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  2. DarthCephalus

    EU Holocrons

    Wanted to update the images. Also included a couple fun things I did as well.
  3. Yesterday
  4. dragonhawkz

    KOTFE Lana Beniko - the journey begins...

    Thanks for the info Daisy. I agree that somehow the fullness of the wigs appears to be better for the character, especially seeing as naturally blonde, my hair isn't the thickest....!! Hopefully I'll be able to source a suitably thick wig. I've got to get up the confidence to just get started on sewing this myself. Originally it was my intention to enlist the assistance of my seamstress, but I'm refusing to let this get the better of me. I can sew. Not particularly brilliantly. I know a lot of the theory etc, I'm just really really rubbish at execution. I also wanted to ask for clarification on the colour of the chest armor. In the CRL it states the same colour as the main tunic. However in images that I have been able to find, it definitely appears green, when it is present. My only query about the images is differentiating between screenshots and fanart.
  5. rostwortrooper

    Leather armor for Revan

    I was trying to contact you through your Legion email.
  6. Looks great! Good luck with your approval.
  7. kracker98

    Hello from Australia

    This is the mask that I use. In my opinion it's the best mask for the COTF version of Nihilus.
  8. Very nice work - best of luck
  9. I think you look fabulous. Good luck!
  10. Minor fixes made and better lighting in photos. My gut feeling is that I am ready to send my application. is my gut feeling right?!
  11. misfit_mayhem

    Hello from Australia

    I've spoken with my local GML and they said the mask and a few other small things would need replacing or fixing. Otherwise the robes are a good start. I'm trying to have a search though the forums but not having much luck seeing if there is a vendor that I could get a mask from though, do you know a good place to start? Before I go into buying this kit I'd like to find out what options I have. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  12. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Woot Approved

  13. Drobinson1950

    Leather armor for Revan

    I got mine from outcastprops and it was approved
  14. Last week
  15. scottdm62

    Revan WIP TK62000

    Do you have a photo I maybe able to use as a guideline please and thank you.
  16. rostwortrooper

    Darth Revan Lightsaber

    Maverick V2 from Wonder Force is acceptable for Revan?
  17. Thanks everyone!! So close now I can feel it!! Here are 2 selfies I was able to take. Time to change my Sig Pic to one of these and look proper on the forums
  18. First0rder

    Woot Approved

    WoW! Your Revan looks mad awesome! Congrats!!!
  19. rostwortrooper

    Leather armor for Revan

    Quick question, do you know anyone who is making Revan's leather armor, which can be approved? I heard someone from German Garrison. I like this Propcorn/Outcast costume, but it can't be approved. Any ideas or recommendation?:)
  20. rostwortrooper

    Raven's Revan

    It means that for 501st Revan we can use only "savoir" version, but not "butcher" form Ultrasabers?
  21. BedlamX

    Names Called While Trooping

    In the Imperial Knight, I have been called "Santa Jedi", "Viking Jedi", and a Royal Guard. In my old green Jedi gear (my daughter has it now), I was called just about every Jedi name in the movies. I tend to just answer to whatever anymore
  22. I like the neck seal, boxes, and robe! Excellent progresss!
  23. kracker98

    Hello from Australia

    Welcome to the Flagship! I have not personally purchased the WA version of Nihilus, but I can tell you that the costume is not approvable as is. You'll have to make some adjustments before you submit it.
  24. DarthValkyria

    Revan from PropCorn/Outcast Props

    These are great fan creations but no, it is not approvable. The rivets, back straps, hood, and mask all do not meet references.
  25. First0rder

    Names Called While Trooping

    Haha! In what costume?
  26. darthshinzu

    FS: Upgraded Rubies Vader

    This Vader has been upgraded from the regular Rubies and is in excellent condition. Only worn a few times. Shoulder armor has been replaced with carbon fiber material. Helmet has been repainted and updated with aluminum tips. Suit is XL, boots are size 11-12. Comes with Mp3 breathing loop and belt hanger. 600.00 + shipping to US buyer
  27. Wesley Thornton

    Ready made nihilus...

    I did not. Forgot about it, and got busy in January. Have seen one from wicked armor from a guy that has one locally here in Denver. I think he’s part of tde. It looked good, well made. If your not from the Rocky Mountain region, I don’t see a problem getting it approved. Have been working on piecing my dark sith together. Need a few more pieces, and hopefully trying to get into the TDE. Flagship doesn’t have a generic sith in the costumes, so have to go about it a different direction. If I get approved, hope to do some troops and such with some of the local groups here. No chapter of flagship is here. Would love to see one. Good luck if you get one. Let me know what they say about them. Maybe I’ll try to order one later...
  28. misfit_mayhem

    Feedback for COTF Darth Nihilus

    Hey did you end up getting approval for your wicked armour version of Nihilus? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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