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  1. Today
  2. Hello, I am requesting 501st/SLD level access. TKID: DS-29911 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=32436&costumeID=343 Thanks.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Thank you! I've been made to feel so welcome by my local garrison and everyone else and I am super hyped. I think it does help that I read every single appearance of Aphra in the comics in a 36 hour period like a woman possessed as I've bene friends with most of the garrison for around five years. ? I ended up buying another pair as well so I could have a backup if those ones weren't appropriate. They're also two different sizes to I can figure out which one is comfiest/able to tuck in the shirt easiest. That one does have zips at the pocket, but I'm hoping I can easily remove them and then
  5. Last week
  6. This is so exciting!! Congratulations on beginning your build. Finding plain grey/steel blue jeans was a bit of a challenge for me, too... I didn’t realize how common the bleached/faded accented look was until I started looking for Aphra. I’d be curious too to see how noticeable it is on those pants you linked. Excited to see your build come together!!
  7. Things are coming along well! Your mask looks awesome.
  8. Hi all, This is my first time making a build thread, so please let me know if I have done anything wrong. Originally I was going to try and join the 501st with Lana Beniko, but it's looking more and more likely I'll get Doctor Aphra done first and Lana will come soon after. Here's the CRL I'll be following. For this costume, I will be mainly purchasing clothes as needed as her base outfit is pretty common (it's a polo shirt and jeans) and then commissioning the rest. As I am plus sized, it won't be as easy to source, but I'll do my best to find high quality items to use.
  9. Next Stop. Breast Armor and Torso Piece. ( Made of Rubber for better Movment)
  10. Finishing the Helmet. Was not satisfied with the Printed One. (Shape of the Files) Mynocks Den Kit.
  11. Hi everyone! My name is Gabi and I'm from the warm but stormy Perth, Western Australia. I'm currently a recruit for the 501st Desert Scorpion Garrison who will hopefully be joining with a KOFE Lana Beniko. One of my friends from the 501st got me into SWTOR during lockdown last year and I fell in love with Lana from the moment I met her. I truly cannot wait to join.
  12. Earlier
  13. I use an Aker under my leather top. Put a looping mp3 with the breathing effects. I use the mic and distort my voice.
  14. Quick question, does anybody wear a sound system in the armor like the transducer some vader guys use? Or just an aker? If so where do you hide it? (For my mando i use a pouch but its not possible here). Thanks Enviado desde mi SM-M205FN mediante Tapatalk
  15. The link works, but it is only for detachment members, that is why you can´t access it yet. When your access has been granted, you can
  16. Keep going! It’s a hard build...took me 2.5 years [emoji1363][emoji95] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. That’s awesome...keep posting [emoji1360][emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Neck seal arrived!!! And now I'm waiting for the lightsaber.
  19. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/640115807/darth-revan-501-complete-costume-for?ref=sim_items_grid-11 that’s the only one I’ve found
  20. Would something like this be approvable for Revan if not which details would need to be added I’m not a huge fan of the no cheek version of the helmet I was planning on using the Etsy version of the body armour but not a huge fan of the mask so wanted a different mask obviously ultimately if it’s approved will be down to the paint finish and the UK 501st but thought I would ask here as well Regards David Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Hello my names David and I’m in the Uk I’m currently working on a mando build but have got most of the soft parts and leather being made for me so wanted to make one from scratch myself I’ve always loved the style of Revan and the story behind him so would like to make his costume from scratch I know pretty much everyone buys from wicked and modifys this but I want to make every part myself. I’m thinking of doing all the hard parts printed in resin like what I’m doing for my mando build starting with the mask I would also like to go for level 2 if this is possible just to make things harder fo
  22. Hi there, I’m Dee, from Adelaide, South Australia. I’ve been doing charity troops with Rebel Legion, Ryloth Base, for several years and recently ‘succumb’ to the ‘pull’ to the Dark Side (...it was the cookies) I’m hoping to make Visas Marr (Unseen, Unheard), and possibly Sinya as my first costumes, and join the Southern Dewback Garrison. I’m here to learn as much as possible and to make friends.
  23. Please grant me Detachment Access. DS-32076 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32748
  24. My husband (TK-12953) has started collecting 501st coins. Are there any detachment coins for TFE? I'd love to find one for him as a present. If not, have we considered doing a coin, according to him, all the detachments have one and they tend to do runs for them regularly. Thanks in advance. Tee
  25. Sorry for the quality, i will upload with the pc since tapatalk lowers the quality. Armor has been ordered!!!!!! Enviado desde mi SM-M205FN mediante Tapatalk
  26. Thank you! I appreciate pointing out the shirt! I didn't realize they needed to be different fabrics, but looking back at the CRL the shirt isn't stated to be crushed velvet, so I'll probably remake it ^^;
  27. I'm in contact with Rob but comunication has been slow to say the least... Well, more work done, tk style neckseal: check Enviado desde mi SM-M205FN mediante Tapatalk
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