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  1. The issue with the belt appears to be the visible attachment? Is that right? The good news is that you have space to move it over as long as you have the width on the other side. You’d need to rip out the attachment, and move the buckle towards the floating piece to hide where those were. But you’ll need to ensure you don’t add in any visible rivets or a loop when you do it. You’ll need to figure out how you want to attach that.
  2. There are two different styles of shinguards available for Mata. I’m not sure those shinguards will ever be correct enough for the reference you put side by side. Those are very specific pattern on them. There is a different style of shinguards, and those might pass with yours. They’re the card art shinguards. Both kinds are clearable but I think you need to acknowledge and try for the other ones, not the ones you have referenced here.
  3. I think most of it looks good, although I’m not a judge for the legion. I would say that the inner thighs aren’t that clear from these pictures. You might want to take specific pictures of those areas as proof. I do wonder a bit about the shinguards. To start they don’t look like they’re made of a hard material, but fabric. Because of that, you’re getting a bowing on the sides where it sorta points out. Typically with this style of the shinguards it’s the full circumference of the shin, not just in the front. They also seem to be sitting very high on the leg. Typically they end up covering any ankle seam on the boots. I don’t know if that would be enough to cause difficulties with approval, but they might.
  4. You could ask for extra fabric and find another maker or make them yourself
  5. If you haven’t made the cowl it’s very easy to make gloves out of the same fabric. At least that was my solution. Then they’re guaranteed to match. There’s no requirement for the gloves to be leather for the off white version
  6. A lot of people (myself included) end up just cutting straps/buckles off to get a clean boot. If you find a boot that’s good in all other respects look to see how easy it is to remove such. Usually it’s just an easy cut near where the straps attach.
  7. I made my own piping so it would match. Use elastic in it or it will snap, but make sure you anchor both ends or it will become loose and make your lines wiggle. My approved triangle (which is really more a diamond) has piping down the sides (matching the princess seams), but where it joins the centre piece there is no piping.
  8. Well, this isn’t something I can do myself. It would need to be a group project as I only have one variation. This is why I brought it to the detachment, because I can’t just hand you images. We’d need pictures of each set of accessories which would likely need to be found amongst members and I’m not in a position to be able to see what members might have which versions.
  9. Bumping this because it’s not in the “being worked on” section and nothing’s been changed yet, and the clarification on the approved accessory combos is still something I would recommend.
  10. Making them turned out to be very easy for me. I used foam and Worbla. It was the first thing I made with Worbla, so even if you’ve never tried it before you might find it easy enough. You can read my blog about it here if it helps- http://withoutastitchon.blogspot.com/2016/04/mara-jade-knees-and-shin-guards.html?m=1
  11. Yeah, I'd need better photos that show the details of the bodysuit to really say one way or the other. The only thing that you might do is see if you can get the lower loop of the belt to hang more against your body, instead of sort of hitting against it. If this is leather, that would be easily done just by getting it wet and stretching it so it lies flat against you.
  12. Anyone else unable to login through tapatalk? It used to be my primary way of logging in, but now I just get error messages every time I try. I’ve tried setting to new passwords, and it still just throws errors up.
  13. I would encourage you to try your hand at the belt/harness. The leather work is legitimately only coloring the leather (unless you use pre-dyed belts) and then attaching it to hardware to fit yourself. It is extremely beginner friendly project. The jumpsuit is more complicated and it’s probably best you find someone local to you (like a tailor) that you can work with.
  14. Worbla and foam work for the 501st, at least I’ve been approved with them! You might be best off checking on the shin guards with your local GML as they’ll have the final say. You’ll likely need to get the red off the knees as well. On her overall costume, I don’t see the harness? She will need that for approval, and there may need to be changes to the belt to meet the CRL. Unfortunately no belt in SW has a standard buckle like the one you see on your friend’s. Good luck! Always great to see more Mara Jades.
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