting to preserve the infrastructure of the Republic and to strip away the "dead weight." It is theorized that Revan believed there was a greater threat than the Mandalorians lurking outside of Known Space and was seeking, in fact, to force the Republic to strengthen itself, rather than actually seeking the Republic's outright destruction. Because Revan's first (and main) appearance is in the Knights of the Old Repubic videogame, the character's appearance and even gender is variable. However, more recently, canonical sources dictate that Revan was, in fact, male - in spite of the fact that in the second Knights of the Old Republic game, the character is first referred to as female and it is decision of the player whether or not to contradict this and "set" the character as male. Darth Revan Image Gallery http://theflagshipeclipse.com/gallery/t ... p?album=22 Visual Reference Sources These are the sources for LFL image resources. The purpose of this section is to show costumers where the character has appeared so far, and to tell them where they can look to get more information about the characters. Action Figures or Miniatures - Hasbro Action Figure, 3.75 inch size. (Note: the mask used for the sculpt on this figure is a fan based sculpt instead of the mask belonging to the character in the game.) - Star Wars Miniatures: Legacy of the Force Set. Piece --1. Darth Revan. Games That Include the Character - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic by BioWare. - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords by Obsidian Entertainment. Official Background Information Sources This is a listing of links or sources that will provide more information about the character. They may or may not have images. Star Wars Books - Star Wars The New Essential Chronology. Pages 21, 22, 24. - Star Wars Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force. Pages xix, 22, 23, 30, 56, 57, 91, 131-133, 154, 163, 164. - Star Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide. Page 28. Unofficial Background Information Sources NOTE: While wiki sources can be interesting and informative to read, they should NOT be considered accurate sources for character backgrounds or costume images due to the fact that anyone can go in and edit the text or images, regardless of accuracy. - Wookiepedia Entry for Darth Revan http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Revan - Wikipedia Entry for Darth Revan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darth_Revan - Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia Entry for Darth Revan http://theforce.net/swenc/newdescr.asp? ... 8510&tab=d .