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  1. I would say the cloak goes all the way down to his ankles.
  2. What about a light weight canvas fabric? Twill can also work.
  3. Yes I noticed that too, there is indeed a backing. It's kind of like a bag over his head with the mask attached to it.
  4. @TheLoneInquisitor Gabardine or thick twill fabric. Pretty much the same fabric as imperial officers.
  5. The under cape has the same seam pattern as the top cape along the shoulder it looks like. Shouldn't the kama be a worn leather like material? It looks like distressed leather that is padded in the show.
  6. Pulled out my rubber today. Everything came out really good! Took me a month and many test pulls to get the technique down.
  7. Progress on the pants. Pin tucks are added, reinforced side seams and reinforced crotch as seen in reference images. Still need to add the waist band. I also have the sleeve pleats finished and ready to turn into actual sleeves.
  8. I think the Inquisitor might actually be wearing 2 capes and I noticed the padding on the thighs extend up to the rib cage as well. The pouches on the side have belt straps kind of like what you would see on a holster and I noticed his gauntlets look very similar to the animated Grand Inquisitor ones. He also has a metal decoration on his back which I presume is where he keeps his saber.
  9. So I have been experimenting with rubber armor. I think I have the mixture just right and I have a casting made of the chest plate already. I'm going to be making castings of the armor pieces as well. The rubber I'm using has a shore hardness of 90.
  10. The Kenobi Behind the scenes documentary is going to drop on Disney plus in 4 hours, there might be some references there.
  11. Added final paint touches to the armor recently and clear coated.
  12. Big Update: My mask came in and it is gorgeous! I also have the armor finally smooth and ready to paint in a satin black. The soft parts are being worked on now, pleats for the sleeves were just finished recently and were a nightmare to do, the Kylo Ren costumers were right on how bad those were to sew lol.
  13. You should make a lightsaber to go with the costume! This image recently came out
  14. I used Joanns fabrics online for printing. I tried other services like Spoon flower and print fab but Joanns was the only one that provided a shiny satin that I needed to give it a reflective look. https://www.joann.com/customizable-fabric/
  15. I came across the same issue when reaching out to screen printers, none of them wanted to touch it, usually because it was so large. I went with the flat route after learning that raised print pattern would be near impossible to recreate without the highly specialized machines at Quantum FXs. They made the fabrics with a special kind of 3d printer. My flat print came out just as good.
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