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  1. Here's the film and its supporting videos as well:
  2. Gandrel

    Updateing my Revan

    I think both hilts need to be the same. In your pictures, both hilts would need to be like the top hilt. Is that what you mean by "accurate sabers for both hands"? @DarthValkyria can confirm for sure though.
  3. Here's the social media pages as well. Give 'em a like and a follow: Facebook: Instagram:
  4. Hello everyone, Check out the trailer for a fan film that I was honoured to be part of and spread the word! I've seen the final cut already and it's great!:
  5. Gandrel

    Sokar's Revan build

    Hi @DarthValkyria is this the WIP that you're referring to?:
  6. Gandrel

    Darth Revan: KOTOR

    For the four silver rings on the top front of the cuirass - there was a time that I could have sworn the recommended thing to use was something similar to these two Tandy clasps: If you look at the close up of the cuirass, it does appears as though there is some metal extending from the silver rings, similar to how these Tandy clasps look, so I'm a little surprised to see that the CRL is just going with only "rings". Though, is that why it goes on to say "Clasps are acceptable, but rings are more accurate for attachment."? If rings are being considered more accurate though, then what is the explanation for what appears to be the metal extending from them? -Gilles
  7. Gandrel

    Updateing my Revan

    Do you have a how-to or tips on how you added the red trim and the different size rings on the cuirass as well?
  8. Gandrel

    Updateing my Revan

    I just found it!:
  9. Gandrel

    Updateing my Revan

    When did the CRL get updated/changed? Is there an announcement thread listing the changes as well? I haven't been able to locate one, if there's one. -Gilles
  10. Requesting 501st access please.