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  1. Just now seeing this post (apologies for delay). Currently, CosplaySky is the only one that is 100% NOT approvable in any of their stuff. I would definitely not recommend getting it if you are going for approval. For the mask, if you are 3D printing it, just make sure it is not the squared chin SWTOR version (needs the, "fangs" of the KOTOR style") or that you print the ginormous one that engulfs half the neck, as well. MyWickedArmor, though a bit pricey, is still one of the best purchasable sets, and one of the more accurate with mask. It is a pretty penny, but also requires t
  2. Fancy! My only concern that I see off the bat is that the chin of the mask might sit a tad too low on the head/neck overall in length proportion to the images I have seen.
  3. It is all about making it fit according to your body, which is where the skill comes in hand, and the final outcome goal. You're doing a fantastic job, otherwise, and I am loving the dedication to this build!
  4. There are two different masks available from MWA now, one for each version. The cheeky skull version is for COTF only, and the flat face is for KOTOR II only, but both are pretty good.
  5. Keith Waechtler, SL-5376
  6. Michael Harshbarger, SL-9730
  7. Comm-Tower Spotlights: February 2021 We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member SL/DS-27259; otherwise known as Marissa Herder. Marissa is from the Dutch Garrison, and is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter! They took some time to have a chat with Lauren / Flutefreak05, one of our TFE PR Officers. FF: When did you join the 501st Legion and why did you join? Marissa: I joined in January of 2020. I didn't really grow up with Star Wars but when I was in college a friend made me watch all the movies and I fell i
  8. The mask looks too cartoonish, if that makes sense. There should not be an expression to it as it is an emotionless skull, but this mask makes it look like it is smiling.
  9. Just so I am clear on the distinction, the difference between Kreia and Traya was the brown robes and ochre tunic vs the black robes and tunic of Traya, correct? If so, then I would definitely say it is a grey area because *technically* she was dark side that entire time she presented as Kreia, but it was understood to be light side. I don't remember the specifics of the moment of reveal but the closest comparison I can come up with is how technically Darth Vader is approvable in the, "Anakin" form as he was dark in that attire. If she, "comes out" as dark side while wearing the outfit (aga
  10. Welcome! @Rejean was the OG for the CRL, so he might have a decent idea of how/where to start.
  11. Hey! Look what didn't send notifications! I'm privvy to agree.
  12. Your best bet is to ask in the 501st coin group on Facebook or wait until the next run that will be coming in the next while of this year
  13. The 3D effect of the nose bridge area and the under eyes is a bit concerning, but the rest looks good.
  14. I would say the first pair with the lower soles would be best for this, though I would still give it a bit to look around for a slightly lower heel. That is the only part throwing it off. The treads of the second pair's sole is too exaggerated and the suede would not be able to be matched to the reference.
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