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  1. Thanks. I just got word that I got approved. 4th costume in the legion, 3rd in TFE. The gloves came from Wicked Armor. They have them on their site. They have a nice profile, but that is probably the first part of this I will upgrade, followed by the Obi.
  2. Hey all. I have been rocking an approved COTF Nihilus for at least a couple years. I love it, but I wanted to try out the old school version. Went with the Wicked Armor version with a modded mask (the one they offer has too big of circles on the details compared to the cover art from KOTO II. I used foam cut to shape for the breast plate. As much as it pains me not to use my fancy Nihilus saber, went with a plain KOTOR hilt. Not wild about the breast plate-looks kind of like a pot belly- but it is a lot cooler than COTF so should work fir warmer weather, which was kind of the idea. Also got a bit cheeky with the first mask off image. Thoughts?
  3. The boots are hard to nab a closeup of, but flat sole, maybe slight heel (image2) with definite top strap (image 1) as far as I can see. In some ways it kind of looks like all black crocs and socks, the idea of which is totally hilarious to me.
  4. Agreed. Attached at shoulders to cape and hanging down the front.
  5. That just looks like lighting to me. If you catch the highlights on the wrinkles farther back, it looks like the same color. Especially if you look at the third image where you can see the bottom of the front.
  6. Close ups of some of the differences. Forgot to mention sleeve fabric is bunched at the top of the vanbraces (see first image). Third image is for the boots. For the record, The model is 360 and is featured in at least 2 cinematic, the gallery, and as a playable character.
  7. Necropsting for a good reason. I have been looking at this costume for a bit. I have the COTF approved, am submitting KOTOR II for approval soon, and would like to do this as a trifecta. So far as I can see, it is similar to the KOTOR version with difference as mentioned above (gold detail on mask, padded gauntlets, back sash around the butt). I would also add the following: cowl comes to a point in the front, chest padding/armor is not present, glove is form fitting (more like elastic fabric than leather, also the padding looks more like a vanbrace to me than part of the glove) boots may or may not have a top strap, obi is wider, and saber is very definitely not the same. I would argue new CRL though one should be able to modify a KOTOR without too much trouble. I’m going to build it just so I can ditch the chest armor.
  8. I moved them to etsy. https://www.etsy.com/shop/DCHolocrons
  9. 2 new designs Freedon Nadd and Exar Kun. By my reconning, 5 more designs and I have a pretty complete accounting of the important holocrons of Sith Holocron tradition throughout the SWU.
  10. Updating for new designs. Also worth noting is I started up an Etsy where I have more pictures, color options, and such. http://www.etsy.com/shop/DCHolocrons
  11. sent you a PM with some details
  12. Wanted to update the images. Also included a couple fun things I did as well.
  13. Created this recently. This one bumps the holocron Of herasies out of the earliest chronological spot. The holocron Of Naga Sadow. Design based on the idea of a sith wyrm and the naga sadow insignia since there was no visual reference for his holocron.
  14. End of the month. I think I will be backed up enough by then to call it.