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  1. I’m doing the battle of ruusan so I’m not worried about sharing my in for I build takes place right when he is leaving the brotherhood before you head but is nasty creatures on LOL
  2. DarthBan’sSon

    Darth Bane

    I’m going to the battle ruusan. The exact day I take over his body was when he was in the library going through the ancient scrolls When he finds out the brotherhood is abomination. Lord kuseem is still alive i’ve been waiting and watching waiting for the perfect moment to claim my birthright Take the title of Darth . Darth Banesson is the name I’ve chosen I have been watching and waiting since 2013-2014
  3. I’ve started My build Question he has a metal arm cover can i change it to Gold
  4. Hello I am trying to find my father my name is Matthew Son Of Darth Bane Destroyer of the brotherhood of Darkness my father protected a Sith would rule . I would like to build a new CRL dedicated to the Lord Bane can anyone help ,I already have a few friends friends helping anyone have any tips
  5. Hello I’m trying to put in a new character as well if you could help . Lord bane destroyer of the brotherhood of darkness
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