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  1. That's really awesome that someone is finally doing this! Best of luck!
  2. Color me shocked by the LMO's decision on this build. Goes to show that if you never ask the answer is always "no".
  3. The last run was very recently finished and shipped out, so it's going to be a long time before there's another run (there's no way we can put any kind of specific date on "when")
  4. Correct, RL is more lenient on generic things, over there I have my X-Wing pilot and I have my Bith musician, for fun I combined the two and have a Bith pilot, all RL approved. That's how they do things over there, but that's not how 501st does things. Honestly there's a better chance of getting generic Nightsisters to be a thing (I personally would love to see that be a thing). Over on the IOC a group of us tried to make the case that there should be a CRL for Thrawn's other ranks (Lieutenant, Captain) since they appeared in the comic adaptation of the Thrawn novel. After some bac
  5. 501st doesn't do generics (the argument could be made that costumes like the Imperial Officers/Crewman are "generic" since you don't have to be specifically General Veers, just someone who wears the exact same suit and accessories). There's always people that want to join with generic Sith Lords, Bounty Hunters, Dark Jedi, Smugglers, Cantina/Jabba's thugs, etc. and a lot of times those costumes look great, but that's not what the 501st does. If you want to do a generic Inquisitor I'm sure The Dark Empire group would happily approve that.
  6. This isn't 100% a final answer - just my opinion - but I don't think Korr would qualify for the 501st. In the game the player can choose to do things to go to the dark side, but everything with the story of the character both in the game and in novels has Jaden being on the light side. The argument could be made that player choices effect Revan too, but the difference here is that the firm story of the character is that he was a sith lord before getting his mind wiped, so the sith lord look of Revan is 501st eligible. But if the player chooses to make their playable character a black
  7. No, the 501st doesn't do "generic Sith/dark Jedi". However, there is another group that does, The Dark Empire.
  8. Dark Rey is being heavily debated if it qualifies or not. The argument being that Rey (and in this case Kal) never goes dark, just sees a version of themselves if they gave into the darkness, much like Luke in the tree on Dagobah. The counter argument being that we allow Dark Ahsoka to be an approved costume, but that's something that actually happened to her, it wasn't a vision, or a slight moment of touching the dark side (which we've seen Ezra do, and Luke sort of when he's chocking guards and viciously attacking his father), she was fully possessed by the dark side in that episode.
  9. This costume does look cool. But it only existed as a vision and wasn't something that actually happened to Kal, so it's debatable if this could be a legion approved costume.
  10. I'll put out there a second praise for Gio and his work, I have a pair of his animated Clone Trooper boots and they're probably one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own (costume or not).
  11. Bummer that there's not more images of his back, that would really help things.
  12. Welcome to Star Wars costuming, where nothing is consistent and the details don't matter
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