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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello everyone! Ige been working on redoing my Darth Talon costume for 501st standards. I'm close to having her where o was her to be, although I want to redo these things in order of priority. Any feedback on the costume is welcome! I'm here to try and improve her. 1. New Headband: I made the pattern to go just under the Lekki curves because that's what my references look like, but I think to look accurate the earbuds need to be lower. 2. Paint straps: I just painted the back of the armor straps black so they won't be glaringly noticeable if they show a little bit 3. Boots: I've really been struggling with the boots. I have a boot cover that i think. Looks fine, but I haven't had much luck thrifting a base shoe. One that goes just past the bottom of the armor would be ideal so I don't have to glue the covers to them. I made a second pair of leggings with foot pockets, and glued some water shoe soles to them, similar to how spidey suits are made. But I feel like it looks like a super hero suit and not a boot. 4. Re-sew gloves: nothing wrong with them. They're just really old and the pleather is going to peel off soon. I might permanently see some "straps" to them, abdctgen connect the armor with magnets just to cut down on the time it takes to get into costume. 5. Add expanding foam to Lekku curves 6. Bra adjustments. I overall like how the bra turned out, but I've gained weight since making it, and can't wear a bra underneath it anymore. So I'd like to make a new one that's big enough to have the support of an actual bra.
  3. Last week
  4. The best source for SK Hoth is Wicked Armor. The quality is top notch and the detail is spot on.
  5. Hey there. I am a newly approved SK Hoth. Although the CRL is a good reference, it is not accurate to the game. There is a section on here dedicated to the SK Hoth photos. Check them out.
  6. That’s so cool! How do you plan to make the blade though?
  7. Hello! Requesting Detachment access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=15513
  8. The taylor took measurements yesterday, the pants are basically the same as Vader although the upper piece of the suit is different, got 2 questions about details: -The pattern under the leather vest has the same pattern right? i¡m curious because you dont actually see the suit under the vest, the crl only provides the picture as a reference, would it be approvable if i wear mesh underneath to make it more breathable?. -Boots: Nothing is said about the height of the boots (the ones in the crl appear to be half calf but nothing gives more details) i`ve seen the reference and the game boots are higher (just bellow the knee), i wont use the original tactical boots because are too low and to different. I'm thinking about some leather horse riding boots and then make the ribbing and horizontal stripes so they can look the part. Will that be approvable? Best regards. Joak
  9. Sith acolyte saber by my self (no sound only led diodes) beatiful red shiny light
  10. I do belive that the request is in to be approved under the new merch rules and it is just waiting for approval so that the run can be started again. I think Nina said the run would take place before the end of the year with the new rules.
  11. I am very sad to tell you, that the pattern on your outerdress is not right, and the shoulders looks odd - seams like she did not do the changes. I do like the golden pattern on the sleeves and veil but the sleeves on the innerdress are to short, they should reach midarms. If I were you, I would ask her to redo the outerdress and the sleeves on the innerdress. It is hard to see the gloves, so I am unsure of those.
  12. 2 new designs Freedon Nadd and Exar Kun. By my reconning, 5 more designs and I have a pretty complete accounting of the important holocrons of Sith Holocron tradition throughout the SWU.
  13. I have been researching this costume lately as well (this is going to be next years project), unfortunately I have found very few resources for it. Most of the hard parts can be found on thingiverse.com, search for the Sith Stalker armor (many of the hard parts are the same for both costumes) and you'll also need a couple Tusken spikes as well. I was planning to either 3D print the trophy sabers or make them out of PVC since they don't need to be anything more than belt hangers. As far as the robes and other soft parts go, the tunic and pants are pretty much the same thing that Jedi wear so you'd just need to someone that sells those items (check etsy) in the colors you need (Tan tunic, Brown pants). Unfortunately you're probably on your own for the skirt and neck scarf unless the person making your tunic and pants would be willing to make the additional parts, but that's something you'll have to discuss with them Hopefully this gets you started, but if you have any other questions, lemme know and I'll do what I can to help. If you haven't already checked it out, here is the CRL for the costume, so you can double check as you build: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_starkiller_desert
  14. does anyone know how to clear the attachment section? It only let me post the one picture...oh and I have boots, my boyfriend just forgot to take the picture with them on lol
  15. Yeah I was having an issue with trying to post things on my phone to the forum...there we go!
  16. Hi if you put some pictures up, then it is easier to give you some feedback
  17. It's done! Ok, I need thoughts,I haven't submitted it yet,I'm really nervous about the overdress...
  18. Earlier
  19. Hi everyone! My name is T.J. Jones, I've been a member of the legion since 2016 with a handful of approved costumes. For the last couple years I've been on the fence about doing a KOTOR II Darth Nihilus, but today's the day that I dive deep into the details and maybe possibly aid in updating the CRL. I would appreciate feedback along the way as we talk about current CRL comparisons to the KOTOR II video game and my progress in creating the costume. Tonight, I wanted to focus one of the most iconic parts of the costume... the mask. The left is a screenshot from the PC version of the game and the right is current CRL image for the KOTOR II mask. A: The dark silver design located at the top of the mask from the in-game character has a much more triangular shape with thin tapering circles that slowly shrink in size which appears to be about 5 to 6 rather than the current CRL mask that has a much bulkier non-triangular shape with only 3 tapering circles on each side, which seems to more closely model that of the COTF version of the costume rather than the KOTOR II video game. B: The center forehead circle is much too large in the current CRL mask vs the in-game character model. Three layers appear to be present in both but the in-game model is a much tighter grouping than that of the current CRL. C: The in-game model's red paint details stop in-line with the top of the center forehead circle. The current CRL has the red line going above/past the circle detail just a bit too far. _________________ I can see where a debate could occur with this because if you take a look at the video game's box art; the mask tells a different story. The upper portion of the mask's silver detail that is triangular in shape in the video game actually appears circular on the box art. Also the center circle on the forehead appears much wider (somewhat similar to current CRL). So does that mean both should be allowed? If not, and you'd have to pick one, I'd imagine you'd use the mask from the in-game model rather than the box art. What are your thoughts? ____________________ To go into some detail about where I've been looking for different components of this costume... I started out at Wicked Armor. I've sent a few messages over to Melanie and she's been very helpful. Based on the current photos on their website, I noticed that the robes were just a tad short as you can see from this in-game screenshot the lower robes / skirt gathers around the boots of Nihilus and spills out onto the floor: However in some cases you will find the robes hovering above the ground, specifically when he's in combat (perhaps due to the wider stance) -- but it is a video game model from the early 2000's after all: So I definitely agree with the existing CRL statement for the skirt that says: "The skirt is made with enough material to create a gathered effect around the body, and is not tight or form-fitting."; but the statement of "The skirt is made of opaque black fabric that reaches nearly to the floor." could be debatable. What are your thoughts on the length of skirt/lower robes? ---- For the gloves, a handful of in-game characters have them up to their elbows, Darth Nihilus is no different. I was able to source some plain elbow high gloves on an etsy store: (17") Long Genuine Leather Opera Length Party plain Evening Elbow Gloves. I ended up purchasing a pair in large, but they turned out to be too small for my hands so I'm in the process of returning them for an XL. ---- I think this is a good post to kick things off, feel free to share your thoughts! Thanks everyone!
  20. Hi guys! I ´ve made some changes in the armor that can be updated in the CRL... Lights, lightsaber attached and reddish visor... Have a look, please!
  21. Hello there! I am Erika from Clovis. CA. I plan to make a Seventh Sister suit. So far I have found a vendor that makes the helmet and will be making the armor soon. I have also found someone who will do my jacket for commission work. I am excited to do this suit. Any one else in the process or already a Seventh Sister approved?
  22. same here. i also need theis amazing Shirt. regards from Germany
  23. Hello there from Germany. I am here to help out my best friend in building a Doctor Aphra: gray jacket costume. So i am requesting full access to the TFE forums. ID: 20113 Garrison: German Garrison Detachment: Spec Ops http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30612
  24. I definitely can pull up the cod piece it kind of dropped a bit since I have the thighs fastened to it and I don't have hips lol. I'm debating printing new thighs in general since they're probably a little too long, but that'll be a down the line update. Just got notice of approval today though, so im pretty stoked I was happy in general that I was even able to walk around the house for an hour without losing stuff, and even went up stairs lol
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