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  1. Shape wise it's good which is the most important part, but color wise, I agree with Naasad Tal. There should also be a break in the reds on the nose area with differing shades.
  2. The best go-to for Revan is still MWA if you want minimal work out of the box. You'll need to tweak the rings at the bottom, but easy enough. Make sure you buy a new version direct from Rob as it is more accurate than previous versions.
  3. None of the recognized references show weathering, so they are not included in 501st approval.
  4. I can't confirm as I'm not on holiday and can't check, but it was also a combination of the COTF minifigure in referencing for the CRL. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying that it needs to be handled carefully when analyzing, and cross comparisons are difficult to validate using KOTOR for COTF and vice versa as they really do only share boots, cat ears, and a name. Literally every other aspect is different.
  5. You're fine with it for COTF, I was just clarifying that it was never KOTOR style as the hilt is only seen on the box art for Champions of the Force and the minifig.
  6. Mask looks good! Only thing I can recommend is smoothing out the surfaces a bit more as paint tends to bring out every single dent and divet in sculptures (the bane of my existence with my updates).
  7. The hardest part of our CRLs is that many of them only have a few people who don't respond or don't want to help update CRLs. Some of them we have partial CRL, "filling" for that is sitting in a drive awaiting the final pieces. All CRL items are handled detachment-side, and we have a forum here for the process with directions on how to propose updates. https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/forum/195-crl-proposals-and-updates/
  8. Welcome to everyone here looking to start costumes! I just wanted to point out that with the new video game, there is a specific section for unapproved video game Work In Progresses (WIPs) here! https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/forum/234-miscellaneous-video-game-characters/ This is where you will want to start posting your build updates (especially for you Second Sisters!).
  9. Sometimes I feel like us Legends characters are like SW Barbies with all the combinations that seem to be out there for accessories.
  10. Wow! These look great! Serious kudos on your lekku headpiece transition blend. Nothing is sticking out to me as off, though I 100% understand having to remake some parts for weight issues. Great job!
  11. Yes indeedy! We are training a new person for the run, and she is currently getting quotes from companies for the softer shirts (not like the ones from the previous runs).
  12. I recommend putting velcro in the bracer and on the cuff of the shirt. I pull the shirt sleeve up to just under where it normally sits, then put the bracer over, press down on the velcro, and the sleeve stays in place.
  13. Given the 3D nature of the arm, I don't think it would effectively convey the correct look.
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