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  1. I don't, unfortunately - they were grabbed from pausing a video. It looks there though, best as I can tell, that the zipper's in the back of that piece.
  2. Dropping these in here in case you haven’t seen them! Moses Ingram posted some BTS on her Instagram stories today including some shots that show how the costume layers. Hope they help!
  3. Great research so far! Can't contribute much to this as a lot has already been said, but I noticed in your original post that you commented on the webbing under the belt - as someone who saw the costume at Celebration, they all had that, and it was to hold the costumes upright and attached to the stands. So, not an actual part of the screen used costume. Here's a picture of it on Fourth Sister.
  4. Hi all! I'm Georgia, from Washington. I'm an RL member hoping to join Garrison Titan sometime soon, working on a few costumes. I've been Star Wars costuming for the last few years, and this feels like a natural continuation of that - not to mention I'm a massive EU fan. Currently sewing a Seventh Sister, but also hoping to do Dark Side Bastila, Fourth Sister from Kenobi, and who knows what else! I'm big into costume research so can't wait to hop in with all of it in a new group.
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