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  1. I have that same set, and I was approved with them. But it's up to your GML. If you are concerned, maybe check with them before you submit to make sure they are OK with these.
  2. Today I finished my final unitard, and I am super happy with it! Next I will be designing and prototyping the poncho. My husband and I will probably being doing some work on the bag as well during our holiday vacation.
  3. I have a prototype sleeve! I spent all day today creating the pattern for the insert, modifying the sleeve pattern to accommodate it, and putting it together. I could not be more proud of how it turned out! Just a few things to note: 1. These are not the actual fabrics and not the actual insert color I will be using for the final product. 2. The rolled up cuff will actually be a hem on the final product. I was just too tired to finish it today and saw no need to. 3. I know I said before that I was a little hung up on where to put the sleeve seam relative to the insert, but I loo
  4. Today I completed my prototype unitard! Just for the record, the point of this exercise was to adjust the pattern for full-length legs and sleeves and custom fit the outfit to me. Again, the reason that I am making a unitard instead of just buying one is that I have really weird proportions, and one piece clothing items never fit me right. I used the Jalie 2105 pattern that I mentioned previously and a black swimsuit liner fabric (less stretchy than the fabric I will be using for the final product, but lower cost). I did not include the grey sleeve insert pieces yet. Overall - I'd
  5. A few weeks and 21 shades of grey later, I've finally got my dye formulas dialed in! I did a small scale dye bath for my two fabrics (raw silk for the poncho and the nylon/spandex blend for the sleeve inserts). One note about matching the colors in the comic - almost every panel seems to show a different shade of grey for the two pieces I was trying to match, so I tried to create a color that matched several panels and called it good. I also used artificial indoor light when trying to match the indoor shots (they are in an artificially lit cavern, after all), and outdoor sunlight (
  6. Tomorrow I am going to start on my initial prototype unitard, and I have been thinking for a little while now about construction. In my first post, I mentioned trying to eliminate the vertical center back seam from the unitard. After spending a lot of time thinking about how to do this and sketching it out (see images below), I am now thinking this may not be the best course of action. Here's why: 1. To eliminate the back seam, I would need to cut the back piece of the suit on the fold of the fabric. When the pattern piece is laid out to do this, the low back curve is lost, and spa
  7. I went fabric shopping tonight, and here's what I came home with: For the unitard, I think I found the perfect black fabric! It's an 82% nylon 18% spandex blend, and I love the sheen on it. I also bought a less expensive bathing suit liner to use as practice fabric. It's has a lower spandex content, so it's a little less stretchy, but I think it will do for dialing in the size and construction of the suit. Finding something for the gray lower arm piece on the unitard was al little more difficult, so I came up with a couple options. I found a polyester/spandex f
  8. I've always been a fan of the bodysuit/poncho combo outfit that Mara Jade wears when she infiltrates Dequc's base in the bubble cliffs of Nezmi in Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand, and since there is no existing CRL for this, I am going to build it in hopes of developing the CRL. Right now, I'm in the research and planning stage. I directly reference some of the images below, but here is a link to a folder of all of the reference images I grabbed from my comic, organized by costume piece: https://home.mycloud.com/action/share/e9242a3e-430b-4c01-bc6e-9d03192d3051
  9. While trooping as Mara, I once had a kid call me Anna (from Frozen). I've also had a woman excitedly ask me, "You're Rey, right?". I was extremely proud of my brain/mouth filter when after several seconds, I replied with a simple "no".
  10. I just got my Mara Jade approved yesterday, and this is my first approved costume! I'm super excited!!! DS 50191, Great Lakes Garrison
  11. Hello, I would like to request detachment access. The link to my 501st profile is below. Thanks! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30815