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  1. Hi everyone i'm Ivan Torrecillas from Durango, Mexico i made this post to show you my Sith Acolyte build, the process of my work, i got this kit form a legion member in Mexico city but it lacked some pieces and some other weren't good enough for me so i made them from 0, i hope you can encourage you to work with this character if this post help you, as far as i know i'm the only one with this armor in Mexico. i worked with a sheet o P.V.C of 3mm. Greetings and i hope to helpo you with my post or if i can improve my armor with your comments Thanks. This was the armor before i get it at 100% for de 501st: as you can see it lacked the abs, armor boot, claws, the belt and pouches, arms were 2 pieces each and didn't look like the ones in crl and images form the game also the painting was bad. arms, finger armor and claws: Abs: armored boots: Painting: This was my first version: i wa rejected because the hood was too big and the cape too short, so i made the changes and i got the 2.0 version: From this point, I was accepted in the 501st Mexican Garrison in December 16 2016. thanks for watching
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