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  1. We just finished a racing shirt run and oversized patch run at the end of last year/ beginning of this year, so not for a while. Also, I see you aren't listed as a detachment member, meaning you won't see either when they're live. Go to here and request it. https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1660-501stsld-andor-tfe-detachment-access-requests/
  2. Hello! You should be able to post in the specific character section for a WIP before membership approval. Only thing different that Detachment access gets you is CRL editing section and member section/programs.
  3. Comm-Tower Spotlights: April 2020 We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member SLP-31201; otherwise known as Johnny Cash. Johnny is from Star Garrison, and is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter! He took some time to have a chat with Paul / Strength, one of our TFE Officers. VID-20200428-WA0000.mp4
  4. Here is a Cricut pattern for the Visas gold parts. The maker said that the ends should overlap if done correctly. https://design.cricut.com/#/landing/project-detail/5e9dd20983c2550f14c28f7e From the person who posted it, "This is absolutely not required, but if you like to tip my artist friend who did the art for you, you may leave a small tip at brandiyorkart@gmail.com. She is out of work at this time so anything helps."
  5. We write the CRLs to the references. The references don't show 3, only 2 on each side and the large on in the center. If the masks are being approved to 3, then that is a GML call, but we shouldn't be adding non-existent details to CRLs just based on the fact that a maker of the costume has done it to theirs.
  6. Which ovals, specifically? So many damn geometric shapes on that singular mask.
  7. Not sure what part of the skirt you are referring to? Could you please clarify? I can see shortcuts with the tunic doubling as it's a border that is doubled, but the skirt is entirely separate parts and wouldn't really be easily, "faked", if that's what you're talking about. OOOOOR do you mean just having the skirt be a single skirt with overlapping panels all in one? Either way, text about false double tunic has been added!
  8. The CRL is also a person standing completely straight and with no movement, so there is no reason it can't have overlap from movement. The photo is specifically done to show the fact that there is a single, unending shape surrounding the face, and not panels. It says nothing about there not being able to have overlap, just that it should be said single shape. I'm including a photo to show what the hood in the CRL actually does when being worn. It isn't completely flat, and wouldn't be able to stay that way if I tried. So, as long as it doesn't start acting like it's falling out of the armor, it shouldn't be an issue.
  9. False tunic would absolutely be ok, but I can see where issue would lie with it. Maybe I can add some text to clarify.
  10. This part I'd say is subjective and not necessary. So long as you can see a back plate, I'd call it good.
  11. Hooray for SWTOR characters! Just remember that every detail must stay as her stock items when she joins your party. That means zero additions can be present for the costume to be approvable into the 501st. :)
  12. The problem is not all the references are congruent or consistent. They may share a detail or two, but are vastly different in the rest. Take the game model and the black series. Yes, they have a similar hood setup, but the black series also has defined armor, different chest details, tattered soft parts, etc. You can't just mix and match parts for references and create one costume. It would be like using pieces of a 2016 Mazda 3 to try and fix a 2004 Mazda 3. Just because the names of the cars are the same, doesn't mean the individual parts are interchangeable. You have to stick with the same model (in analogy to reference details set) or it won't work. Not all official images of Revan are KOTOR I/II references, so not all of them are going to be usable for the same costume. Does this mean it can't be used? No, just means it wouldn't be KOTOR I/II style Revan CRL, and would be its own costume/version. Black series would be its own costume. SWTOR Shadow would be its own costume. KOTOR I/II is its own costume, and therefore must stick to KOTOR I/II references that are the same details.
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