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  1. Heavy1973

    Darth Traya

    Hi The fabric is to textured, it should be a plain black fabric with some weight to get it drapping right. This is what I used for mine so you can get an idea
  2. If I were you, I would still get her to redo the outerdress - keep the one you have, and let her do a new one.
  3. Again, I am not happy about this decision from your GML.
  4. Not happy about this, just because you´re the only one, doesn´t mean it the GML can use it as free pass not to uphold the basics for the costume. Congrats on your approval though
  5. No I used a soft non weave jersey with some weight in it to get it to drape and hang proper as to the picture in the CRL
  6. I don´t have a solid pattern, you can use more or less any tunika pattern as the one above and then makes the adjustments
  7. You´re welcome - glad to be able to assist I totally agree with Lorelei - you need to contact the seller and get her to redo the outerdress and gloves - you´ve paid for a approvable costume, and the seller was fully aware of the corrections needed.
  8. As already mentioned - no wrap unless you mean the pleats ? One V-opening in front from the shoulders to the waist and it stops at the belt. There are pleats from the shoulders all the way down to the floor on the front of the dress in both sides of the skirt, and there shall be some gathering of the fabric on the back of the lower skirt but not like the pleats in front.
  9. Hello greetings from Denmark We did have a run of this patch, but it was only for our Academy members - next time we do one, I´ll pass the information to this board to Perhaps one of our members still have one for trading ? sadly all of mine have been traded/gifted away. Cheers
  10. I am very sad to tell you, that the pattern on your outerdress is not right, and the shoulders looks odd - seams like she did not do the changes. I do like the golden pattern on the sleeves and veil but the sleeves on the innerdress are to short, they should reach midarms. If I were you, I would ask her to redo the outerdress and the sleeves on the innerdress. It is hard to see the gloves, so I am unsure of those.
  11. Hi if you put some pictures up, then it is easier to give you some feedback
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum Oh this look very interesting - going to follow this one, as I also love the look on these
  13. Hi greetings from Denmark Well, better late then never - being a single mum with two boys, I know about not always having enough time LOL
  14. It looks really odd and some places it is smeared... These are the patterns that are used for the pinwheels, which can also be found here on the forum. Don´t know, what she is doing, but it do not look right.
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