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  2. Hello, my name is Ali. I live in Palm Coast, FL. So, I would be Florida Garrison, Squad 7. The costume I am working on is Mara Jade Skywalker, black bodysuit. I find her character incredibly compelling and intricate. She's a fascinating and realistic character and I love her arc. I would like to join the 501st because it will be fun, but also because I would like to make friends with similar interests and do some good. I was told this was a good place to be sure I am doing everything correctly, and creating a costume that is up to the highest standard. I appreciate any help I can get! And needless to say, I have a lot of time on my hands currently... Edit: Wow there are a lot of Mara Jade's out there!
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  4. This isn't 100% a final answer - just my opinion - but I don't think Korr would qualify for the 501st. In the game the player can choose to do things to go to the dark side, but everything with the story of the character both in the game and in novels has Jaden being on the light side. The argument could be made that player choices effect Revan too, but the difference here is that the firm story of the character is that he was a sith lord before getting his mind wiped, so the sith lord look of Revan is 501st eligible. But if the player chooses to make their playable character a black woman with a huge blaster rifle, that's the player's choice. It's much like why Darth Malgus from The Old Republic, who has a canon look, is a 501st costume, but the player's custom sith isn't. I know that's not the answer you'd want to hear, but I hope it makes some sort of sense.
  5. Any file recommendation for this helmet?
  6. Thanks very much! I'll look into that.
  7. I am curious what about Trilla without helmet on. Will the hair and what not be optional or required for approval like Bo-Katarn Kryze.
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  9. I'm potentially interested in joining this detachment and I was curious as to whether a costume of the character Jaden Korr from the game Jedi academy in the ending where the player falls to the dark side would be accepted. I read in another forum post you need 3 sources for the character, so I could use the models from the game, this concept art And this miniature Any advice as to the eligibility of this costume for approval would be appreciated.
  10. Wow, you are RESPONSIVE! I'm saying that the skirt can be layered panels, giving the proper look along with necessary thickness. Wicked Armor uses this approach and apparently (according to him) has been approved for "over a hundred" submissions. I can't verify that of course, but it seems likely, since the finished product looks so good. I agree that a false skirt edge would not meet the standard in any way. It would be too thin.
  11. Not sure what part of the skirt you are referring to? Could you please clarify? I can see shortcuts with the tunic doubling as it's a border that is doubled, but the skirt is entirely separate parts and wouldn't really be easily, "faked", if that's what you're talking about. OOOOOR do you mean just having the skirt be a single skirt with overlapping panels all in one? Either way, text about false double tunic has been added!
  12. Oh, cool! Thanks for that. It would be nice to see an update to the CRL that also allows a layered structure to the skirt.
  13. Thanks for that, that's all I needed to know. Sorry if I was being a bit too literal there, I just have a tendency to be very particular about meeting exactly what the requirements lay out if I am following a set of guidelines for something.
  14. The CRL is also a person standing completely straight and with no movement, so there is no reason it can't have overlap from movement. The photo is specifically done to show the fact that there is a single, unending shape surrounding the face, and not panels. It says nothing about there not being able to have overlap, just that it should be said single shape. I'm including a photo to show what the hood in the CRL actually does when being worn. It isn't completely flat, and wouldn't be able to stay that way if I tried. So, as long as it doesn't start acting like it's falling out of the armor, it shouldn't be an issue.
  15. Oh I totally agree. I probably muddied the waters bringing up other sources. I just mentioned them because the first time I asked about interpreting details on the game model, you said "references in the game are supported by the 3D references such as statues and figures." But taking it back to the game alone, my point was that the hood seems to stick out farther from the chest than the armor plate but the crl pics don't reflect that. So my question ultimately is would it be crl compliant if I extended the top of the chest armor by an inch or so, and instead of tucking flat behind the armor like the CRL shows, let the hood hang down and cover this extra extension before tucking back behind it? Here are some pics to illustrate my point The game model showing the hood protruding beyond the chest https://i.imgur.com/z6yHxlm.png The flat tuck featured in the crl https://databank.501st.com/mw501/images/0/02/Revan_hood.png A line were I would have the armor actually stop https://i.imgur.com/TrC5uTf_d.jpg A cardboard and fabric mockup of the flat tuck vs my slight overlap idea https://i.imgur.com/JCJZE4m_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium https://i.imgur.com/EzAUwAt_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium
  16. False tunic would absolutely be ok, but I can see where issue would lie with it. Maybe I can add some text to clarify.
  17. This part I'd say is subjective and not necessary. So long as you can see a back plate, I'd call it good.
  18. Hooray for SWTOR characters! Just remember that every detail must stay as her stock items when she joins your party. That means zero additions can be present for the costume to be approvable into the 501st. :)
  19. The problem is not all the references are congruent or consistent. They may share a detail or two, but are vastly different in the rest. Take the game model and the black series. Yes, they have a similar hood setup, but the black series also has defined armor, different chest details, tattered soft parts, etc. You can't just mix and match parts for references and create one costume. It would be like using pieces of a 2016 Mazda 3 to try and fix a 2004 Mazda 3. Just because the names of the cars are the same, doesn't mean the individual parts are interchangeable. You have to stick with the same model (in analogy to reference details set) or it won't work. Not all official images of Revan are KOTOR I/II references, so not all of them are going to be usable for the same costume. Does this mean it can't be used? No, just means it wouldn't be KOTOR I/II style Revan CRL, and would be its own costume/version. Black series would be its own costume. SWTOR Shadow would be its own costume. KOTOR I/II is its own costume, and therefore must stick to KOTOR I/II references that are the same details.
  20. Hi Many uses the formed hood from Twi´lek Pam - I´ve just been approved with my COFT version and it can be used for both versions to get the support you need. It looks like this : + there is a very nice WIP with pictures of the back, that you can take a look at here :
  21. Hello! I would like a 501st access! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16998&costumeID=75
  22. Anyone who's got or made the cowl; I'm working on my build, but was wondering if someone had pics of the back, and suggestions for the "triangles" and how to support the top?
  23. Wicked Armor makes a great set.
  24. So I know the CRL is ultimately what I have to match for club approval and decisions were made based on multiple sources that interpret the rather low res game models, but I have to ask again about the hood/cowl. While some sources like the Revan novel cover show the hood tucked directly into the cuirass I feel like there's a clear bit of overhang going strictly by the game model where the bottom edge of the cowl droops down over the chest armor before tucking back up instead of being tucked flat under like the CRL pic. I think the hood of the black series figure does a good job with this layout as well I honestly think the piped seam on the shirt is an attachment point for the bottom end of the cowl, but I'm willing to go along with the CRL on that one. So my question is can I Include the overhanging bit of fabric as long as I ultimately tuck it back up under the chest plate? Or would it have to tuck flat in as pictured in the CRL.
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  26. Comm-Tower Spotlights: March/April 2020 We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member DS-61018; otherwise known as Sonia Scipioni. Sonia is from Sqvad Praetoriana of the Italica Garrison, and is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter! She took some time to have a chat with Lauren / Flutefreak05, one of our TFE PR Officers. FF: When did you join the 501st Legion and why did you join? Sonia: I joined in 2018, I really love Star Wars and wanted to do something more than just wear a costume. I knew that the main purpose of the 501st Legion is charity so I joined for that. FF: Why did you choose to join The Flagship Eclipse detachment? Sonia: I wanted to join the Flagship Eclipse Detachment because I love the Expanded Universe so when I had to choose my first costume to join the 501st Legion, the choice fell immediately on Mara Jade. FF: What is your favorite costume and what is your favorite character? Sonia: Mmmm that's a tough question. My favorite character is Mara Jade, she's strong and powerful. She's a force user, not a Sith, but still extremely hard to beat. My favorite costume maybe now is Qi'Ra Kessel Run. I love the pants, so 70's, and the cape. I'm literally in love with that cape. I swirl all the time FF: What is your dream costume and what are your future costume plans? Sonia: My dream costume is the Sand Trooper, I always liked them since I saw the movie for the first time. They're not like a normal Storm Trooper, they're dirty (and dirt is better) and they patrol the streets so they're always on the front line. My future costume plans are actually a lot. I'm working on a Tie Pilot costume, Qi'Ra Crimson Dawn dress and Arica dancer costume. I'm hoping to start working on a Jawa costume real soon.
  27. Boy, that prediction didn't hold at all did it? Anyway, since I never abandon a project completely, even when they drag on for ages, I'm back with a new update on my Revan! A couple weeks ago, after nearly a year not touching it, I finally decided to polish up that ugly, lumpy junk mold of the mask. After a good deal of bondo, sanding, filler primer, more sanding, and spot putty followed by more sanding, I got it nice and glossy by last weekend. Over the last few days, I built my first brush up silicone mold and tonight cast my mask in Onyx fast resin
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