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  1. Azrayel74

    Hello from Garden City, MI

    Welcome to the Detachment.. and look forward to seeing you join the ranks of the GLG and TFE. I just got my approval for my Revan a week or so ago and looking forward to trooping it at C4 next weekend in Traverse.
  2. Requesting Detachment Access: Darth Revan - SL-11658
  3. Azrayel74

    Newly Approved Members Post Here!!!

    I just finished the updates I wanted and applied and was approved for Darth Revan at the end of last week. Really enjoyed the first troop out with him and a fellow garrison member in her Darth Nihilus. Ive been planning on doing a Revan for nearly 2 years, but only finally got to it ordering things last winter, recieved my Wicked Armor kit in January, promptly tore about half of it apart and redid things to fit me better and suit my preferences an to better meet the current CRL's. Just got my Database update today.. so here i am Pic is of my first troop in Revan, GRPOPS symphony event, the day after i received my approval. Recieved parts to complete my first saber build for Revan today and will be working to get the 2nd one built over the summer. Its nice to officially be able to list SL-11658 finally!!!... I also have TI < Reserve > and IC (Imperial Bridge Crew) approved as well. I have an Imperial Gunner helmet ordered and working on collecting parts for a Tusken Raider as well. And last but certainly not least, Ive been an Approved Mandalorian Merc for 2 1/2 Years, with approval for Gunslinger Brigade added to that kit last fall.
  4. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    Well.. got my approval email on thursday.. now just waiting for the database updates for the OFFICIAL part and i can submit for full Detachment access... the waiting is always the hard part but i did get to troop the kit over the weekend , found a few minor things to fix but overall... quite enjoyable kit to wear compared to my 50 Lbs of Mando Merc!!!
  5. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    Worked on finishing up last details.. and was able to get help getting kitted, and getting photos taken. Maybe a bit dark?? but submitted for Approval thru my GML's on wednesday.. now the waiting game.
  6. Azrayel74

    Mandalore the Ultimate Build

    Ive loved seeing this kit in person and in progress. Really hoping you can get this one passed thru Vod!!!
  7. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    Got some help over the weekend, finished my bridge, and attached the velcro needed for good spacing and layout of the armor. just need to add the side panels back in, and finish adjusting the hood and capelet rings to meet CRL's better and I think ill be just about ready t apply for approval !!
  8. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    Im planning on some good velcro installations to keep the bridging pieces located correctly, as ive noticed the staggered look of the front to back plates and where the bridging sits is not a consistent width. I have some good ideas i think and have been looking pretty closely at the references to try to get my kit as close as i can. Im a stickler for details , even if they wont be seen 90% of the time. Im hoping to get some help this weekend in getting the armor pieces ON me again, so i can figure out how long my bridge needs to be, and how wide , and where everything is suppose to sit in relation to the other pieces in the puzzle.
  9. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    Ive seen at least one other approved Revan done this way. Nothing I can see in the CRL says it cant be done this way and i much prefer the look of one cohesive band all the way around with a small line in the middle of the back thats pretty much always covered by the cape, than blatant gapping at the sides thats visible almost all the time. None of the reference shots show any gaps on the sides at all... so a single bridge panel seems a far better solution to me. When i finish building the new bridging and get things all together ill have more pics up. Im working at various parts of the kit as i have time, but my goal is to be finished by end of April.
  10. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    Been working on redoing the rings, replacing strings with straps and adding the dark red fabric bottom edge on the lower armor parts. Pretty happy with how this is all looking now. Still more things i want to fix/replace but working at it bit by bit. http://
  11. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    ive seen someone else do a single bridge piece, and had it velcro'd together in the back. Im planning to have mine so it velcro's to the armor top and bottom, and in the back where its least likely to be seen. I didnt like how the 2 piece bridge gapped at the sides when worn so i tore it all out this weekend and im starting over.
  12. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    I tried that and didnt like how it was looking. I ended up using a gunmetal metallic mixed with a light grey acrylic paint and a bit of water to thin it out a bit, then applied with paper towels and rubbed in till i got a relative consistency of the overall look, slightly mottled in places. I like the overall effect as it gives that slight sheen and still has the overall grey look. Im working on the red strips , 1 inch leather ring hangers and replacing the rings this week. Already tailored the cape so it doesnt quite drag on the ground, checked the length on the skirts, got in some heavy black linen pants to go with the overall soft parts, and working on building a single piece bridge as i didnt like the one that came with the WA armor.
  13. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    Didnt hear back, had some ideas.. decided to test on a few scrap leather pieces, two different formulas to get a look i liked and i went forward with weathering up the boots today. Im happy with how they came out.. nice grey with a silvery metallic effect to them... http:// http:// Hoping these look good and i can move onto my next steps.. Going to keep this process in mind though for when i redo my bridge panel as well. Still hoping to get my Revan rework all completed before early May right now.
  14. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    Finally getting back to my Revan, i have most of the WA gear, save i bought a different Mask and today im working on Boots. Got harnesses removed, new straps cut and glued into place and cured well. Been working on insoles to make them fit well and wearable in relatively comfort. Now... i KNOW ive seen weathering info SOMEWHERE but im striking out in finding the posts today so how do you weather them to get the grey look finish? I was thinking there was something with white shoe polish, and i was debating if mixing in a SMALL amount of Rub n Buff silver JUST to give a slight bit of metallic look would work? I tried my ideas on a scrap piece of leather and got more color than i expected and its not washing out well. SO.. suggestions, ideas .. how have others done this? And do these look good < other than the weathering> ? http://
  15. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    While waiting for arrival of my WA set... I kept browsing boots and think i found something more suitable, granted still need harness straps removed, and the correct strap added, but wanted to see how these would work as they look a lot closer to the CRL pics. http://