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  1. Heavy1973

    Visas Marr WIP

    Hello Welcome to our forum - I have see a couple of Visas Marr costumes from this vendor and sadly there are some problems regarding it. First, as Blane already stated, the sleeves are not long nor open enough, the grey stripes on the gloves are to dark, the veil is also not formed right - the forhead piece is to high. The pinwheel pattern looks odd, as if the paint has smeared out and it is to dark in color. If you look at one of the other buyers of this costume, it does nok look as the one on the sale post, which is made several years ago, when the owner was approved in the RL + I know of one, who has bought one from her last year, that is also made in a different way. As you can see on this pic (other buyer), the veil is off - it should lay flat and not have the fold around the face, the pinwheel pattern is different, the sleeves on this one seams to be too open/big, gloves has different silver lines + does not fit at all. If you can get her to make the sleeves on the innerdress (as on the pic in the sale thread) longer and a bit more open, that would work + the veil needs to get the forhead made smaller, it is to high. The outerdress - well, if the pattern can be more sharp in the lines + in a bit lighter grey color, that could work. Perhaps you can ask her about these things and see, if she is willing to redo the pieces ? http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_marr_unseen
  2. Heavy1973

    Darth Maladi - Almost Finished

  3. What a beautiful costume, you look awesome ! fingers x
  4. Heavy1973


    The Danish group of TFE members have put in our application for an Academy via the mail provided for the Academy/temple - x fingers
  5. Heavy1973


    Wee I will get on it right away - thanks for the heads up
  6. Heavy1973


    We still need our 5th member, so we can form the group - hope to get Anna to sign up soon, so we can get the show on the road. And Nicki did such a great job on our logo - thanks.
  7. Very nice work - best of luck
  8. Heavy1973

    Flagship recognize the dark empire?

    Hi I am also a member of the following sister groups under the "Galactic Senate" : TDE, Rebel Legion and Saber Guild - as long as your costume follow their approval settings, you should be good to go - good luck and looking forward to see your costume
  9. Heavy1973

    Woot Approved

    Congrats and welcome - looking awesome
  10. Heavy1973

    Advice for Visas Marr

    That is how I did mine, a double layer + I used hot iron on vinyl for the golden pattern - I see perfectly through it.
  11. Heavy1973

    For Sale/Trade: Biker Scout

    It says so in his post : "If you would rather purchase, $850 shipped USA. Will ship international for additional fee"
  12. Heavy1973

    COTF Work in Progress

    Hi welcome back - well sometimes real life comes in between
  13. Heavy1973

    A Nihilus from France

    Ohh I hope that you can repair the mask - and the gloves ( I understod the reference LOL ) sounds a bit odd, but if you can get used to them, then hopefully it won´t be a problem. Looking forward to seeing your progress pics