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  1. Thanks for leaving this detailed response Rudi! I was very much hoping to see the insights of other builders. I have a 3d printed FO-TK blaster. It was fun to assemble and paint, but I am definitely more cautious with it because I'm afraid it'll break if it gets bumped against something hard. Once I was trooping with a fellow FO-TK. We were walking down some stairs. The blaster attached to his right thigh bumped against the railing of the stairs. It broke off his thigh holster and clattered down the steps, leaving pieces as it went. I know a little blaster pistol is probably more fragile t
  2. Hi Joe! I've never actually done a 3d print build of armor before, so I can't give you any advice about that. Maybe some of our other members can? I'm including the names of two forum members who 3d printed their acolytes. I'd encourage you to reach out to them about their experiences. I know that forum member Darth_Harold did a 3d print set of armor from DO3d. Here is his build thread I think this is the armor he used. https://www.do3d.com/product-page/sith-acolyte-star-wars-body-armor-3d-model-project-2577 Member PaulTR also did a 3d print bu
  3. Am I interested? Why yes I am!
  4. Things are coming along well! Your mask looks awesome.
  5. Great! Please let us all know how it goes.
  6. One thing I always struggle with when looking at pictures is determining how dark the gray actually is. Sometimes what appears silvery actually looks darker in the sunlight in person. I personally prefer a dark gray, but I have seen acolytes get approved with both a darker gray and a silvery gray finish.
  7. On my FO-TK armor I used a plastic primer coat first, then multiple coats of the white paint. I didn't actually sand it first, but it came out very well.
  8. I don't have Mynock's Den armor, but I agree with Chris that there is usually a return edge to give the appearance of depth. Do you have any specific pictures you'd like to share at this point, either with finished pieces or pieces you have questions about?
  9. My mom made my robe for me. She started with this tutorial, but making the hood with no visible seam was trial and error to get the right shape. I hope this helps! ROBE TUTORIAL
  10. Awesome, I hope they will be able to do that!
  11. I hear ya- many builds have an ebb and flow to the amount of time we can put into them. LOL I have a FO-TK riot baton kit that has been sitting on my workbench for like 2 years. Stay healthy and enjoy your build!
  12. Overall I like the appearance of this robe. However, the second red stripe (top-most stripe) on this one appears rather thick compared with the CRL. The CRL says the second stripe should be approximately 1/2 inch wide. I might suggest looking around to see if there are other options. Here's another option on Etsy, but I wish it had pictures of the robe on a mannequin or person. I also don't see details on what the robe is constructed from. https://www.etsy.com/listing/159853467/sith-acolyte-costume-poplin-robe-in?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gall
  13. Hi Lee, it's been a while since you've posted so I wanted to check in. How have you been doing? Any recent luck with finding work? And of course, if you have any progress or questions on your acolyte build, please share!
  14. Hi Justin, I just wanted to check in and see how things have been going. Have you made any progress on your build that you could share with us? We love pics!
  15. Hi James, how is your beautiful build coming along? Do you have any updates to share?
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