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  1. I would say that *if* we happened to get both submitted, I would consider it along the lines of a version 1/2 thing like Savage Opress's CRL. The new CRL system allows us to create versions internally instead of having to do completely separate CRLs, which saves space and time. So, organization wise I see it as, "Bastila Shan: Fallen" with a v1 and v2. The forms between the two seem to pretty much match, but the actual details in the skins are very much different. Even the boots have different seams on the top of the foot/ankle and the upper lip at the calf on the sides.
  2. Notifications for these posts are not popping up for some reason, but now that I've seen it, I'll get someone on the CRL team to look into it. Thank you!
  3. Definitely aiming to have 2 versions in the hood with the shoulder and boot addition, then the normal version.
  4. Yeah what's shown here is pretty much what would be required, with the constituent that it means hood stays up. If you look at the sides, the gold stops at the ear with the pattern, so it isn't necessary to go all the way around. For ease of fluid construction, durability, and look, I would recommend having the leather headband strap go all the way around.
  5. The circles are pretty clear in the photos that are in it.
  6. Those closeup shots are effing fantastic! Great job! Those will come in REAL handy. Also, from what I can tell, same boot but cape version has the knee part, yes? Looks like it actually folds down and into the boot functionally based on the seams.
  7. We don't have an active level system as we are still trying to complete an audit of all the CRLs as they are very dated.
  8. Starting the photo dump so folks can hash out details.
  9. You could install snaps into the balaclava and onto the 3 straps near the actual mask. This should reduce movement.
  10. Late to the party on this one, but any published materials, video games, comics, or alternative media released before the 2014 rebranding is considered Legend. The exception is the Clone Wars series that George Lucas had direct involvement in that carried into Rebels.
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