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  1. Please move this to the forum that you think is most appropriate if this is not the right one. What is an LMO? The Legion Membership Team are responsible for reviewing and processing applications for membership, and maintaining and updating member information in the Legion database. The Legion Membership Officer drives costume policies, including acceptable costume types for membership and setting standards for costume submissions, and are the final arbiter of member costume issues and approvals. The Legion Membership Officer supervises and advises Detachments, Garrison Membership Liaisons, and Garrison Web Liaisons on any questions or issues they may have with members costumes. Have a question about membership these are the folks to talk to! LMO@501st.com *Thinking of starting a NTTL (New to the Legion) Costume? Please make sure you keep in contact with the Detachment. *For “New to the Legion” costumes please have a look here: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLGuide Here is a brief list of some of the improvements we have planned for this term: • Communication, Clarity and Consistency: Utilizing the legion forum to regularly engage the membership and command staff alike through open and transparent lines of communication. (Ongoing) • Increase engagement with Detachment Leaders: Regular group meetings and conference calls to work with each other as a team. (Q1) • Launching “CRL Development Guide”: (Q1) • Streamline and document the process of creating and changing CRLs: (Q1) • Update the LMO Survival Guide: This will help current and future LMO understand the role and it’s responsibilities. (Q1) • CRL attainability: Ensuring CRLs and costumes attainable for all people in all countries and walks of life. (Ongoing) * Finishing 75% of unfinished CRLs: Supporting the detachments to find models and writing text for CRLs that are not yet green. (Q3) • Add galleries to every CRL: Increasing the use of detailed reference imagery in CRLs (Q3) • Create CRL Development Forums: Utilizing the legion forums for open and transparent development of new the legion CRLs.. (Q3) • Encouraging GML Feedback: Engaging the GMLs to ensure they know the LMO team is here to support them. Make formal efforts to receive feedback from GMLs about CRLs and the approval process. (Ongoing) • Regular Membership Surveys: We want to know what the members want. We serve the membership. (Ongoing) About Me My name is Dawn Bright and I am the LMO for the 501st Legion, ALMO with the Rebel Legion, I have previously served as XO of the Flagship Eclipse (501st) and the Senatorial Detachment (RL), GML of Southern California Garrison and a Legion Costume Judge (LCJ) for the Rebel Legion. I love making costumes (with an emphasis on EU and new to the legion), I have almost 60 (RL/501) Legion approved costumes. In my normal day to day life I am an Administrator of a care home for developmentally delayed adults in independent and inclusive living situations in sunny Southern California. I work with family's and social workers to establish communication between what the families and residents want for themselves to feel productive and able and I institute success for people in need. I'm a people person and as an LMO I put members first and foremost. People like you with passion for the costumes in this Detachment. We are all volunteers who have spent hundreds of dollars or/and hundreds of hours making costumes. I promise you that you will be treated with respect and deserve honest and efficient results. I look forward to serving you and working with this fine Detachment About the Team Michael Capell CT/SL/ID-3037 Timberline Garrison Michael has been an LMO and on the LMO Team for about a decade. He has done many things in the Legion since his wife told him she was joining and that he needed to as well. He has been the SLD Webmaster for ten years, as well as (over the years) been a GXO, GML, GWL, and GEC. He specializes in Clones, EU / Legends, Sith Lord costumes, and helping people where he can. He’s looking forward to another term helping expand our Costume Reference Library. Blair Douglas ID-12266 Midwest Garrison Blair is new to the LMO team but has served as a liaison for unity for the clubs for many years. She has LMO experience with the Rebel Legion and has led an effort in the RL around costume approval reform with a concentration on maintaining quality, improving consistency, and making approvals attainable. Her experience will help us address some of the current pain points within the 501st system. An additional bonus is that Blair is a lead software engineer by day helping to provide Fortune 500 companies technical solutions for their business needs. Her professional experience will also help us assess the current state of the systems supporting costume approvals and help to figure out how to improve them to facilitate a more positive costume approval experience. Fun fact Blair plays bass in the band Soft Speaker, extra fun fact she paid her way through college playing bass in a U2 tribute band and her nickname was Madame Clayton. Kris Kobus ID-33633 United Kingdom Garrison Kris is new to LMO but has held positions such as XO and DCA for the IOC and Events administrator for his Garrison where he is also a Officer costume adviser. Kris is a workaholic and does not believe in sleep so is usually always available no matter the time zone. Brian Anderson TK-7602 New England Garrison Brian has been the LMO team lead previously. He was one of the driving forces of Detachment empowerment and pushed for CRL changes. Brian has been on local staff and Detachment level staff for many years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Brian is known as the “make it look like the picture!” guy when it comes to standards and truly embraces current Legion culture. Eric Brager TK-9674 New England Garrison Eric was the lead LMO for the 501st Legion two terms from 2015 to 2017. He has twice been elected FISD Detachment Leader and has held a number of garrison level command positions in the 501st Legion We are so very excited to work with you guys! One thing I love so much about Detachments is the love for new CRLs and the passion. Both of which are very near and dear to my heart. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Detachment or LMO team. I prefer messages Here or to LMO@501st.com that way I keep record of them and can tag appropriate parties Thank you and have a nice day, Dawn Bright SL-13377 www.SL13377.com https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=15902&costumeID=343
  2. Howdy howdy!! Hmmmm. I know we take him in the rebel legion! http://newsite.rebellegion.com/sharad-hett-tusken/ Is there any good debate for having him in the ranks? I'm always down for dual legion but he doesn't seem like to much of a bad guy. Give me the debate!
  3. You know when I originally saw these guys in the trailer I thought they would be all baddies. But now that I know the story I think that these guys would be best submitted to the rebel legion I look forward to seeing your progress!
  4. Fantastic post! If in doubt and members need advice before breaking out bucks to make a 'New to the legion costume' (it's a lengthy, costly and time consuming process) I highly encourage members to contact DL or the LMO. We are always happy to help. LMO@501st.com
  5. Hello hello! Sending you an email right now. Eric has also sent you a corespondance. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  6. Aye the sithlord detachment to build the costume would be the only other place I can think to have the build thread. But hey we are all 501st legion and all here to help. You've got some great dissection going on. *Fist bump*
  7. Hello to you! Checking in! I think you have come to the right place. I myself started my Kylo Ren build here unknowing as to which detachment would take the costume. Youve come here and made this board thats a great start, so we can give you some great advice I hope! Please feel free to build your costume and submit to your GML. How far along are you? I myself was going to make this costume at one time and had begun a lot of research. If you need any advice as this costume will be a Legion 1st please dont hesitate to shoot me a message or ask any questions. I myself was going to use a prosthetic. I'm a 35 yr old woman not a older gentleman so I would have needed that.
  8. Checking in. I'll take a gander Asap. -Dawn
  9. Sup dude! Super awesome! If you need any help I am here man. *fist bump*
  10. Howdy howdy, Dawn Bright your helpful LMO here. I am sure a lot of this has already been covered by lovely Nina and a few others. Yes Sim Aloo has no Detachment Affiliation. Yes there are talks of creating a home (Detachment) for the Costumes with no CRL. There are a few.. Bazine...Hondo... Sim.. Ithano and thats just off the top of my head. If you are starting a Sim costume maybe....Sithlords are probably your best bet to get feedback? When I started building Kylo Ren I made WIPS both here and in SLD (sithlords) however but yes SLD took the costume as its movies. There is no CRL because the costume was made before the rule that a costume could not be approved without a CRL was made. So we have no CRL. If someone applied with one your GML will post it to the appropriate section and will be looked at by the LMO's. I know (have seen) a build thread at some point on one of those two boards. It should be in the research section. The one builder (The Legion 1st) spent a lot of time and research on his costume. I hope any of this helps!! Dawn Bright SL-13377
  11. Can I just say your belt is ABSOLUTELY awesome looking? Did you submit this to your GML?
  12. Kylo

    Doctor Aphra

    When Im wording it im trying to think how an applicant would find it easiest. As a person thinking about "making" costumes if I looked up the CRL to see which Aphra Id want to do I would personally want to look up the variant by description and or color. So using the names of the artists to refer to the costumes would be very confusing to an applicant and a GML when judging or making. Just my two cents.
  13. Kylo

    Doctor Aphra

    Making observations (many already addressed) to clear up any confusion some may have. Feel free to agree or disagree. Please provide reference or proof. 1. There are 4 different/varient vest costumes. 2. Two of them are vastly different. From the cap to the holster. (This is ignoring the tattoo issue.) And that's "simple burgundy vest" and "Burgundy lined vest". (Or as noted above Vader comic and standalone) 3. There is no standard set for the tattoos - does someone have written evidence of this? I think we may need it. 4. For the "basic red vest" CRL an optional of red blanket stitched 1 inch apart lines OR a zipper optional can appear? I know it's only in a couple panels but someone could come through and try and have an entirely new crl made for a zipper and I vote we just take care of that now.
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