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  1. Ordered my fabrics today, I'm going to use a Black gabardine and double layer it, also thanks to a second opinion, the tabards that extend onto the outer robe are actually black leather that is lightened by the light. The reasoning behind this came from the in game photos showing the leather like parts to be completely black. Also I am going to start 3d printing the head piece tonight or tomorrow.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm interested in building the Sith Emperor from Swtor. It's a costume that I've been thinking about doing for a couple of years now. Reference Images: Images of the ghostly magus mask (same as the emperors): Progress pictures: I commissioned an awesome 3d modeler to make the mask for me, which I will 3d print. This is what he has done so far: I found the robes to be primarily black with a dark grey in some areas and the robe composes of 3 primary pieces, being the outer robe, inner robe and inner inner robe. Outer Robe medium - heavy material, I was possibly looking at a charcoal black suede or leather for the dark grey parts and a medium weight fabric for the black..: Inner Robe Directly underneath the outer robe, medium weight black: Inner Inner Robe directly under inner robe medium weight black and dark black leather panels: There's an inner jacket with a seam and 2 buttons on the sides (both sides) Gorget will be 3d printed: I have been looking at some medium weight black fabrics to use for the robes and charcoal black/grey suede for the dark grey bits. The hard pieces will also be 3d printed. I've been toying with the possibility of using suede fabric for everything.
  3. Her outfit is also obtainable in game.
  4. No, any book with the "Legends" banner is not considered canon. That goes for comics with the Legends banner also.
  5. Just got the faux leather for the tunic piece, it's a marine dark Navy blue. It looks Navy in bright light, but almost black with normal light.
  6. Made the front of the helmet smoother, and also added the ear details. The mask is printed out, I am now printing the helmet.
  7. Hi all, I decided to make Darth Bane and if successful it will be the second CRL I made for the legion (first was Tessek). I've been wanting to do him for a long time, and just now worked up the courage to start this project. Reference Images: Costume pieces: Helmet/mask: -The Helmet is a rough looking dark grey in color, with a pale white gold color trim. The mask itself is a white gold color as well. The helmet is accompanied by a decorative piece on it that stretches to the sides with 2 "ears" . The helmet also ends with a scoop in the back. There are multiple small detail lines on the helmet. The large ears also have pale white gold detail. The mask is similar to a skull (but it is not a skull mask). It has two eyes holes and a nose section that is covered up by something black. The top of the helmet also has a what I can only describe as a "thing". The ears also flair out a little. Undead (make up/appliances/ silicone/latex?): -Darth Bane is a force spectre and underneath his armor and he looks like a corpse. The back of his neck has a protruding spine and his fingers and long and bony. Not to mention his skin has taken on a grayish decayed look. torso Armor: -The top section of the armor with the protruding shoulder things is rigid. The shoulder pieces are a white gold color, with the bottom section of it being a more darker white gold color. There is detail on the collar and the chest has light pieces. Below the rigid part, the torso armor is leather or a leather like material. I would say it's marine black color (very dark blue/black). Leather torso is 2 parts, the main body which is essentially a leather shirt , and then the bands. Under suit: -Bane wears a burgundy or dark red pants and shirt that is slightly baggy Arm Armor: -He has shoulder plates with detail on them and white gold etchings, the forearms also have the etchings. The plates are a medium grey in color. The forearm plate armor is accompanied by a black leather or leather like material underneath and a grey insert where the straps go on top of. Belt: -His belt is detailed and black in color. He has a grayish colored belt buckle and 2 boxes (one on each side of his hip) with lights. Kama 1: -Same color and material as torso is, it's very similar to an arc trooper Kama. It comes down to the middle of the knee. Kama 2: -This one is hard to believe but those are not plates apparently attached to his belt. Those pieces are a light cloth material. How I discovered this, while watching the video of his appearance, those pieces were flowing around in the wind and acted as fabric. This too also has white gold detailing and is the same color as the plate armor. Hand: -His hands are bony with long black nails. I'm not 100% that his fingers are elongated though. He has black fabric finger less gloves and a hand plate with detailing. Boots: -The boots have shin plate armor with black leather or leather like material backing it with a grey insert to keep the armor and straps in place. The shoe and shin is separated by a fabric piece, kind of like a thick sock. Shoe is light gray and flat toed with a plate on top. Weapon: -A pole arm energy weapon, about 4 feet in length. Progress: I've pretty much finished modeling the helmet and I've started the mask. Reference: My model: Let me know what you guys think about all this so far.
  8. Hi @DarthAloha!  Sent you a message.

  9. Requesting 501st access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25849
  10. I noticed also he has different looks in some of the pictures, as there are multiple artist. Should I combine them to make the perfect one? Or will it be like Aphra with different variants? Also when it comes to what he is wearing, he definitely has a rigid helmet, gauntlets, and boots/shin armor. Chest: The chest and shoulder piece is a leather like material I'm assuming as to match a kind of rigid look to other inquisitors but in several of the pictures wrinkles and flex is seen in them as if it's made of fabric. Also the color even though it looks grey, I actually think is black with a lot of lighting to make it look greyish for proof in this picture Vader who we all know has a black body suit has a grayish one in these pictures, the same color as the Sixth Brother's chest armor: And as seen in this picture his chest armor is black to show either natural or no lighting: and this one: Also in some photos, particualry that of his back, he has 2 ridges on his back to presumably hold the lightsaber: Bodysuit: The body suit is supposed to be a flexible metallic banded alloy armor. As seeing that such a thing doesn't exist in the real world, what comes to mind is a flexible yet metallic looking fabric. At Joanns today I found this nice metallic fabric to use for the bands: Its a flexible spandex like material with a rubberized coating it feels like. So it doesn't have a knit texture at all, but smooth. Helmet: The helmet contains a rounded top with a rigid "hood" attached to the back coming around the ears. It has cheek guards and eye guards. In most of the photos the top of the helmet is a black or a dark blue and the hood is a different color usually a purple or light blue. The hood tends to match the color of the kama in most pictures. Also inside the hood has metallic bands lining it. Kama/skirt: The kama/skirt has a slight sheen to it and is seen as having a bit of a rigidness to it in all the photos, I'm assuming it's a vinyl or leather like material and in most photos is seen light blue or purple and in a couple of the photos it's seen as gray. Usually matches the color of the hood of the helmet. There are also some greeblies that the Sixth Brother has, most notably these rounded half sphere like pieces on his hips,shoulders, and ears of the helmet. in some photos they are red and in other they are grey, I'm not exactly sure if it being grey in some is a mistake or these could be lights that can be turned on and off? Also he appears to have a baklava in some photos, sometimes it's black, others it's banded: And in some photos he isn't wearing any. Also in this photo he has a red turtle neck: So that's a little confusing a bit. His skin is a grayish green and I found some makeup that matches his skin perfectly that I will be experimenting with soon. What do you guys think of my findings? I welcome any feedback for this. Tomorrow I hope to start working on the helmet.
  11. Hi! I'm interested in doing the Sixth Brother as seen in the new Darth Vader comics. The character was first introduced in the book Ahsoka by EK Johnson and made his picture debut in the comic Darth Vader: Dark lord of the Sith #6 and has been a reoccurring character. Reference Photos: