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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello, I am requesting SLD access. TKID: DS-29911 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=32436&costumeID=343 Thanks.
  3. My costume was approved today! Yay! DS Mara Jade set complete!
  4. Re-did my photos this morning, as I was not happy with my hair or make up in the previous set of photos. Nothing else has changed, as it was previously commented that the costume looked good.
  5. Did a lot of pattern work today. Mostly on the bodysuit, but I also did some work on the screen prints for the bodysuit (ordered a mirror of the one I already have so I don’t have to laser cut it.) I’ll try and explain what I did a bit. The bodysuit pattern is actually not bad. The sizing is true to what the packaging claims. The only thing I don’t like about it is the weird roundness at the hips. It’s not a natural curve and I had to edit out. I still highly recommend it. this is the pattern I’m using and a link https://www.etsy.com/listing/719618406/catsuit-with-long-sleeve-and-front?ref=yr_purchases I used a curve to adjust the side seam line and I was much happier with the fit. After I did a mock-up I had to cut the pattern into parts. There are 4 panels to the legs but I cut it again at the calf. The reason for this is because my screen size is only 17” x 24”. Doesn’t cover the entire leg and would look terrible pieced together. Since the pleated legging will cover that, I’m not worried about it. More to come on the legging bit. Both the internal and external seams can be seen clearly in the 2 images above. it was tough to get a good image since the pattern pieces are so large. I split both the front and back pattern in half. Then I measured up from my ankle to determine we’re to cut at the calf. I marked which parts will be printed fabric and then cut them all apart. I removed the seam allowance too. I don’t really need a 1/2” allowance and I’ll be serging and trimming the seams down anyway. I prefer to add allowances to the fabric with chalk after I’ve traced the pattern pieces on. The above image shows the vinyl screen I laser cut. It was good to see how things would line up. if you plan to make this costume keep in mind you’ll need 3 screens. One for the gloves and 2 for the bodysuit since there is a left and right slant to the pattern. After I finished this part of the bodysuit I tackled the leggings. Not sure what else to call them. Originally I thought it was all part of the bodysuit but I don’t think that’s the case now. After closer inspection there are a few things that stand out: 1. The stitched gathers at the back of the knee were to tighten the fit, but that wouldn’t be necessary if it was all one bodysuit 2. There is gathered fabric above the pleats which indicates a difference in fabric volume between the legging and bodysuit leg or at least enough pressure from the legging to squeeze the fabric underneath. 3. the calf side of the legging is really lumpy and looks like it’s layered over something else. 4. it is much much easier to make it as a separate part and slip it on. With all this in mind I patterned out a separate part for the leggings. I kind of eyeballed the length needed and made sure I had 6 pleats. I plan to use a doubled layer of fabric that will fold down from the top. That and the pleats themselves should give enough volume but I’ll find out tomorrow. I still have some pattern work to do for the torso and I need to model and mold the greeblies since I couldn’t find practical solution. I also need to patted the gloves. While perusing Etsy, I found a vendor selling patterns for this costume. It consists of the armor, belt, greeblies, and boot covers. So far I don’t have complaints. The sizing seems to be okay, but I’ll need to mock up some of the parts to be sure. I won’t be using the belt as I don’t agree that it’s something other than a straight black belt blank with embellishment. Everything I’ve found so far has odd shaping, but unless you have a hip tilt to accommodate the curve it’s not a good pattern option. I have a belt blank on order and will talk more about it when I have the parts printed. Here is where I got the patterns for the armor: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1255438991/third-sister-inquisitor-reva-costume?ref=yr_purchases
  6. Last week
  7. Fantastic! Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk
  8. Full makeup test. Getting closer to the colors I’m happy with. Thank god Mehron had a pastel yellow that works!
  9. Hopefully, they will still be available in a couple of weeks. With all these house issues, I'm so broke I can't pay attention. No AC and no water really sucks
  10. Finally I did it, boots have been altered and kitted up yesterday completely. I had a brain dump and couldn't work out how to do my hair. Of course, during the night I mentally worked out how I should have done it. Hopefully though it won't hold it up too much and require another full kit up. The boot clips have now been permanently attached in place, so that there is no way of losing them.
  11. So after struggling to stitch the gloves cleanly I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate the pattern. To be fair it was designed for leather, but the shape of the fourchettes (parts in between fingers) are awkward at best. The thumb is unnecessarily complex. The last time I built gloves was for a different costume and I drafted the pattern myself. I think I should go back to that.
  12. Requesting detachment access I can access some runs and other forums but not all here is my link https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=36213&costumeID=108 Ds 10619
  13. Discount code is active for 12% off of the Kishi hilt (their IK saber). Pach Store has created a discount code for us. Please use this for 12% OFF "MIKEWALT" on any of the IK products. https://www.thepachstore.com/products/kishi
  14. Are you referring to the straps that are connected to the ring in the front? Or the leather pieces that connect the sides? My armor set is the v1 wicked armor set, it was made in 2016 so it has some wear and tear that I am correcting. The straps connected to the ring are held in place by some sticky tack for the front part and then just some Velcro that is glued in place. They've come undo a little bit but I fixed them with a little hot glue. The leather side pieces I completely replaced. I cut the and sanded off the old pleather stuff and glued the new leather pieces on with some e6000.
  15. Have you had any problems with the straps? I had a strap come loose when I put the suit on the first few times and I had to glue it. If one day at an event a strap comes off and falls off I wouldn’t be able to wear the suit
  16. Earlier
  17. He's pretty busy at the moment (I'm still waiting on the new mask and unpainted bracers that I ordered 7 weeks ago.) If you email him I'm sure he'll eventually reply, it can take a couple days sometimes.
  18. Yeah, $60 for accurate pieces is nothing. You'll spend more fixing inaccuracies than that, easily.
  19. I'm trying to contact Rob to see if he has replacements for the leather straps that are attached to the rim and sides. Is there any way to get them? I don't know how to do them.
  20. Just use a small length of piping.
  21. I have managed to lower the armor so that the seam of the jersey can be seen but at the moment I haven’t managed to make it straight and rigid as in the game
  22. Good luck! This WIP has been a joy to follow. Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk
  23. And last but not least... the approval photos! I just submitted this tonight, and this was my first time putting on the whole costume together. I love this so much! Note: even when we adjusted the color temperature on the camera to the exact specification of my studio lights, the maroon fabric still looks a little on the bright red side. Ah well, at least all the other colors look right. Fingers crossed the approval goes swiftly with no issues!
  24. Ah, I forgot to mention the blaster that my husband was working on while I was sewing! This was resin printed, primed, painted all black (like the comic), clear coated, and weathered via silver dry brushing. The model included a scope and the mounting hardware, but I chose to omit these since the blaster in the comic does not appear to include the scope. So basically I went with the Doctor Aphra configuration with the base blaster and bracket.
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