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  1. Cookiedala

    KOTFE Lana Beniko - the journey begins...

    I've originally gotten this costume approved with my real hair, but I've since dyed my hair and I do feel like my wig looks better for this costume. As for the armour parts, I've made all of my armour parts out of pvc. The costume parts itself are relatively straight forward, the patterns on the tunic might be a bit tedious to lay out correctly, but it's nothing major. Goodluck with your build!
  2. I have purchased that helmet two years ago, but I can't get my GML to approve it, as the size (at least for me) is off and some of the details are slightly inaccurate. I received a 3dprinted dome that is scaled to my head size, but as Nina already mentioned above, most of the files have inaccuracies, as does the helmet we're trying to finish.
  3. Cookiedala

    Lana Beniko - Shadow of Revan (2 in 1 costumes)

    Sorry for the late reply to your post, but if you downloaded Sticklove's image, he also offers the extracted 3d model you can use in a freeware programme XNLara, so you can view the model in 360 etc, it might be very helpful for you to see certain angles and whatnot :)
  4. Hey everyone! I'm SL/ID 86110 and I'm with the Dutch Garrison. I'm also a member of the Dune Sea Base within the Rebel Legion as Jyn Erso. I recently got my second costume approved within the 501st Legion, Lana Beniko. I'm very happy to have finished it after building every part from scratch and getting help from my boyfriend to paint and weather every part with pigments. I wanted to join the Flagship forums as I'm hoping to be able to finally finish my Seventh Sister build after working on that for over a year as well as being able to contribute to any other members looking to build a Lana Beniko costume.