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  1. No risen ridges for the red stripes, UNLESS... You can provide official images that support this look. ~S
  2. Invia le immagini al tuo GML nel tuo Garrison, e se hanno domande, ci manderanno le loro domande per un consiglio. Send the Pictures to your GML in your Garrison, and if they have any questions, they will send their questions to us for advice.
  3. Questa foto è risultata piuttosto piccola, rendendo davvero difficile da vedere. Metto alla prova di quanto sia bravo il mio traduttore italiano. (Testing out how good my Italian translator is.)
  4. Overall it looks good. The vest in the front should be sitting up a bit higher. The codpiece should be lower, not blocking the view of the belt buckle. I can nitpick it all day, but no one wants that. lol Have to wait and see what your GML thinks.
  5. This pic turned out rather small, making it really hard to see.
  6. 3D model gives the whole 360 view, so that is good. Be Careful using references that are not official, as they may not be valid reference materials and more so fan art. 3D model had shoulder armor, the Deviant art is missing the shoulder armor, just as an example.
  7. You could do that, and then just repaint the gold part silver. Also worth mentioning, the blade that comes with all sabers is a translucent white. For long events or events outside, you will run out of battery power at some point if in constant use, plus in daylight it doesn't look that spectacular. Hours of hearing the lightsaber sound is also annoying after so long. I ordered a Vader's Vault "Day Blade" in Red, now I don't really turn the saber on as its always red. I do turn it on for photo ops, but normally i carry the saber in the off mode 99% of the time. I am a Fan of Vaders Vault, not just because of their workmanship, but also because of their warranty. Saber Forge has some really nice saber bodies, just their electronics is on the crap end of the spectrum. Getting a SF body, and then having someone else do the electronics is another option people do. Some people get lucky with their SF purchases, I am not one of those lucky people. I may just order a Day Blade for that saber, and then just not turn it on, as there is a problem where it turns off in mid use sometimes. If I had to do it all over now I would get a Stunt Saber (no sound) and a day blade in the color I needed. Yes it's fun to play with, with the sound, but after 2 hours, the fun faded for me lol.
  8. If you are working inside a budget, ultrasabers might be the cheaper route to go. Not sure which one you are asking about, if you link it, then I could give you an answer.
  9. Speaking from experience with all these companies you have posted. Ultrasabers are bulky heavy and the electronics are not the best, but it will get the job done. Saberforge, I would just assume throw my money away, if you would even receive it, then its a 50%/50% chance that the electronics were done correctly. You can't go wrong with Vaders Vault, as light as a TV remote, quality workmanship, and they back up their work with a warranty you can count on. The one you picked out from Vaders Vault meets the CRL requirements, and you won't be disappointed with the quality. There might be a longer wait time for this saber, compared to other companies, but I would still not buy a saber from anywhere else, as long as the look of the saber can be found here. I hope that makes your troubles less. Also if you let them know you are a 501st members, and chat with them a bit, they might add you to their 501st members group, where you get added discounts on your purchase. Check out their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1553748611608080/
  10. Looking good. Need someone to help you put it on, so the shirt doesn't bunch and rise up, and then dont move to keep it there lol
  11. I am liking the look so far, keep at it!
  12. Really coming together nicely. Once its finished and approved, maybe next year you can bring it to Legoland Germany.
  13. Feel free to send me the info, I will look at it, and give you my opinion on it. Keep in mind, no costume can be pre approved. It's not the costume alone, but how the costume sits on your body, and must achieve the correct look.
  14. Speaking from experience, he gets so many messages a day, he cant answer them all, and get any work done. So you just have to keep sending him messages, and hope he reads your message one of these days. Also make your message clear and to the point, you want to buy the sith stalker. People just asking questions, seem to take even longer to get a response back.
  15. WickedArmor.com is the only one I know of who makes this costume.
  16. As long as its not the same mask!? The Emperor has more scaring and wrinkles on top, and Malgus has more blue veins and less wrinkles, and the left side of his face is a burnt bloody mess.
  17. If its a Black Costume, Darth Vader is the number one mistaken name used. In my Starkiller hoth, I don't get names, I get questions "Who the hell are you?" In my Jawa, I get called a Tusken Raider. In my Malakili, again no names, just the reply that "that is probably the most comfortable costume in all of Star Wars". When outside in the hot sun, "That is the Smartest Costume"! Not trooped in my Garindan yet, but I will find out next week what comments I get in that costume.
  18. The Text portion for the CRL has finally been approved and posted: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:DS-Barriss_Offee_Traitor Now we just need someone to make a quality costume, and lend us the pics, so we can finish the CRL!
  19. Yeah the lightsaber looks cool Revan with leather will not work for the 501st, you can look in the Revan section for info on that costume, if you decide to make the armor correct, to join the 501st with. Some people do amazing stuff with craft foam , where it is hardened and looks like real armor, then that is fine. Others come from the COSPLAY world and it looks like foam, and that would not be acceptable.
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