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  1. Comm-Tower Spotlights: June 2020 We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member SL-62000; otherwise known as Scott Moss. Scott is from Bloodfin Garrison, and is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter! He took some time to have a chat with Lauren / Flutefreak05, one of our TFE PR Officers. FF: When did you join the 501st Legion and why? Scott: I joined the Legion in 2017. The reason has become clouded after these years of trooping. I want to say it was for the charity aspect of it but sometimes I think it was for the reason to dress up and be someone else for a bit. FF: Why did you choose to join The Flagship Eclipse Detachment? Scott: TBH, I was tired of trooping at troops where all of us Imperials were not allowed to have weapons and the Jedi were allowed to carry their glow sticks. I looked at all of the 501st saber wielders and fell in love with the look of Revan. I then started studying his back story and fell even more in love with the character. It was this that drove me to the Flagship. FF: What is your favorite costume and what is your favorite character? Scott: My favorite costume is a close tie between my Shadowtrooper and Darth Revan. The shadow was what I wanted to join the legion back in 2012. Never happened. It was my 3rd approval. Revan is my 6th approval and quickly became a favorite. The lore and the overall badassery of the character is quite alluring. As far as a favorite character in Star Wars, it’s complicated. I enjoy the fandom as a fan. I am dark side and want movies showing the dark side winning. So my favorite characters are the “bad guys”. FF: What is your dream costume and what are your future costume plans? Scott: My dream costume is a classic Battlestar Galactica Cylon. Future plans are to get an approved Mandalorian so I can join my oldest as a Merc.
  2. Yeah I could definitely give another eye to possibility of approval for certain vendors.
  3. Have you thought of using those silicone pads that they have for braless wear? You could stick the sticky side to the inside of the armor and then have the silicone against your skin.
  4. Mynock's Den is the majority dude that folks get their armor parts to assemble from, but I believe you have to source the soft parts.
  5. Well, you need to find someone to trade or buy from first. They are going out to people who ordered rhem diring the run.
  6. I'm shipping out to folks who want to risk the USPS uncertainty so thy will start being in the wold next week.
  7. Easiest route is Rob (MyWickedArmor) with some minor alterations for approval that can be found pinned under the Revan section.
  8. There is no singular good boot, but as I was just conversing with another applicant, modified biker boots tend to work. Cut the strap from the ankle area and relocate to the toe area if it is long enough or get another strap of material and bam, square toed boots that meet requirements.
  9. Apologies for delayed response! I would say the heel is a bit high, but if you can find a lower heel version and cut the straps/put the strap on the toe area, they will do just fine. These are regularly used in this style of boot given the squared toe.
  10. We wouldn't be able to start the CRL until we have someone submit the completed costume, but the references will still help when we get to that point.
  11. Current LMOs say they're good with it being valid for 501st entry so long as the references are met! Given the HD quality in the game, things like fabric texture are expected to be matched vs older games, and small details are important! Just a heads up. I know JoEllen did a beautiful job pulling textures for Second Sister, so the capability is there.
  12. Still up to the LMOs as final decision for if it is eligible or not. If it just a mod or external option to play as Cal vs it being an actual part of gameplay it wouldn't necessarily be eligible.
  13. No surprised as a Rob is a reasonable guy with all that.
  14. I would second the gauze thing for her top if it is a tighter weave. Maybe not necessarily the skirt as it seems more structured.