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  1. TK Keith

    New to 501st, Sith Acolyte Build

    We look forward to seeing your pics! It’s hard to balance real life with a costume build, but I hope you find pleasure in the process.
  2. TK Keith

    Sith Acolyte Do3D stl files (Czech Garrison)

    It’s coming along nicely! It’s cool to see the pieces on you with the test fit to see how it all works together.
  3. TK Keith


    I’m excited to see another member who is building this armor. I look forward to seeing pictures of your progress! I don’t have much experience in the 3D print world. Is that something you have much experience with?
  4. TK Keith

    Sith Acolyte Do3D stl files (Czech Garrison)

    Looking good! I like how the forearm and mask are coming along as well!
  5. Congratulations on your approval! Please share pictures of your troops with us so that we can see you in action! Once your permissions on the forum get changed you can create a thread in the Meditation Tracker to keep a running log of your Acolyte troops.
  6. Your pictures look amazing. Congratulations on a terrific build!
  7. TK Keith

    Sith Acolyte Do3D stl files (Czech Garrison)

    This looks good!
  8. TK Keith

    Sith Acolyte Do3D stl files (Czech Garrison)

    I think the finger armor looks good. From your picture of the thumb armor it is hard to tell how long it is. Do you think it’s long enough to match the reference images?
  9. TK Keith

    Acólito en proceso.

    That is great that you are getting a second one without additional cost! My mom made my robe, and she also found the seamless hood to be the most challenging part. I hope yours goes well and I look forward to seeing pictures!
  10. Awesome! Let us know how that works out please.
  11. TK Keith

    Sith Acolyte Do3D stl files (Czech Garrison)

    It was fun to see some of your reference images and to examine the details. Thank you for sharing them! It inspires me to go back and watch the trailer videos again. I agree that some of there are some differences in the details. When the video game first came out, I believe this full body image from an interview done with Blur Studios (I haven’t seen the interview myself) was used as an important reference as people started constructing armor.
  12. I always wear it up and I totally agree- it takes our awesomeness to a whole new level! Have you done anything to help prevent the hood from folding back from the wind? I originally had some magnets sewn into the hood where it rests on my head which attach to magnets in the mask. However in a few recent parades the hood was still blowing back some, much to my annoyance. So my mom sewed more magnets into the hood closer to my forehead to keep it on place. In a recent troop they seemed to work out well.
  13. Looking good! Out of curiosity, do you think you’ll troop more with your hood up or your hood down?
  14. TK Keith

    Acólito en proceso.

    How is your build going? I noticed your abdomen plate ends where the belt rests instead of going up higher than the belt. Do you have a picture of the abdomen and the piece that connects to the chest together, from straight on so we can see how those pieces look together?
  15. TK Keith

    Sith Acolyte Do3D stl files (Czech Garrison)

    Hi Antonin, I think it’s looking good so far! The pics that are straight on are definitely the most helpful for viewing. How much time are the pieces taking you to create?