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  1. I think you look fabulous. Good luck!
  2. DarthValkyria

    Revan from PropCorn/Outcast Props

    These are great fan creations but no, it is not approvable. The rivets, back straps, hood, and mask all do not meet references.
  3. DarthValkyria

    Revan WIP TK62000

    I used sticky velcro on the mask about an inch above the brow, and sewing velcro on the seam of the inside of the hood.
  4. DarthValkyria

    Flagship recognize the dark empire?

    People have done a great job responding here but yes, the inclusion of TDE members falls to the Garrison Command to allow or not. While some 501st units work closely with other groups in their areas, some do not. That is thankfully changing (slowly but surely) with steps towards inclusion and working together (like the GS). Talk to your local folks, see what you can do about it.
  5. DarthValkyria

    Savage Opress EIP

    @Flashheart could give some pointers!
  6. DarthValkyria

    Revan WIP TK62000

    Gorilla super glue.
  7. DarthValkyria

    Revan WIP TK62000

    I have photos of mine in the WIP http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1739-darth-revan-upgrade-wip/
  8. DarthValkyria

    Revan WIP TK62000

    I think I only used about 4 or so inches worth of a pleather bolt.
  9. Looking fantastic so far. Adraas happens to be my favorite style of the Acolytes.
  10. DarthValkyria

    Darth Zash

  11. DarthValkyria

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    Those should be fine with the harness removed :).
  12. DarthValkyria

    Woot Approved

  13. DarthValkyria

    Revan WIP TK62000

    I used gorilla glue and just scuffed the two surfaces up a bit for the strap. For the ring straps, I went and got some black pleather from Joann Fabrics. I'm trying to think back to the MWA hood and just remember making sure to pull the flaps so they are tucked behind the armor to make the enclosed hood look. Also, make sure you have a piece of velcro stuck to the forehead of the mask and the other piece sewn into the hood so that it stays down and doesn't pull upwards.
  14. DarthValkyria

    Hello everybody!

    Welcome! Here is the forum for Concept Asajj. http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/forum/379-asajj-ventress-concept/
  15. Happy Birthday!  hope you have a fantastic day!