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  1. Dark Rey is being heavily debated if it qualifies or not. The argument being that Rey (and in this case Kal) never goes dark, just sees a version of themselves if they gave into the darkness, much like Luke in the tree on Dagobah. The counter argument being that we allow Dark Ahsoka to be an approved costume, but that's something that actually happened to her, it wasn't a vision, or a slight moment of touching the dark side (which we've seen Ezra do, and Luke sort of when he's chocking guards and viciously attacking his father), she was fully possessed by the dark side in that episode. So back to this version of Kal, I didn't say it can't be or shouldn't be an official thing, just that it's going to be debated (very few costumes aren't in some way or another lately). Or maybe it won't be with the next LMO staff, they might be more open and willing to accept a wider variety of costumes, we won't know that until the elections are over.
  2. This costume does look cool. But it only existed as a vision and wasn't something that actually happened to Kal, so it's debatable if this could be a legion approved costume.
  3. I'll put out there a second praise for Gio and his work, I have a pair of his animated Clone Trooper boots and they're probably one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own (costume or not).
  4. Bummer that there's not more images of his back, that would really help things.
  5. Welcome to Star Wars costuming, where nothing is consistent and the details don't matter
  6. There are definitely differences between the two, about as many as the two Visas Marr and Darth Nihilus versions. Shoulder "armor"? "pads"?, back of the tunic/dress (I don't know what we want to call it), skirt - back of the skirt (KOTOR has a slit that GoH doesn't), gauntlets, honestly the more I look at these two the more I see that they're very different costumes. The boots are the only parts that are about the same in both versions.
  7. That's fantastic! I look forward to editing your photos for the CRL
  8. Hi Jess! If you have photos from KOTOR please post them up so we can all check them out and review them. At this time I don't think any detachment has made any CRLs based on images from Galaxy of Heroes (I believe Krayt Clan would like to make the Tusken Shaman an official CRL but that hasn't happened yet). Not saying it can't happen, just saying it hasn't happened yet.
  9. Lightsaber is totally an optional item, do don't have to have it to be approved, but we all know it's something that every Sith Legend wants to have. So if you're ready for approval, get approved, you can get the saber later. Sadly it's not an easy saber to get like Luke or Vader's.
  10. His name is cannon, any other info about him is still up in the air and shrouded in mystery.
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