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  1. Congrats on both approval and first troop, welcome to the Legion
  2. A couple of things.... there shouldn´t be a seam at the hood edge, I made mine a double layer to prevent it and sewed it on the dress collar. That way I also didn´t get the line from the top and down in the back of the hood. It looks like the pleates on the shoulders are going down the back - they shouldn´t do that, they are only to be in front from the shoulders down to the waist, and to have a gathered look from the waist down on the back. Also it looks like there are seams high up on the sleeves, those should not be there either. But if you can get the seamstress to make the corrections, it should be ok for approval, the corrections would also minor the baggy look on the back of it. Though I would argue to use another kind of fabric, this looks very stiff.
  3. That is good to hear - your progress is looking really nice and I can´t wait to see the full suit on.
  4. You did a troop without being in a full suit?
  5. As long as it has a silver shine to it and is not a plain white color, this looks good to me I just bought a cheap one from ebay
  6. Nina you´re being asked for @DarthValkyria
  7. You´re welcome I used a heavy cotton silk blend, just make sure it can make nice gatherings that stays in place, when ironed down and that the fabric doesn´t have a shine to it. You can do it
  8. Hello welcome and congrats to your approval. I used a simple tunic pattern that I made mods to so it would follow the CRL regarding the gathering at the shoulders in front and the v cut + the gatherings in the back. I actually split the pattern at the middle to make it easier to get the gatherings in on the back - the belt will hide the line. As to the belt, I bought it from another member, but you can make it by yourself, it is not hard, just take 3 strips of leather, join them in the back with a velcro closing and use vertical pieces on the inside to hold the 3 pieces together, the two silver buttons can be made out of clay or other similar materiale. The headpiece can be tricky, if I should make one now, I would use a nice thin leather, make it wet and shape it over and over again on a mannequin head to get the shape needed for it, it takes a lot of times and redo with water. The hair pieces also from the same leather and I used velcro to close them up - red paint to get the pattern on both them and the head piece or glue on a red leather stripe. I used lycra for the wimple, it doesn´t fray and no seams, I just cut the hole for the face. Looking forward to seeing your WIP
  9. Yes this work well, I can see your pictures now - as too if you´ve done it correctly, I can´t say, since I don´t have any experience with a Revan armor and how to build it. Hopefully one of our members can confirm it for you.
  10. If it is link, you can just write it in your post like you do with normal text.
  11. I made a post in our FB detachment group asking for help/advice for you, since many are on holiday and don´t check the forums much, and I just want to say a big thanks to all for getting in here and helping out. Hopefully you will be able to get your costume fitted and get approved soon. This is a great detachment with awesome members
  12. The link goes back to this thread ?
  13. Yes it is the right place, I am very sorry, that none other have answered here yet. I wish I could do more to help, but as I already stated earlier, I don´t have any experience with a Revan regarding how to put the armor together and suit up.
  14. Welcome I do not have a Revan costume myself, but I am sure, that we have members, who can assist you @DarthValkyria can you help out perhaps ? I did find this video of a member with a wicked armor set up, though not sure if it is applyable to yours ? :
  15. This was a very interesting build to follow, big congrats - it looks amazing
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