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  1. Just want folks to know we aren't going to go with the, "yeah that looks about right" method since we have true detail to go off of. 🙂
  2. Just a heads-up on all these: We are going to wait until we have completely clear and high quality shots of all the new characters. These will be the first live action characters for TFE, so we will be doing things a bit differently than our normal CRL approval with regards to requirements.
  3. Welcome! Can't see the top of the tunic very well, but you'll want to make sure you have the double tunic look. You can add a false double layer to the existing one if it isn't there and save yourself wearing two tunics.
  4. I'm also excited to see this going again!
  5. If there are no patterns discernible in the references, then a patterned fabric in creation will not be approvable. It's a very pretty color, though!
  6. Sounds like the pleats are just like Revan's cape! Left and right facing knife pleats, and a single box pleat formed from them in the middle. Also, given that it is a real world reference, yes, darts are required to match for CRL if they are present on the actual character.
  7. They're probably the best minimal work armor that is actually fairly accurate, so good choice to go with.
  8. We're actually working on the CRL text to adjust for this. The back zip is still hidden by the cloak, so I have no issue with it. So long as it isn't on the outside of the sides or on the front, I would approve for basic approval. If you don't want to pay that much, you can often find square toe boots on ebay that you can modify.
  9. I haven't seen the soft parts or the final armor from Walt, so I'm not sure yet on that one. He showed me the molds and they seemed good enough, but that was all, really. For the soft parts, though. Make sure the shoulders aren't pleated and that the skirt waist band sits entirely under the armor. Also, the cape needs the correct pleats on it, so make sure those are proper.
  10. For how old and unsure these are, that could be helpful.
  11. It is also technically not official as it was created externally by an artist friend of Spanos. We still utilize it, but it isn't a first level reference.
  12. I just meant the game file design. The front and back armor don't line up in the center portion of the upper body, so it makes fitting things weird.
  13. Yeah they don't line up. It makes it weird.
  14. Yeah I'd say it's close enough.
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