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  1. Last week
  2. Hello, Requesting 501st access to detachment. Thanks, https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=25202&costumeID=149
  3. Voted! Very excited to snag one of these no matter what the detachment chooses. ❤️
  4. Cool i've only heard good about them. Plenty of the other detatchments use them aswell. Based in Canada from what i know.
  5. No clue where they'll be ordered from. It'll depend on the quotes.
  6. Thanks! Will you order them from captivations sportswear?
  7. 20th anniversary means it would be a design based around the 20th anniversary of KOTOR. The design isn't completed but we want an idea before committing to building the design because each design costs is money. The multi approved characters means multiple character options.
  8. Sorry but i dont really understand are the 20th anniversary one the one shown in the docs? What does multi-character approved mean? Sorry its my first run
  9. For folks interested in the racing shirts: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftQjCpTpwdv5rFwIxYS5yhUYW5L_7lkqQTrI71RSzPE2OXWg/viewform
  10. Earlier
  11. Hi Maikel, I am looking to start this build. So far I have been doing research, talking with other 501st members, and organizing potential resources. I plan to start a WIP so that I can share all aspects of my process. I have reached out to DarthValkyria to make sure I understand the process of submitting for a new CRL. The beginning of the school year (in the US) is a super busy time for me (I am an educator), so I have not started the WIP thread yet. But I will!!!! Promise! Any and all help will be appreciated. Excited to hear others are interested in this build too!
  12. Hi people from this forum, I'm trying to put this costume together and I was curious who is also working on it. Maybe together we can make a CRL with the help of DarthValkyria
  13. Great. I use Nordvpn and if I don't turn off it with ea games, I can't play. Try if your vpn has the option of that program connect direrctly to Internet without pass througt vpn. Enviado desde mi ASUS_I004D mediante Tapatalk
  14. Yes I used Proton VPN. Right thats why I was getting the error. Anyway after disabling the VPN, I have no longer getting any error code while playing the game. Thank you for staying with me and help me. Have a great day Paisha!
  15. The shin guards/knee pads do not need to exactly match the CRL image, as we are given another option: "The shin and knee guards may be custom sculpted to match the designs used in the comics, or they may be based on the police style shin and knee pads used in the Decipher image of Mara." Here is the Decipher image: It's not possible to find this exact pair anymore (believe me, I tried), so something pretty close in a similar style will typically be approvable. Shannon McRandle said the guards in the Decipher image were hockey ones, but many of us use the police/SWAT style shown in the post above.
  16. Are you using a Vpn? If you use it,try turn it off. I check BF2 server status and they are ok. So I try to renew my IP Also try to verify files of the game from de ea launcher Enviado desde mi ASUS_I004D mediante Tapatalk
  17. I changed the DNS, but still the problem was coming. Then I google it and after googling I came across this guide. What do you think this will help to resolve the error? I am a bit confused with this error. They have suggested some methods Check the current server status of EA servers. Make sure your internet is stable. Renew the IP configuration. Hard reset your Xbox console. Disable UPnP. Change to Google DNS. Reinstall Star Wars Battlefront 2 will you please guide me? Can the issue be solved without connecting to the EA servers?
  18. Hey! helping a friend work on her mara jade my GML claims that the shins need to match the CRL, do you have any source images with the shins shown above?
  19. That error is old and it's because you can't conect to ea servers so you cant play online. In Internet there are so many somutions how renove your ip, change your dns, so Google it and try that solutions Enviado desde mi ASUS_I004D mediante Tapatalk
  20. Per the LMOs, we have to wait until the end of the season at least before the assignments are made.
  21. Hey a friend of mine is working on a mara, curious on the whole shin situation going on. I see some with shins deviating from the CRL but my GML says its not pssoble to approve do you have any tips?
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