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  1. Hello all, I'm starting my Malgus build. I will be sculpting my own mask and casting in silicone, and building the rest myself. Except the soft parts. I'm still looking for a reliable seamstress. I will be using a mussel suite underneath as well. With lifts inside the boots for extra height. I will be posting on each part as I go. Here is my favorite reference picture. Here we go! Thanks in advance.
  2. They flat out said in the interviews that the Inquisitor is NOT a Sith lord and that this is a new type of class of character. It would be silly to have him here or the Sith Lord detachment due to the fact he will be the first of many Inquisitors. They have told us that Inquisitors will be used in EP7 so I'm sure there will be many more to come. I would kindly suggest that this be a new detachment and class of character. If we had to choose a current detachment I would suggest Spec Ops Detachment as he meats the written definition of this group. "The Spec Ops detachment is home to many of the specialty troopers in the Legion: Shadow Scouts, Nova Troopers, etc..." This 2 cents will be cross posted. Thanks to all for the consideration of my opinion.
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