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  1. Mains: Tormaim: DPS, Sith Sorcerer Torhate: Tank, Sith Assassin Torchar: Heals, Sith Sorcerer I have about 10 other toons but those are my main.
  2. Sorry for my delay in this. I have been away doing things for work. Again I apologize. I always make it a point to reply to people. The pommel I used is this one: https://www.ultrasabers.com/product-p/z-pommel-carchon.htm Impus, I don't know right now, I have to dig my costume out. lol I will get you the answer.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, the bills have been paid and we are good for the next two years. TADA! Server Bill: Forums:
  4. That will work. I actually did the same thing and also weathered it. You can see that here: http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/979-darth-brutes-revan-build-thread-finished/?p=13734
  5. Thank you to all that have donated! This will keep us covered until 2018! Since we are $10 over I plan on using that extra $10 to buy the puppy ice cream. Just kidding, I'm looking at getting a language pack. Look for details soon! THE FINAL COUNT: NOTE: It will take 3-5 business days to transfer to my account. Once it has, I will post a receipt for the hosting bill and a receipt for each payment for the Forums upkeep as it comes due.
  6. Here is where we stand now: We have passed our main goal and we are almost to the PRIMO Goal. (Yes I made up the word primo) The puppy is happy. Keep it up almost there! PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR TKID AND USER NAME IN THE PAYPAL MESSAGE!
  7. All, Since last years forum donations, we have no run into our operating costs for the next two years. Attached is our bill for the continued operation: Attached here is the operating cost for the forums. COSTS: $143.76 for the forum for a two year operating cost $70 a year for the forums. This keeps us up to date with the latest software keeping all of us nice and safe in the interwebs. The Goal: $213.76 (2 yrs for the hosting and 1 year for the forums) The Prime Goal: $283.76 (2 years for hosting and the forums) We have 515 501st members in the forum database. This means if everyone were to donate $0.42 we could make our goal. But, sadly we do not have 515 Members that log in, and not everyone will donate. What does it mean for TFE? It's continued operation. Without it, TFE cannot continue. And also this puppy will die if you don't donate. All members who donate will be listed here. Also along with that, your title will be changed to FORUM CONTRIBUTOR. When you donate, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include your TKID and your forum username in the paypal message and then post here the paypal id. This way it makes it easier to find you. Also, I will post a daily screenshot of forum donations (at worst every other day) from my paypal account. This way everyone can see how we are tracking. After collection is done, this money will be transferred to my bank account, and the bill for the hosting paid. With the forums, I will post a screenshot here every six months once the bill is paid. I don't want to post a call for funds every six months that I need to pay it. So please find it in your heart to donate. Also think of the puppy. PAYPAL CLOSED DONATIONS GOALS REACHED!
  8. Sorry about the wait. I have added you to the Detachment Members Group! Congrats and welcome!
  9. Welcome to TFE! I have actually been to Peru. Lima to be exact. Great city and I had a great time there.
  10. Hey Chris, Sorry about the delay. Have you followed the instructions in post #5 in this thread? Also, you won't be able to create albums under the Costume Reference Pictures. If you are please take some screen captures and post here of the error. I just logged in as you and tested. I was able to create an album and upload a picture. (I deleted the album afterwards.) If you need more assistance or the issue is solved please let me know.
  11. I want to throw an update on my Revan here. Since CVII, I have had a crack about 6" long down the front. But I am currently getting a new armor made. Only a couple of people know about it. Should be about march time frame for the big reveal.
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