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  1. As a head's up, no one vendor is 100% approvable. Even if the armor and soft parts are accurate, they must be proportionate to you to be completely approvable. Below is a list of vendors that are not accurate or approvable, even if they advertise as such. Please do your research or double check with us before pulling the trigger on a purchase you aren't sure of. CosplaySky For obvious reasons, the armor is not hard and the soft parts are not accurate. Walt's Trooper Factory The back plate is not accurate, and the mask is closer to SWTOR style, which is NOT approvable. There is no kidney armor and the ab plate is not accurate. Most ETSY vendors Be careful as most take artistic license with design OR just base theirs off the SWTOR mask, which again, is not accurate or approvable. The approved costume in the 501st is only the KOTOR game version. Not the fan art, not the statues or busts, my and not the figures version. They are NOT interchangeable. 3D print files Same as ETSY vendors.
  2. If you can get all the details in senior without any attachment points (weld lines, seams, rivers, etc) then there is nothing stopping such. Also, if you want to do a helmet style, so long as the front matches mask references from the game, that's fine with me.
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