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  1. P.s. I officially submitted the inquiry to LMOs about inclusion into the 501st, so it'll be a week or so before we hear back.
  2. They was actually my thought. Iirc, Second Sister is canvas cloak.
  3. Those are definitely not approvable for Revan. Just search black leather square toe boot and sort through them. I found mine in my size on eBay, but you can also check Poshmark and Mercari. You want to stay away from adornments and decorations unless they're removable.
  4. No, it's definitely more of a fiber than those. You don't want a felting type of fabric.
  5. There is definitely some sort of woven texture based on the concept images, but also heavy enough to drape and soft enough to flow.
  6. Yeah modification would be fine, but heads up that you'll most likely need to repaint the entire armor. I can give you some color combos if necessary.
  7. The, "kama" is definitely a single piece with 2 flaps hanging down. I agree it would attach in the back logically. I would say the best bet for the cogs is actually painting it. The vinyl wouldn't match the texture of the cape, which shows to have a slight texture from the concept. It would be similar to the Second Sister cogs.
  8. Also shows gloves and bracer are, in fact, 2 separate pieces. Should make it easier for construction.
  9. Those are the standard pieces that need replacing. My only other issue with the V1 is that the bracers don't meet seamlessly, so watch out for that.
  10. Looking great! Just make sure to keep the padding under control on the front.
  11. Added Norwegian Garrison. Also side note, they were out of the color in the correct size when I went before the Norway trip, but if you're still interested, I'll pick them up before I go back in Feb.
  12. Great work on catching all these. I would honestly say with the way the hips sit and move that it is one full, layered suit with a reverse attachment system compared to the front securing that we're used to seeing in empire stuff. The boots look basic, but there seems to be a rear, "panel" that wraps around.
  13. https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/forum/84-mara-jade/ Here's the Mara Jade section
  14. So long as the cuff doesn't show under the bracers and the seams don't show under the hand plate, I've no issues.
  15. Still in Norway until Wednesday, so if it's delayed on responses, you know why. Without seeing it directly I can't say if it's *too* loose, but some lose I am not worried about.
  16. The Shock seems the closest, though I would get a different pommel cap like this one: https://ultrasabers.com/product/aeon-v4-pommel/
  17. I'm not sure why it didn't notify me for this specific thread, but since it is under the robes, I don't care what boots you use so long as no adornments are visible under said robes.
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