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  1. She was just activated today. SL 20715. She will be registering and applying for membership to TFE tonight!
  2. Thank you all so much for your help. I will post pix of the finished costume next week some time. Maybe even this weekend.
  3. What did you all use for the pinwheel pattern on the black dress? Meaning, did you all use a piece of plastic and cut the pattern into it or did you use something else for the pattern?
  4. Ok. I’ll get that figured then. Thank you for the info on that.
  5. I have some good images of this costume from the game. They put it out as a costume pack after a while. The robes and everything is the exact same as the ones she wore in the video. I should be able to upload them later today. I will post images of each piece of the costume and images of the costume all together. I have found this is the best way to see everything clearly.
  6. Just to update you all. We went with the broad cloth for the inner dress. We used a cotton blend I believe for the red belt/sash. We found a really nice leather like material for the black outer dress. Our friend is sewing it together for us and we should be ready to apply the gold and silver details in a couple weeks. I’ll post pictures when we get it back and as we go along! Thanks so much!
  7. We are making the KOTOR 2 version. Can you see through the broad cloth?
  8. https://imgur.com/gallery/AfHlBLp The first 2 images are the fabric I was thinking for the under dress, the other 2 were options for the belt. Any feedback would be amazing. Thanks all!
  9. I’m trying to add photos of some of the fabric we have found
  10. Is there a reason I can’t upload photos from my phone?
  11. is the entire vale a different material or just Part of it? That may be a dumb question.
  12. Thank you. I’m still looking at fabric and this helps a lot.
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