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  1. Korbanth has a Savage hilt for sale: https://korbanth.com/empty-double-sided-staff-the-oppressor
  2. Wait a second, that's not a valid reason for denial of a costume though. Ops say that they must be an antagonist or morally ambiguous. We have several characters that are already against the Empire in the roster such as Edrio Two Tubes, Hondo Ohnaka, Muftak, Pyke Syndicate, Benthic, Captain Ithano, Qi'ra, any of the Separatists, Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Maris Brood, Tam Posla, Bo Katan, Din Djarin, Axe Wolves, Delilah Blue, The Wampa, etc. I would re-submit asap citing these and tag a few Detachment leaders for it. Wouldn't this be accurate @DarthValkyria?
  3. This is the closest and appears to be the exact fabric used in Kenobi for the Grand Inquisitor https://www.silkproject.com/products/100-wool-gabardine?pr_prod_strat=copurchase_transfer_learning&pr_rec_id=f9415c13b&pr_rec_pid=5272481464482&pr_ref_pid=5272467210402&pr_seq=uniform The image below I made a while ago shows a close-up of the fabric of the Grand Inquisitor at Celebration 2022.
  4. Observations part1: Both Baylon and Shin have cloaks, doublets, armor, and the whole dark Jedi aesthetic with both similarities and differences. Cloaks: Shin has a greyish olive or very dark brown (taupe?) cloak depending on the lighting she is seen in. It is a crinkle-style fabric with at least 2 plies or more in the hood but the cape portion is sheer enough for light to be seen behind it. A seam can also be seen right under her armpit on the cape. This leads me to believe her cloak at least has 3 panels for the cape portion. I believe the hood is in 2 pieces based on this image showing a seam going down the center. It is very easy to miss. The cape also gathers in the shoulder area (also note the seam line of a cape panel I totally just noticed now) It's very possible that the gather could be a sewn-in elastic chord that simply pulls the cape a bit as it kind of disappears as she moves forward and swings her lightsaber. Take note also that she has what looks like to be some kind of opera straps or something underneath her cloak on top of the doublet. It's visible in this image but it is not there when she is missing the cloak during the Starfighter scene in the Ahsoka Trailer. She also has these Kylo ren type sleeves though I recall the costume designer mentioning that they preferred to purchase already pleated fabrics than make them. Possibly accordion style which would explain the strange double seam on her arms to keep the pleats in place. The pleats make up just about less than half of the sleeves also:
  5. Hello everyone! I wanted to get started on these costumes ASAP and study/research them thoroughly by the time August comes around. I'm ecstatic that we have non-Sith following dark siders! My collected Reference images so far: Shin Hati: Baylon Skoll:
  6. Couldn't this character be labeled "Inquisitor - TotJ" ?
  7. @Jono999 The armor appears to be modeled and for sale on CG trader https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/hobby-diy/other/cal-inquisitor-full-size-armor-stl-files
  8. Someone made the armor files! https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/fashion/other/fifth-brother-set-obi-wan
  9. I'm terribly sorry about the news. Your health comes first, take all the time you need.
  10. I think the top (back of hand) will need some kind of glossy / shiny black almost skeleton like claws that extend to the knuckles and a suede style glove.
  11. I'm surprised to, the RLA was made for characters like this.
  12. I would say the cloak goes all the way down to his ankles.
  13. What about a light weight canvas fabric? Twill can also work.
  14. Yes I noticed that too, there is indeed a backing. It's kind of like a bag over his head with the mask attached to it.
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