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  1. Heavy1973

    WTB: Visas Marr Unseen Unheard complete costume

    I am very sad to tell you, that the pattern on your outerdress is not right, and the shoulders looks odd - seams like she did not do the changes. I do like the golden pattern on the sleeves and veil but the sleeves on the innerdress are to short, they should reach midarms. If I were you, I would ask her to redo the outerdress and the sleeves on the innerdress. It is hard to see the gloves, so I am unsure of those.
  2. Heavy1973

    WTB: Visas Marr Unseen Unheard complete costume

    Hi if you put some pictures up, then it is easier to give you some feedback
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum Oh this look very interesting - going to follow this one, as I also love the look on these
  4. Heavy1973

    Hello from the French garrison

    Hi greetings from Denmark Well, better late then never - being a single mum with two boys, I know about not always having enough time LOL
  5. Heavy1973

    Visas Marr WIP

    It looks really odd and some places it is smeared... These are the patterns that are used for the pinwheels, which can also be found here on the forum. Don´t know, what she is doing, but it do not look right.
  6. Heavy1973

    Questions on COTF Nihilus

    Hi welcome to the forum I have not seen a newer WA COFT, but if he has redone the robes/tunics and they follow the CRL as stated here : http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_darth_nihilus then it should be okay as long as it fits you. Regarding the mask - yes, for the COFT version, it needs to be a skull like mask, and it only have 2 ovals on either side of the center oval. Boots, I have large calves too and it is a real pain to find a good pair of boots - since your cape and robes will cover your boots on the backside, you can ask your GML team if they will allowe it, since it is okay to have a zipper on the back. Lightsaber is not needed for approval - I did a quick google search and found this one : https://www.etsy.com/dk-en/listing/557189726/star-wars-kotor-custom-darth-nihilus?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=darth+nihilus+lightsaber&ref=sr_gallery-1-1&referring_page_type=market&pro=1
  7. Heavy1973

    Starting a Treya. Questions about hair and wimple

    Hi I made the wimple out of thin lycra, so it didn´t get so hot and could breathe, then the wig and the headpiece - as already mentioned, it could affect the fit, if your wimple is being cut out. Advice - try with a normal wimple and the a cut out to see, if it would work - though I haven´t had problems with being to hot here in Denmark
  8. Heavy1973

    Malgus from Wicked Armor - acceptadble?

  9. Heavy1973

    Help with getting approved

  10. Heavy1973

    Seventh Sister WIP

    Hi and welcome to the forum - I really enjoy your pics and progress on this build, very nicely done
  11. Heavy1973

    Visas Marr WIP

    That is great news, she is aware of the changes needed and will provide pics for you during the progress - then I would say go for it
  12. Heavy1973

    WTB: Visas Marr Unseen Unheard complete costume

    There was another, who also was looking towards this vendor - https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3022-visas-marr-wip/&tab=comments#comment-31396 were some of the issues were mentioned - try and take a look
  13. Heavy1973

    WTB: Visas Marr Unseen Unheard complete costume

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Was the etsy vendor this one : "Costumes by Rose" ? if so, there is a couple of things, that needs to be fixed before it will be approvable. If she can make the costume as up to the CRL that is here : http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_marr_unseen - then 4 months is not a long wait. If not, do put up a link for us, so we can check before you order/pay for something, that perhaps is not usable
  14. Awesome - congrats
  15. Uhh x fingers - do have in mind, that many of our Legion members are at Celebration Chicago, so there can be a longer answering time