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    Forwarding this to the LMO so she can see it!
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    So far it is looking good! Just smooth out the surfaces and you're rocking it.
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    Hi , I'm Daya (Danielle) from Luxembourg. I just finished a Visas Marr SL 21118 . I'm happy to have joined the legion.
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    For the Sister I've made in the past, a suiting fabric (similar to what is used for officer uniforms) has worked for the coat and pants. I lined it in a cheap red cotton fabric, since most linings are shiny and I didn't want the lining to have a sheen. I have also seen the pants made out of spandex with great success. I would say it all depends on the material that you would prefer to work with. As for gloves, I had to make them for my customer because I haven't seen a pair of gloves in that color combination. I am currently unaware of any vendors that do any of the soft parts for this character currently, but maybe someone else will know?
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    Just waiting on one last piece (the blackout hood), but I thought it was worth it to post some pics of the ensemble in its penultimate state.
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    The armor, itself, it pretty good, though you will need to switch out the rings at the bottom as Blackrock said, and use straps to attach them rather than the strings that they come with. Also, the soft parts are bare minimum level for approval, so I would recommend looking into getting custom soft part made in the future that are more accurate.
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    Good Morning! My name is Shelly. I'm on the Northern edge of the Bloodfin Garrison in Indiana. I am working on a Doctor Aphra. My husband and I cosplay with our children at local cons and events but I want to do more. I love that with the 501st/ RL I can give back while I cosplay. Putting a smile on someones face by sharing a common love in some way. I am a high school librarian and run our schools pop culture/gaming club and I like being able to show my students that it is ok to be interested in cosplay, cons, and such as an adult and that they can even do great things for others through it. I am also interested in making a Mara but its the RL green one. I welcome any and all advice. Aphra is still a relatively new character so there isn't a lot of info out there for me to go through. Have a great day!
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    Probably just the code, but could you give me an idea of what the platform might run?
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    Goodie, thank you! Sent fra min SM-N950F via Tapatalk
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    The cuff of the gloves that you have pictured are too short. The cuff of the gloves should end at mid forearm. You are going to want these gloves here, http://www.museumreplicas.com/p-49-leather-gauntlets.aspx?campaignid=915098131&adgroupid=42582017661&creative=217422876170&keyword=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgIPOBRDnARIsAHA1X3TxhXINwbiApvuVmvQRu_gOzJ5pEhd5K1IADb3DueMidqCNYTbuL9AaAj0JEALw_wcB These are the gloves I have for my Darth Nihilus. Besides Pam's mask you can also check out; http://eternalarmory.com/product/nihilus-mask/ https://www.etsy.com/listing/202095118/darth-nihilus-mask-inspired-by-star-wars https://www.etsy.com/listing/235125634/darth-nihilus-mask-star-wars-cotf Hopefully this helps you out. I too also used Scott and Pam's website to help build my costume as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello! AssassinGirl, DZ-27027, hailing from Alpine Garrison (Utah). I have been a member of the 501st since 2013 but am now looking at doing my next costume: Barriss Offee: Traitor. I currently have an approved Jawa. I did have an apporved Juno Eclipse; Rogue Shadow but retired her at the end of last year. I joined the 501st because I love the work they do. I have been apart of so many great opportunities it is amazing! I am really excited to start Barriss!
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    Just keep in mind that as you are building it, the original design by Chris Avellone that was drawn by Dustin Weaver was very, very flat against the face. There are not even cheek features outside of the rounding to match the face (bone structure is specific to COTF Nihilus). Here's the screenshot showing what I mean:
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    Hi Guys! Me again, sorry ... I think I just solved the gun number problem, mainly for this specific version. In my opinion that thing on Aphras left side isn't a gun but a pouch. (original painting) If you compaire it with the gun on the right side it is too small. I flipped the gun on the left side and it didn't match at all to the painting. But when I tried the same with a pouch with an open flap it worked pretty good. So, in my opinion, on the front cover of no 3 Dr Aphra wears a gun and a pouch. Would it make sense to take this pouch as an optional item for the CRL? And as an other optional item a second DL-44 blaster? Because there do definitely exist some designs with two blasters as well.
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