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  1. Hard armor or hard stiff leather could work.
  2. Awesome find guys! @Sidious1138and very awesome find on that one photo showing the flair as being separate.
  3. I agree on the sleeves and gloves, I think the original crl was looking too closely at the action figures that came out.
  4. Hi Everyone, I noticed in the Darth Vader comics that the Grand Inquisitor is first introduced wearing a dark brown jedi robe and I was curious if it could be added as an optional accessory? I figured also that it could include text in the CRL that says it can only be worn when wearing the grand inquisitor mask and not the helmet.
  5. Ordered my fabrics today, I'm going to use a Black gabardine and double layer it, also thanks to a second opinion, the tabards that extend onto the outer robe are actually black leather that is lightened by the light. The reasoning behind this came from the in game photos showing the leather like parts to be completely black. Also I am going to start 3d printing the head piece tonight or tomorrow.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm interested in building the Sith Emperor from Swtor. It's a costume that I've been thinking about doing for a couple of years now. Reference Images: Images of the ghostly magus mask (same as the emperors): Progress pictures: I commissioned an awesome 3d modeler to make the mask for me, which I will 3d print. This is what he has done so far: I found the robes to be primarily black with a dark grey in some areas and the robe composes of 3 primary pieces
  7. Her outfit is also obtainable in game.
  8. No, any book with the "Legends" banner is not considered canon. That goes for comics with the Legends banner also.
  9. Just got the faux leather for the tunic piece, it's a marine dark Navy blue. It looks Navy in bright light, but almost black with normal light.
  10. Made the front of the helmet smoother, and also added the ear details. The mask is printed out, I am now printing the helmet.
  11. Hi all, I decided to make Darth Bane and if successful it will be the second CRL I made for the legion (first was Tessek). I've been wanting to do him for a long time, and just now worked up the courage to start this project. Reference Images: Costume pieces: Helmet/mask: -The Helmet is a rough looking dark grey in color, with a pale white gold color trim. The mask itself is a white gold color as well. The helmet is accompanied by a decorative piece on it that stretches to the sides with 2 "ears" . The helmet also ends with
  12. Hi @DarthAloha!  Sent you a message.

  13. Requesting 501st access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25849
  14. I noticed also he has different looks in some of the pictures, as there are multiple artist. Should I combine them to make the perfect one? Or will it be like Aphra with different variants? Also when it comes to what he is wearing, he definitely has a rigid helmet, gauntlets, and boots/shin armor. Chest: The chest and shoulder piece is a leather like material I'm assuming as to match a kind of rigid look to other inquisitors but in several of the pictures wrinkles and flex is seen in them as if it's made of fabric. Also the color even though it looks grey, I actually think
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