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  1. Ceris_Galstan

    Ceris_Galstan - Seventh Sister WIP

    Thank you so much [emoji4] I am so blown away by all the feedback and comments...you all are wonderful! Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  2. Ceris_Galstan

    Newly Approved Members Post Here!!!

    Hi there! DS-32946 reporting in! I'm Jessica from the 70th Explorers Garrison (Firehawk Squad). I joined the 501st in May 2016 with my ROTJ Royal Guard. My Seventh Sister is my second costume and I am working on a Biker Scout for my third. Since joining back in 2016, I've been a trooping fool ever since. To date, I have done 84 troops in my Royal Guard and just did my first troop in my Seventh Sister today!
  3. Ceris_Galstan

    Ceris_Galstan - Seventh Sister WIP

    This was one of the finished parts I got from my squadmate, so not sure on the exact details. If I remember right, the ring is 3D printed and the handle inside is (I think) a US handle. One side is normal, the other end was modified so it would handle the second blade (it lights up on both ends). I'm hoping to eventually add the single blade version as an option someday...
  4. Ceris_Galstan

    Ceris_Galstan - Seventh Sister WIP

    Wow...last time I posted was back in November. I just got my Sister approved on Monday and plan to update this thread with build details in the next week or so. Not sure if it would help anyone with their current builds
  5. Ceris_Galstan

    Boot covers question

    Hey there! Just got my Seventh Sister approved on Monday and wasn't sure if this may help you with your build. I had a similar issue with my build (hard armor versus leather). I was cleared to use and approved with boot covers made of black marine vinyl. They're tight enough to my boots and legs that they don't move too much. The red stripe on my boot is red marine vinyl that I glued to my boot. When I made the boot cover pattern, I left space so the red on the boots would show. On the boot cover sides, I have little tabs with velcro that attach to the bottom of the boot to keep it secured. If this doesn't make sense or you would like some visuals, let me know!
  6. Good Morning! Requesting Detachment Access please! Thank you! http://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=21609&costumeID=362 XO Edit: good to go, welcome, Great Costume, I also went ahead and added you to the Det Affiliation on the 501st profile, so in the event of an election, you are able to vote!
  7. Ceris_Galstan

    Ceris_Galstan - Seventh Sister WIP

    I haven't disappeared I promise! Busy season at work is making it difficult to get back to my project. Pants are done, but still stuck on the gloves and boot cover. Once I have some time I will take some pictures and make a better update!
  8. Ceris_Galstan

    Seventh Sister soft good help

    Hello there! Just to echo Aglarwen, I don't believe there are any vendors for the soft parts (and I really wish there was...the gloves and boot covers are a nightmare for me right now haha). Here's what I've got so far on my build...hope it might help you! Looks like I need to update my thread as well... Coat/Pants: My coat and pants are done and were made from black and red gabardine inside and out (if lining needed). The red stripe down the side of the pants is gabardine too (made from strips of the red with the raw edges pressed to the center and sewn to the pants as they were being put together). Boots: I bought a pair I found from Target and glued some red marine vinyl around the heel for the flash of red once the boot cover goes on. Right now I'm stuck on a boot cover. I am using marine vinyl (ok per GML) and lining the inside so it stays rigid (might also add thick interfacing). The pattern I used did not make a good cover, so I will be scrapping it and making up a new one. It fit my calf just fine, but it did not taper to the boot so it doesn't sit right. My next attempt I'll be going with the "wrap my boot and leg in duct tape or plastic wrap" to make a new pattern. Once I get around to it, I'll update my thread (busy season at work makes it hard to work on costumes, blargh). Gloves: These right now are my bane. I have very little experience in gloves and each one I've made hasn't come out quite right. I think I'm close, but these have been very trial and error for me. The fabric I'm using on these are not gabardine, but a slightly stretchy fabric that has the same look as gabardine (as gabardine tends to fray something awful). I've been drafting patterns on freezer paper by drawing "hand turkeys" and measuring out a seam allowance from there. Here's a link to the tutorial I'm using if it helps: https://lulukocosplay.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/tutorial-the-easiest-gloves-youll-ever-make-probably/ . If I can't get these figured out, I may seek out help from a local seamstress. Sorry if this was rambling...I know it's hard to find some input on this costume so wanted to pass on anything I've learned Good luck!
  9. Ceris_Galstan

    Ceris_Galstan - Seventh Sister WIP

    Also, wanted to mention I really appreciate the feedback...when I built my ROTJ Royal Guard I had a ton of builds and info to go on. I'm flying a little bit blind on this one between issues with the CRL and figuring out how to put together parts I have had no previous experience building. Any help is greatly appreciated Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  10. Ceris_Galstan

    Ceris_Galstan - Seventh Sister WIP

    The boot heel is as high as it can go and still stay in the CRL standards (1"; looking at the model's boots though, I wonder if her heels are higher than that). On my mockup, I hadn't cut the area that reveals the red around the heel yet. I planned on cutting that area once I saw the final on the boot. I've made one cover so far out of the marine vinyl and not entirely satisfied with how it fits/looks on the boot. I'm looking into another method that may look a little better. This is my first go around with boot covers, so there's some trial and error on my part Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  11. Ceris_Galstan

    Ceris_Galstan - Seventh Sister WIP

    All right...progress report! I've finally had some time to come back to this project On existing pieces: Chest - I've made the side straps from wide elastic and velcro. However, the velcro I chose (it has hook on one side and the loop on the other) has the hook side facing up so it will catch the jacket fabric. I'll need to think up a solution to that or remake the side straps with different velcro. Bracers (been calling them gauntlets, my bad) - I got some help at one of our armor parties to cut them down so I can get my hands in and out of them (with a little work still, but much, much easier). The insides have Plasti-Dip applied to them so my hands don't get scratched up and catch on the jacket less. I'll need to put the wires for the light (for the red part to glow) back in. Belt - added the side loop Jacket - I was asked about how the jacket was put together. Because what my squad mate made fits me, I don't plan on remaking it unless it's rejected in the approval process for some reason. I asked my friend and she passed this on to me: "I based it off a vintage coat pattern actually. I heightened the collar and shortened it at the front and back, and sewed it twice - once in black, once in red. I also added the rank details out of white quilt binding and then I lined it everywhere but the sleeve holes, where I added those last. The front is held together with Velcro. Unfortunately the pattern is pretty impossible to find. I would just look for a long winter coat pattern with princess seams." I hope that helps anyone with their builds! What needed to be done: Pants - These are pretty straightforward. I'm making them out the the same black fabric as the jacket. I'm using Simplicity pattern 3506. I've cut a strip out of the same red fabric for the lining for the pant stripes. I will sew the side seam together and apply the red strip over the seam line and then continue as the pattern instructions indicate (applying stripe before whole pant leg is constructed; normally inner leg seam comes first). Gloves - This is giving me a little trouble and just takes more practice and trial and error to get right. At the moment, I'm following this method to make the gloves: https://lulukocosplay.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/tutorial-the-easiest-gloves-youll-ever-make-probably/. I'm getting close, I just need to smooth out the seam/stitching in-between the fingers. Boots/Boot Covers - These are the boots I will be going with. The boot cover will cover up the elastic at the ankle. After drafting several covers by hand and not turning out when I tested them, I decided to base a pattern off of boot covers used in Simplicity pattern 1552. The first run was pretty successful, just a little too big and to match the CRL picture, I needed to take off the toe. First Draft: On the boot: After taking in some of the excess (I had quite a bit of slack at the back seam) and taking off the toe, I am much happier with this turnout. I plan on making the final out of black marine vinyl (same material as my future Biker Scout boots) and lining it with some black fabric. To make the red stripe around the heel, I have some red marine vinyl I'll glue to the back of the boot and take off a bit of the back of the cover so it shows correctly. Anyway, hope this helps anyone on their builds...I'll keep posting as I finish up stuff
  12. Ceris_Galstan

    Ceris_Galstan - Seventh Sister WIP

    All right, got in touch with my GML for their feedback and opinions. I'm just putting them up here just to note as part of my WIP. - Boot covers can be leather - My belt buckle size versus rest of belt is okay. I could even make it a tad bigger if I wanted. - The chest plate will not fully close on me on the sides. GML has okayed the use of elastic/velcro to bridge the gap (similar to how my Biker Scout chest armor is put together on the sides). I'll keep updating my WIP as I get the missing pieces put together.
  13. Ceris_Galstan

    NotRookie's 7th Sister WIP

    The bracers I have appear to stop short of the elbow when I hold it up to compare to my arm. I'll actually need to take a small bit off one end so I can actually get them on over my hands. The previous owner had smaller hands [emoji14] I don't know if that will help...I'm sure someone with more info will chime in. Worst case, check with your GML...I've already had to get feedback on a few parts of my build Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  14. Ceris_Galstan

    Ceris_Galstan - Seventh Sister WIP

    I wondered if that might be the case...I'll check in with my GMLs. Thank you for taking a look...I appreciate it! Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  15. Ceris_Galstan

    Ceris_Galstan - Seventh Sister WIP

    Hello there everyone! I'll apologize in advance for the long post. This costume will be my second (and a halfish) costume I'm putting together for 501st approval. I have an approved ROTJ Royal Guard, and also have been working on a Biker Scout (about half way done). I acquired a squad mate's Seventh Sister that she was putting together (and had decided to move on to another project). The person that was putting this together did some fantastic work and I'm blessed to be lucky enough to give her Seventh Sister a new home At the moment, I'm trying to assess where I'm at and what I'm allowed to do. I totally understand the CRL is just a guideline, but one of my GMLs is a bit of a stickler for details. When I was getting my Royal Guard approved, we were going back and forth on whether the inner/outer robe hems were the right length. I offered to send pictures of my hems with a ruler, but luckily it didn't have to go that far. Anyway, at the moment, I have the chest plate, helmet, gauntlets, jacket, saber, and most of the belt. I still need to make the pants, gloves, and boots. I was hoping to get some feedback and advice on what I have (and what needs to be done). If these are things I should get clarified with my GML instead...let me know! WHAT I HAVE Chest Plate This is what I have for the front and back of the chest. The red areas are wired so they light up. I see there's a long oval toward the sides of the chest and they have not been painted white as the CRL states (but the CRL photo doesn't have them filled in either). Do I need to fix that? I have the shoulder ridges as well (not in the picture though). This fits me pretty well, but I can't get the sides to fully close. The CRL doesn't specifically say it has to fully close on the sides...would a small piece of wide elastic be allowed to bridge the gap? Helmet The helmet appears to be completely done unless anyone here spots any issues. The red areas are wired so they light up. The face plate is removable. I have a neck seal and plan to wear a balaclava to make sure I'm completely covered from any angle. Gauntlets The area that should be red on these gauntlets have been wired so they light up (picture taken without the light turned on...sorry about that). These are a bit of trouble for me. They are completely sealed (no seamlines). I cannot get my hands completely through. I get very close, but I'm afraid if I do manage to get my hand through, I will not be able to get them back out. At the moment, I am thinking about trimming a bit off the end to make it work. My understanding was that they had to be seamless, so I didn't think I could hinge them. Any help or advice on this part would be great! Saber As far as I can tell, this part is pretty much done unless you spot anything. I have red day blades for these (not pictured). Belt This part is another place I'll need some advice. The CRL picture has either a smaller belt (than the 2.5-3 inches listed), or the belt buckle is larger than I thought. Other photos I've seen has the buckle and belt around the same sizes as what I have. The setup I have picture does not have the side loop attached at the moment. The belt itself is about 2.5 inches wide. Does this look correct (minus the side loop)? Jacket The jacket fits me well and appears to be complete. The red you see on the panel that crosses over is the lining. Not matter how well I close the jacket, some of that red may show. Is that acceptable? WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE Gloves and Pants These seem very straightforward, so no questions there. I'm remaking them because the ones my squad mate made didn't fit. Boots This is where I have a bit of confusion. I know this has been brought up before, but the CRL photo has the boot covers made of some form of leather (a heavy kind...like what I would use for making my Biker Scout boots), but the list next to it indicates it should be made of "same rigid material as chest", which makes me think it's hard armor. Which one would be the correct way to go on this? Again, one of my GMLs is a big stickler for details, so I'm not sure if he would reject them based off the picture or the description. I think that's all I got...any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all for your time and have a wonderful day!