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  1. DarthValkyria

    Hello from a nerdy noob!

    Welcome, Barby! Always glad to see another STEM person in here! I'm an analytical chemist, myself. If you look through the Aphra posts here you should be able to find more info on the costume. https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/forum/224-doctor-aphra/ I also recommend starting your WIP there so you can ask questions along the way. Welcome aboard!
  2. Comm-Tower Spotlights: March 2019 We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member SL-18015; otherwise known as Chris Sharp / Nassad Tal! Chris is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter! He took some time to have a chat with Nina / DarthValkyria, our TFE DL. DV: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, Chris. To start off with, how did you find out about the Legion and the Flagship Eclipse? Chris: I learned about the 501st after a friend introduced me to the Mercs & I started absorbing everything I could about the Star Wars costume community. About a year after getting involved with the SW Clubs, I really started looking into the 501st as I had decided on my first costume for the legion & learned about the detachments & subsequently TFE. DV: Awesome! What was your first Legion costume? Chris: I'm actually the first Fi Skirata in the legion & I'm also the CRL for the character. DV: That looks fantastic! How long after did you get your TFE costume approved? Chris: I've been an official member with TFE for about 3 years now...my current costume is Starkiller's TIE Training Gear. DV: You were just brought on as a TFE Costume Mentor, specifically with Starkiller costumes. What would your dream TFE costume be?? Chris: Honestly...that is it. I have always been a huge fan of Starkiller & I have currently have 1 SK costume in the works for TFE & another in the works (for a total of 3 SKs for TFE). I Also have 1 SK costume approved with the RL with a 2nd possibly on my "to do" list. DV: That is awesome, what do you like about Starkiller? Chris: The thing that draws me to the character is that he walks the line between light & dark. He is a very deep character that fought a lot in his life, but then he found something to fight FOR & threw all his drive & passion into protecting that. I also have a FB page set up for my Starkiller here. DV: Some of the best characters in Star Wars walked that fine line! Last but not least, are there any tips, tricks, or advice that you can offer other members looking to create Starkiller: TIE Training Gear? Chris: Mark the order of your belts! Seriously, there are 6 OF THEM & they are worn in a VERY specific order & way. All of my belts are numbered & I have a note in my phone to help me remember the order where the buckles are supposed to sit. DV:Ha ha ha, good advice! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today! Chris: Thank you! If you are interested in being interviewed for a future issue, you can email PR@TheFlagshipEclipse.com.
  3. DarthValkyria

    Revan WIP TK62000

    Velcro on the inside of the forearm and sewn onto your shirt works.
  4. Make sure you request to join here and follow directions in the questions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TFECommTower/?ref=share It's an easy point of communication for stuff that is happening.
  5. DarthValkyria

    Darth Maladi - Almost Finished

    Congrats! Make sure you request to join here and follow directions in the questions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TFECommTower/?ref=share I'll get you updated to detachment member now.
  6. DarthValkyria

    Darth Maladi - Almost Finished

    Gorgeous! Great job and good luck on approval. Let us know how it goes
  7. If you can send the submission ones I can use them for alternate views.
  8. Congrats! If you can send the photos to theflagshipeclipse@gmail.com I'd live to use them in the additional section of the CRL.
  9. DarthValkyria

    How to Propose Edits to CRLs

    If there is an existing CRL on the 501st site that needs updating or rewriting, post the original here in the default text color that shows up on desktop mode. Any corrections or changes will be written below each specific area in yellow to portray the corrections. If you are commenting on the edits proposed in yellow, copy them to your comment, use the strike through to take out what you are editing, and put the new edit proposals in red next to it. [CRL Post area] Mask: Here is the original CRL text from the 501st page, copied verbatim. Mask: Here is the proposed edits for the existing CRL text by one of the CRL Officers. (pictures submitted for examples) [Comment area] Mask: Here is the proposed edits for the existing CRL text by one of the CRL Officers. Here are the edits to the proposed edits made by the CRL Officer that can be made by anyone in the detachment. Anyone can propose changes, but supply reference images for exactly what you are questioning. For CRLs that have no text, omit the original text and follow the same procedure.
  10. DarthValkyria

    Tulak Hord Character Research

    Soooo close.
  11. DarthValkyria

    Revan Boot Question

    If you can remove the ring straps of the biker style, the square toe would be better!
  12. This build is utterly gorgeous. Absolutely amazing job.
  13. DarthValkyria

    Suggestion for CRL change

    You can ask in the Comm Tower to organize it. This falls under additional variants and not core CRL, so anything of this sort needs to be member-driven and then brought to the detachment.
  14. DarthValkyria

    Suggestion for CRL change

    We need photos of the costume parts to be submitted before we can start working on the CRL. Once we have those, it can get pushed to phase 2 editing. Phase 1 is the, "proof of why I built it like this, and the parts I built" phase.
  15. DarthValkyria


    I was waiting until Monday for the newsletter, but as of this month, I'm dropping the requirements for an Academy to 3.