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  1. Awesome, I hope they will be able to do that!
  2. I hear ya- many builds have an ebb and flow to the amount of time we can put into them. LOL I have a FO-TK riot baton kit that has been sitting on my workbench for like 2 years. Stay healthy and enjoy your build!
  3. Overall I like the appearance of this robe. However, the second red stripe (top-most stripe) on this one appears rather thick compared with the CRL. The CRL says the second stripe should be approximately 1/2 inch wide. I might suggest looking around to see if there are other options. Here's another option on Etsy, but I wish it had pictures of the robe on a mannequin or person. I also don't see details on what the robe is constructed from. https://www.etsy.com/listing/159853467/sith-acolyte-costume-poplin-robe-in?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gall
  4. Hi Lee, it's been a while since you've posted so I wanted to check in. How have you been doing? Any recent luck with finding work? And of course, if you have any progress or questions on your acolyte build, please share!
  5. Hi Justin, I just wanted to check in and see how things have been going. Have you made any progress on your build that you could share with us? We love pics!
  6. Hi James, how is your beautiful build coming along? Do you have any updates to share?
  7. Hi Florian! Just checking in to see how your build is going. I've loved seeing your pictures so far. Have you been able to print any new pieces recently?
  8. haha do you have more than one? I’d love to see more pics.
  9. This is your thread! No need to apologize. You're doing great!
  10. I think it's coming along nicely! When it comes to coloring, the CRL is pretty open and simply calls for armor that "Must be painted a metallic grey that is weathered in a pattern consistent with the rest of the armor." My personal preferences is for a darker metallic gray, but I have seen great looking acolytes that are both on the lighter and darker side. Regarding the center piece of the abdomen- the reference image does show that it is a darker color. But in my opinion the two hues are closer in value than in the picture you posted above. In the reference image b
  11. When the paint finally arrives and you're able to get started, I'd love to see some progress pictures of the painting process. I always enjoying seeing that aspect of a build... the transformation of white ABS to realistic looking armor.
  12. Wow thanks for sharing all of the individual pictures. What beautiful pieces of armor! i absolutely love his mask. I have a very early version of it, long before he started doing the back piece. That’s something I’ve been thinking about upgrading to. you must be so excited to be on your way! I’d love to see more pictures as your build progresses.
  13. Thanks for sharing your progress pictures. The mask looks really cool- how many hours was that to print?
  14. Thanks for sharing the pictures you used for the neck seal reference and the detailed pictures of your neck seal. I‘m not sure what other references Wolfgang used in making his neck seal, which is the one in the CRL. Edited- looks like you’ve been approved. Congratulations, you look great!