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  2. Here is the current list of greenlit eligibility characters from LMO votes that do not have an approved CRL and are awaiting costume submission. Eligible for 501st and under TFE -Darth Bane: Battle of Ruusan -Witches of Dathomir -Sith Apprentice uniform : KOTOR -Am : Visions -Great Mothers : Ahsoka -Morgan Elsbeth : Ahsoka -Marrok : Ahsoka -Darth Talon : GoH -The Father : Clone Wars -Cal Kestis : Inquisitor Vision -Dessan : Jedi Knight : Jedi Outcast II -Unnamed Inquisitor : Tales of the Jedi / Empire Voted NOT eligible for 501st by LMO -Kreia -Jorus C'Baoth -Dagan Gera : Jedi Survivor -Atris -General Grievous (deemed a puppet) If you have a character that you would be interested in adding to the 501st roster, please contact myself and the LMO team with full 360 degrees of references for details. Our emails are nina501st@gmail.com and LMO@501st.com.
  3. Hello Darth Revan https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=39826&costumeID=105 Requesting Detachment Access as I believe I have SLD already as I made a similar post on that forum
  4. Yesterday
  5. I completed a Wolfgang armor build which is different from yours. It had hard pieces instead of the slot for two straps on each side. I did a quick look at some of the build threads but didn't see anyone who specifically mentioned how they accomplished this. Are you a member of any facebook groups for this costume? There's one called "3D-Props SWTOR Buildgroup. I believe Mynock's Den armor might use strapping like you'll need, so that might be a helpful resource for you. For boots, I just used some black lowtop police / military style boots.
  6. The Malgus undersuit is, indeed different from Vader's, but as far as I am aware, the approved suits that are correct were custom made.
  7. Good evening, I'd like to become a member of the detachment. This is the link to my Darth Nihilus costume. SL 41125 New England Garrison Lil' Rhody Squad https://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=36833&costumeID=6 Thank you!
  8. Last week
  9. They appear different to me but I think @DarthValkyria might be able to offer insight.
  10. I am Revan....wait I am Xanth. Requesting Detachment access SL/CC 55099 FL Garrison/Parjai Squad https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=34633
  11. hi thanks for the info was specking to the seller about the mask and if it can be change and dos not look like there interested in doing that and to what I can tell the inner and outer mask are attached so it can't be swapped out so going to see if I can find a new supplier and will go from there
  12. As already stated by David the mask do not match the CRL, it will need to be replaced. And the saber is optional, so you do not need it for approval, also there are better ones out there that looks more accurate. If you want to use it at a canon event, you will need to find one that are close to the CRL ref. pic. Regarding your costume, you will need to shorten the front of your hood closure, it should only reach upper sternum, also it looks like you have another layer inside of the hood that goes into your tunic ? if so that will need to be removed. To give a full discription, I will need to see the costume from all sides, front, back, left and right. It would be great to get a pic of each piece for it self on a plain, preferred white background without having been manipulated, since it can be hard to tell the details black on black.
  13. Hello, My name is Donovan and I live in France. I want to join the 501st because I have a friend in it and want to be a part of it I asked to join this forum because I'm looking to make Nihilus COTF costume and this is the detachment that we can see on the CRL page. It will be my first experience since I never make any costume and I'm sure this forum have very useful informations about how to make it ! About the CRL, I see that the outer skirt and inner tunic look the same on the picture. I don't know if it's an error or not so I prefer to write it
  14. Earlier
  15. Hey 😬 Requesting Detachment access ID - 61225 German Garrison - Echo Nova Squad https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=43450&costumeID=106 Thank you
  16. Hello everyone, I'm Ti-11661 from the Atlantic garrison, I've always been a fan of the inquisitor cal kestis look and after gathering a team of 3d printing experts, seamstress's, and other legion members interested in working towards this CRL after picking apart the in game look this is what we believe to a good lead. This is just our look at it and open to your feedback, enjoy! -Flight suit After talking to the team we believe it can be made by making the flap from the officers tunic that sops at the belt line runs up to the left shoulder covering the zipper and by removing the pockets from the regular 181st flight suit with a modified collar almost similar to the second sister. "Will update after we finish the first prototype" Reference for the fap similarly -armor I was able to get my hands on the STL files for the chest, back, shoulders hips and gauntlets as those files have seen available for a few years. .For basic costume entry we believe the two red stripe on the chest could be painted on and for level 2 be solid red LED lights -back plate .back plate is similar to a tie pilot design with some alterations with 4 red dots in a line across the back - shoulders pauldrons Shoulder pauldrons must have a white imperial cog proportional based on the user size. . gauntlets 2 red light can be seen on the right gauntlet. Same as the chest lights basic entry painted red and level 2 solid red LED lighting. And 2 diagonal white stripes pointed downward towards the hips. -thigh armor Thigh armor is included in most armor STL files both thigh plates should start at the hip and down your leg to just above your knee. With no visible attachment to your suit -gloves Gloves must be black and red with red being on the palm side and back on the back of your hand with enough length that they can tucked under the gauntlets with no visible skin. -belt Belt looks to be a standard imperial belt that tie pilots and imperial officers use with a modified buckle. With 2 diagonal small black stripes on the top right side and no disc in the middle. -boots Boots appear to be standard knee high leather or leather like material boots similar to the officers. .Boots should have no designs on them or visible zippers .Level 2 option real leather boots. -hair Hair must be ginger like and have a short haircut and must have a clean shaven face. Wigs are also encouraged with no real hair visible from underneath. -Light saber optional Due to the customization of the game a standard black lightsaber with a red blade will work for level one entry. Single Blade or double blades are allowed Level 2 option inquisitor saber Saber is similar to the second sister saber with no black areas around the ring small sith writing can be seen on the inner ring edge of the hilt. .saber my have a red stripe one each emitter running vertical.
  17. Is that the correct saber? It doesn't match the CRL. Also, the saber is optional so maybe get everything else approved and get the saber later. The mask you show on the photo of the costumed person does not appear to match the CRL. I think you should review the CRL again here: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_darth_nihilus
  18. so its time for a new kit and like I do I gone for one you do not see a lot ( well in the uk) and thats Darth Nihilus (Champions of the Force) so 1st ref pic [img]https://i.imgur.com/2VNqCCz.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/IWkQ8rg.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/wlhl5YI.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/9BMxcb0.jpg[/img] I fond the lightsaber think it just need some black in it to match better [img]https://i.imgur.com/1a0Sikk.jpg[/img] as for the softs and mask I fond a seller [img]https://i.imgur.com/xpnJMFT.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/c6SWd2f.jpg[/img] main question is is the mask good (ukg do not have a pacific armourer for the kit and there not 100% on it ) to what I can tell one of her kits pass in the 501st at the end of 2023 any info would be a big help
  19. March 28, 2024: ‘Aiea High School, Hawai’i - Friday Night Prime Time - Inclusion Basketball Game for special needs students
  20. 2024: May the 4th, NEX Honolulu, Hawai’i
  21. I know...old topic. But I made a slight modification to my saber that others may be interested in. If you are like me and ordered one of these and was a bit disappointed that it lacked the iconic D-ring, I have found a fairly simple solution. I did this with my old saber that I made from a cheap Ultrasabers basic hilt and added sink tube and such to get the look I was after and thought it may work on this one, as well. I removed the pommel and did a bunch of measurements and test fits and found out I had enough room inside it to add a 3/8 inch long, 1/4-28 hex cap screw with a nut inside without interfering with the heart. I drilled a hole in the center of the pommel, tapped it to 1/4-28, then put the screw in and added the nut inside (nut was not really needed as there is plenty of material for the screw to grab when threaded). Another test fit to make sure the saber functioned properly and nothing was hitting the heart and all was good. Then I drilled the head of the cap screw to allow a D-ring to me installed. I did this in a few steps to help keep the hole as centered as possible as there is not much room for error on a head that size. Installed the D-ring and reattached the whole thing to the pommel and put the saber together. Everything is functioning and it looks closer to the reference material now. I also removed the covertech wheel and plugged the hole for it with a set screw I had. No need to do this if you actually use the covertech...but I don't, so wanted it gone. If anyone is interested, I can snap a few pics and toss them in here.
  22. Your work is always so stunning! I'm so excited for this build and thank you for sharing all this information too. ❤️
  23. Just got my fabric parts for my Darth Revan kit from Wicked Armor! Looking to get the armor parts knocked out within the next month. I’m assuming it’s best to wait to have the full kit before I start checking in to make sure I meet specs? Also I’m currently in the market for boots, and I think I’ve found some but would love if anyone has recommendations! 

  24. i can understand that, the intend was to get her in contact with an the official expert who has more knowledge than i as night sisters is not my forte. i will speak to her again and try and get her on the boards
  25. I don´t want to appear rude, but I prefer to "talk" to the person and not through a middleman - but that is all up to you and your friend, if she will sign up here. How one perceives something, can be perceived completely differently by another, I could understand if it was due to language problems, but we all understand english with you being from the States If/when she gets the costume done and approved, she has to sign up here anyway, if she wants to buy merch and vote. Untill we know, what the questions are regarding this wonderful costume, we can´t help.
  26. @Heavy1973I am in talks with her and trying to persuade her to sign up for an TFE account. But until that time I will still be helping her make this in to the best of my sewing skill. I have the crl and so does she but any information that can help her will be welcomed
  27. Posting a few pictures of how it's going. I'm almost done with the main tunic. I'm working on finalizing the shape for the black vest. Also, I tossed in a beginning of a boot to show the direction I'm going with it. I'll be using a zipper and hook and eye closure for the back of the collar. I'm also planning on raising the inner black collar about 1/4". Leggings are pretty much done. I have to hem the bottoms, but I won't do that part until I have the boots on the go. I'm very happy with it so far. I have black gloves. I'm still thinking which is the best way to make the gauntlets (I have a few ideas in mind and have a couple of different kinds of materials to play with). I'm pretty excited about how this is turning out.
  28. @LordZedel- Hi. I am working on completing a M Talzin and it can be hard. I am currently stuck on the head dress and back wings 😵‍💫. But it will be worth it when complete. I had to stop working on it because of work and other issues 🙁 but I will be starting back on it and hope to complete soon. I am no expert but if I can help, let me know. 👍🏼. Good luck 🙂
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