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  1. Who is in charge of decisions like this according to our 501st rules? Does it say? Why did this come up? What is going to be better by changing the prefixes? A clerical review to serve visitors of our homepage? Where there any complaints? What about our members and their views? Technically it shouldn't be a problem to filter costumes by prefixes or costume names, appearances in movies or comics or games, male, female, aliens,.... or colors of their eyes or noses... if wanted! (Maybe this is what is a little “out of service”?) I'm glad Darth Maladi stays SL & Moff Nyna Calixte ID. For my Mother Talzin I think DS is OK, but so is SL. (By the way: Mother Talzin has quite some pages in “the Book of Sith”.) A lot of other costumes I'm not sure about neither nor. I think, new prefixes should be at least discussed (and voted on) for each and every costume separately by the costume owner(s) and/or the PIC for approvals & detachment leaders involved. Being surprised by the decision put into practice (without any notice to the members or leaders of detachments or garrisons) doesn't feel right. I understand that the old system might be a little obsolete but then I don't think prefixes should be changed once you started using them for a certain type of costume. At least we should leave the decision up to the costumer or the group of costume owner/detachment leader .... as a kind of interim solution. For future "new" costume-entries (either general new costume description, or already existing) using new prefixes might be fine. I wish I would've known before. I was really looking forward to picking up my Mother Talzin (SL-3937) trading card from customs this week. Now this is another error-card before I even have them in hands... Thanks for the FB-link & your great effort, Thomas. ….. & I miss Pluto!
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