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  2. It's the same helmet, aside from the braid coming out of the back
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  4. Hi so im intrested in making A’sharad since my garrison friends r all making tuskens. So is the helmet the same as a normal tusken helmet or is there some differences or is it a different helmet entirely?
  5. Hey, it is been a while... I'm so glad to be back with endless inspiration from this girl! NIGTSISTER MERRIN Love love love her outfit and sence of humor so I hope i will be able to finish this one before the Episode 9 Premiere. Made some research and pictures: 1) turtleneck long sleeve - dark gray, textured 2) pants - dark gray, textured, straight line in the front (?) looks like they made from 4 parts 3) collar - layers of leather, sharp v-shape 4) necklace - 8 golden teeth-like triangle 5) tabard - bloody-red top - folds on the front part next to the belt, shaped-up on the shoulders bottom - two parts are hugging hips and one straight part in the middle 6) belt - dark grey - wide leather + narrow leather belt one over the other with massive circle buckle in the middle which is held by two straps on the sides 7) bracers - dark brown/black leather holds on a place with narrow darker straps. V-shape on the wrist and going to the middle finger with the bottom layer 8 ) that things on hips (lol) - bloody red leather rectangular overlays on hips with Dathomir embossing. Going under the belt, on the side, from waist to the upper part of the hips 9) boots - bloody red knee-high boots without any visible decoration Some extra 1) Hood - same bloody red, oversized form 2) Cape - bloody red and that where things become messy. Cape goes a bit over the knee but has additional parts over the shoulders that somehow attached under the tabard (how the hell that happened lol) 3) balaclava - dark grey and same from the same mats that long sleeve 4) oriental headpiece - gold, circle details with large cirlcle in the middle. 5) shoulders overlay - same style as on hips, with Dathomir embossing 6) face-painting - pale tone with grey-blue lines 7) hair - grey and short Going to make picture-references soon, but let's start from there! BTW I'm not sure that this is the right place to create this topic... Wish me luck, I'm so excited!
  6. You could install snaps into the balaclava and onto the 3 straps near the actual mask. This should reduce movement.
  7. Late to the party on this one, but any published materials, video games, comics, or alternative media released before the 2014 rebranding is considered Legend. The exception is the Clone Wars series that George Lucas had direct involvement in that carried into Rebels.
  8. I am not sure, but it could definitely be a question we ask our LMO once we get one assigned.
  9. I need to update mine again. He is currently sitting with all of his rainbow electrical tape from Pride Parade in the corner until I get the time in the week to peel it all off/touch up paint. Hoping to cast the new armor pieces next summer if all goes to plan.....
  10. I understand that there is always an, "upgrade" phase post-release of media once more reference material is made available, but for a first shot, this is looking great!
  11. Last week
  12. I was contemplating getting that mask, since it covers the cheeks too, but I kinda prefer my metal greeblies lol. They add a bit more to the look. I'm not a fan of the paint on the wicked armor, might want to redo it and darken the red above the brow/around the "T", and weather it a bit more.
  13. I've been very quite here since I've been so focused on getting my build done for the Jedi: Fallen Order release last night. Attached are photos of my v1 version of the build based upon the limited pre-release information. The armor files are from Sam Wootton of JMSProps. He's been working on updates to the files that will be more screen accurate now that we have more images. The lightsaber is inspired by the version that comes with the Black Series Second Sister figure. The lightsaber halo and hilt extensions are highly modified from files I had for Seventh Sister hilt. The dual bladed lightsaber black hilt itself came from The Pach Store. Additional build and documentation discussions from others can be found on Facebook by searching for the 'Second Sisters Build Group'. Eventually I should update at least all of the armor pieces to be more screen accurate based on actual in game footage. Feel free to ask me any questions here though on the process I took so far to make this!
  14. Hello, DZ-28170 requesting 501st and detachment access! I have an approved Doctor Aphra Red Vest A. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31485 Thank you!
  15. If you end up getting from wicked armour most of his options of armour come with the mask too which I find to be very comfortable as well as accurately painted.
  16. Quick update, no exciting photos. I've ironed 5 pleats per side all the way down the cape. I've cleaned up the stitching detail on the upper portion of the outer tunic so that the stitching detail reaches to where the hood meets the outer tunic. I've started test cutting foam padding for the upper torso "armor/buffness". Once I get the design scaled to fit my chest, then I'll begin brainstorming the best way to keep it attached under the outer tunic. I'll definitely post pictures of this once I get the cape length corrected to my height with boots on.. It will likely be early next week. My day job has been all consuming as of late and I've picked up a side project that has a hard deadline of end of year., but I won't let that slow me down too much on this costume build!
  17. Hochwertige Waren vom Produzent. Fabrikverkauf. Versand am gleichen Tag. Bis 95 % günstiger als auf dem Markt. Müllsäcke, Muellbeutel, Müllsack. Karton, Umzugskartons, Umzugskisten. Sandsack, Sandsäcke, Gewebesack. Raschelsäcke, Raschelsack, Sack. Spänesack, Spänesäcke, Absaugsack. Abdeckplane, Abdeckfolie, Baufolie. Alufolie, Frischhaltefolie, Aluminiumfolie. Abklebeband, Goldband, Malerwerkzeug. Alu Klebeband, Aluband, Aluminium Klebeband . Antirutsch Streifen, Antirutsch Klebeband, Antirutschband Klebeband, Doppelseitiges Klebeband, Doppelklebeband. Schaumklebeband, Klebeband, Doppelseitiges Klebeband. Reflektorband, Absperrband, Parkplatzmarkierung. Klebeband, Paketband, Packband. Papierklebeband, Klebeband, Packband. Abdeckplane, Abdeckfolie, Baufolie. Vieles mehr auf: http://www.foli44.xyz Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  18. Bought 500mmx500mm 3D printer and finally have it dialed in. Printed first thigh piece and it is looking good. How is everyone attaching these to the costume? Magnets? Velcro? Thanks
  19. We’ve been working on this project for awhile but are ending up changing directions. It’s near completion, just needs some assembly and leather work. Here what is included. Tailored black body suit from scarlet stitchery - Size 5/6. Cloth cowl Welders goggles with extra lenses Vac formed shin/knee guards from walts trooper factory - untrimmed Black faux shin high boots - size 7 3d printed Mara lightsaber hilt (no blade)- assembled and painted 3D printed hold out blaster - painted. 3D printed accessories for cowl and shoulder holsters - painted Raw leather for holsters and belts - untrimmed $500 obo for the set. Willing to part out certain prices if the price is right. Photos will be posted in comment section tomorrow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Well, bout time I update this. I'm finally getting settled in Virginia after commissioning into the US Navy (Woo) And now I'll be updating my Revan armor, after I switch garrisons.
  21. I've taken a few days off from building this. Should be getting back into the groove later this week. My pin locks and pins have arrived. I'll likely lengthen the stitching details in the upper section of the outer tunic, then reattach the cape and measure cape length to floor to get it properly hovering just off the ground.
  22. Very impressive! Looks like a lot of prep work [emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  24. Ah yeah, I'm seeing that "T shape" now, damn lol. I'll sand the paint off and redo it. Darken the grey, differentiate the red more, and I might make the red "brow" a bit higher. I can't find any info on the seller I got it from, it was about 3-4 years ago, paid like 50-60 bucks for the thing. It's some kind of resin. I am noticing that one "cheek" is rounded, though, while the other is straight. I'm used to having an asymmetrical helmet with Vader haha, but I'm thinking Revan's shouldn't be that way. Thank you for your input!
  25. Shape wise it's good which is the most important part, but color wise, I agree with Naasad Tal. There should also be a break in the reds on the nose area with differing shades.
  26. I would say the mask itself looks ok, but you might need to repaint as the grey parts look a bit too light, it's supposed to be dark grey. Do you remember the name of the store on Etsy where you got the mask from?
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