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  1. Yes this work well, I can see your pictures now - as too if you´ve done it correctly, I can´t say, since I don´t have any experience with a Revan armor and how to build it. Hopefully one of our members can confirm it for you.
  2. If it is link, you can just write it in your post like you do with normal text.
  3. I made a post in our FB detachment group asking for help/advice for you, since many are on holiday and don´t check the forums much, and I just want to say a big thanks to all for getting in here and helping out. Hopefully you will be able to get your costume fitted and get approved soon. This is a great detachment with awesome members
  4. The link goes back to this thread ?
  5. Yes it is the right place, I am very sorry, that none other have answered here yet. I wish I could do more to help, but as I already stated earlier, I don´t have any experience with a Revan regarding how to put the armor together and suit up.
  6. Welcome I do not have a Revan costume myself, but I am sure, that we have members, who can assist you @DarthValkyria can you help out perhaps ? I did find this video of a member with a wicked armor set up, though not sure if it is applyable to yours ? :
  7. This was a very interesting build to follow, big congrats - it looks amazing
  8. That is good news and a super great deal for the plastic form - I would also have jumped that one in a heartbeat. Sounds like we can soon welcome you into the ranks in TFE detachment - thank you for the kind words, much appreciated, always happy to assist
  9. I also just got a mail about wrong rank ? been a detachment member since 2013 so I don´t understand that one. Requesting detachment member access : https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=15534&costumeID=115
  10. Nicely done - and remember, just go at your own pace and enjoy the build
  11. Happy to be able to help out and to have wips to look at from other members are a great resource, also for someone, who wants to join in the future. 😉 As to my tunics, I actually just laid one of my t-shirts out and used it as a base to cut the fabric after, didn´t use any pattern. Just remember to have enough fabric so that you can make the cross-over - as to the sleeves, I used a normal pattern and made it ca. 2 sizes bigger, so that I could make the quilted sleeves. I bought my "hood" from Pam, not sure if she sells them anymore - you could try and ask her : https://twilekpam.com/products/darth-nihilus-hood?variant=13962054041718 . I can see that it is sold out. Perhaps you can 3d print it ? I attached the fabric to it with velcro and sewed in an extra piece of fabric in the front to close the gape between it and the mask. As for my black-out mask, I bought a cheap plastic Halloween face mask, cut it and painted it black, I am trying to get my oldest son to 3d print me a new one, because I am not all that happy about the fit on this one. He did print me a saber that I just need to sand down, put together and paint, so hopefully that one will be nice to have for canon events. It will be without blade, but that is fine with me. The one you link to doens´t quite look right though. Try this one : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2223990 - or take a look at the one Daniel wrote about - you can find it here : https://lucifersabers.com/en/product/nihilus/ - that is nice. You´re on the right way
  12. I haven´t seen any correct 3d file yet of the COFT version, I had to remodel the one I got by reshaping the checkbones and eyes + sand done the lines over the eyes before it could pass approval. As to Wicked Armor, yes that mask with the blackout mask is fine for approval for the COFT version You can see my build thread here :
  13. We are here to help you, so no worries in asking too much, there is no such thing I use E6000 glue on all my costumes/armor pieces - that should do the trick.
  14. Hi and welcome to this amazing world You´re of to a very good start - you can see the CRL here : https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_revan it is a to-do-list about the costume, there are also lots of great wip threads here on this forum, so do take a look on, how other members have done their costumes. When I began back in 2012 with a biker scout armor, I was totally lost - but a member helped me out, even when he was deployed to Afghanistan, and is now one of my dearest friends. What I learned through that process is, you can never ask to many times about something, so do use us as much as you can, and I am sure, that many in here will try their hardest to assist you in getting your costume put together and approved. If I were you, I would go by the CRL, make a list and just start from the top and go check off the items as you work through them. Have fun - looking forward to follow your build.
  15. It looks like he has a clip for the saber, that he puts on by sliding it downwards onto the abdomen armor piece (red circle) Not sure if it is possible without some mods to it ?
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