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  1. "I wonder what do you think of the headband and how it supposed to go around her head, but is lost in the textures.." This does bring up an interesting issue, while wearing the hood you would never see the handband sides or back, just the front section that we're supposed to see. So the argument could be made that what we can't see isn't a deal breaker, much like a TK undersuit, if there's a logo that can't be see it's not really an issue because it's hidden by armor.
  2. Huh, that's pretty interesting that with the cape and hood the boots are different then without.
  3. I'm so happy to see someone working on this!
  4. Best of luck! I have the COTF Version (I really prefer the look of the weathered/tattered cape and the quilted sleeves), but while I might have a different version if you have any questions reach out and ask. And use Maudra Nina's knowledge, she won't steer you wrong.
  5. So TJ... are you just doing all my costumes now? That's awesome you're going down this path, best of luck!
  6. Belts and pouches are looking great!
  7. I'm excited to see you be not Gandalf
  8. First step is someone has to make the costume.
  9. Your progress on this has been great so far, can't wait for SKG to get more Flagship members
  10. Hi Melissa! It was great finally meeting you at Celebration. You bring up an interesting point with this new Pryce dress. I'm going to agree with Nina that since Pryce is already an IOC costume that this costume would stay with her other CRLs, but it's not an Officer costume and as you pointed out it's before she's working for the Empire, so it'll be interesting to see the development of this. Best of luck!
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