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  1. Hello! May I please request Flagship Eclipse - Detachment member access. Please find link to my 501st member profile with approved Flagship Eclipse costume: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=29394&costumeID=339 Thank you in advance. DS-12820
  2. Fleasome, Congratulations on the updates and photos. Mr. Kerry Alan Rowntree goes by same name on Facebook. He is a 501st member too. I will also send you PM. Best wishes for the New Year!
  3. Hello Fleasome, Welcome! That is so cool that you and your girlfriend are going to troop as Grand Inquisitor and Temple Guard! [Balancing the Force.] For quick introduction, I have been working on Grand Inquisitor for Florida Garrison - Everglades Squad. If helpful, to the share some options from the path I have taken: My Grand Inquisitor silicone mask was custom made by Mr. Bungle's FX. My soft parts are by Khloe's Custom Costume Shop. My belt is made by Mr. Kerry Alan Rowntree. I also have a second belt made by MagMel Creations. My boots are from Imperial Boots. I commissioned JMS Props to make Grand Inquisitor 3D print files for armor and helmet. [JMS Props has the files available for sale.] My Squad mate who operates the Plastic Arms Dealer shop will be printing and finishing the armor items for 501st approval. I also have a Grand Inquisitor lightsaber (aluminum/PVC version) in progress with Rebellion Outpost LLC. Hope these suggestions are helpful. Look forward to approval soon!
  4. Hello everyone, Please find be-lated WIP update. This Halloween, I took the Grand Inquisitor (mask and soft parts only) for escort duty during my kids' trick or treating. We kept our neighborhood safe from Jedi and Rebels. WIP reminder - The silicone mask is by Mr. Bungle's FX, the soft parts are by Khloe's Custom Costume Shop, the belt is courtesy of Mr. Kerry Alan Rowntree, and the boots are from Imperial Boots. I used my Darth Sidious saber for these photos. The armor and lightsaber are still in progress Look forward to submitting for approval soon!
  5. Quick update: Awesome work by Mr. Bungle FX! (This is test pour of mask with test paint job - for Flagship Eclipse costume mentor and Florida Garrison GML Team input).
  6. Hello everyone, Looking for any more specifics on the belt and thigh armor sections of CRL. (CRL copied for ease of review) Quick questions: 1. Is there any specific placement for the thigh armor on the belt? Is just the side of Trooper's thigh good to go? 2. Any specific requirements for the distance/space between the bottom of belt and the top of the thigh armor? Thinking either a button snap set-up (between belt and thigh armor), or possibly velcro (if any adjustments needed)? Appreciate any suggestions. Have a nice weekend! Thank you all. Ian Belt The belt is constructed from a non-textured leather or a leather-like material. There is one (1) loops on the belt, right of the belt buckle and in the middle of the back. The buckle is constructed from a horizontally brushed metal, or metal looking material. Buckle has a flush circle design in its center. OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): Belt does not have grooves. Thigh Armor Black semi-gloss and constructed from the same rigid material as the chest armor. Covers the outer thigh, one hangs off each hip. Top edge has a fin that curves outwards. Bottom comes to a rounded point. Hangs from the belt. Has a thickness to it resembling medal plate armor.
  7. Hello everyone, I have started WIP post for Grand Inquisitor in progress for Everglades Squad. I commissioned Mr. Sam Wootton (dba JMS Props) and he created 3D print files for the Grand Inquisitor armor items and helmet. Mr. Andrew McClary (dba The Plastic Arms Dealer) will be sizing, printing, and finishing the helmet and armor items. Will send updates to the WIP post for others who may be interested in these vendor resources for Grand Inquisitor. Quick follow-up question - Any suggestions on where to obtain Red Visor for the helmet? Thank you all. Ian
  8. Appreciate the feedback. I am considering these two (2) fabrics for top and pants:
  9. Appreciate feedback on color of gloves for matching with pants and top. Please find update on high end silicone mask in progress with Mr. Bungle FX.
  10. Hello everyone, Looking for preliminary approval input on these gloves for Grand Inquisitor CRL. My photos with CRL example photo for ease of comparison. Best wishes for the weekend!
  11. Happy Friday! May I please seek preliminary approval input for the following gloves for Grand Inquisitor CRL. Please find CRL example photo for ease of comparison.
  12. Hello everyone, I am member of Florida Garrison - Everglades Squad. I have an approved Stormtrooper and close to approval on Emperor Palpatine. I was hoping that the third 501st Legion costume in my family would be a Seventh Sister for my lovely wife. Unfortunately, according to my wife that is not happening anytime soon. So instead, I have started on Grand Inquisitor as my third costume for the Everglades Squad. Hoping to make this new build an awesome interpretation of the Star Wars Rebels animated character! Definitely appreciate Flagship Eclipse Administrators and Costume Mentors support and input on this new WIP. I have two quick WIP updates to kick off this thread: 1. I commissioned Mr. Sam Wooton of JMS Props to create new 3D files for this CRL. Sam was very enthusiastic and responsive! [Image of files below.] 2. I am very grateful that Mr. Bungle FX, who has agreed to lend his expertise to the silicone mask for this build. [Preliminary sculpt photo below]. More to follow. Thank you all. Ian TK-12820
  13. Good afternoon Mauri & Nina, Appreciate the feedback. Quick follow-up - Although Mr. Stephens is very helpful and responsive, he confirmed he cannot make the mask with moving mouth and required facial expression. His work is awesome, unfortunately this specific mask not likely to meet 501st approval requirements. Mauri - Do you have any suggestions for vendor(s) or source(s) for 501st approvable Grand Inquisitor belt, belt buckle, and gloves? Also - Do you know any 501st members or vendors who have 3D print files for Grand Inquisitor helmet and armor items? Thank you again.
  14. Hello everyone, Does anyone have 501st approved 3D print files for Grand Inquisitor's helmet, armor items, and lightsaber? Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you all.
  15. Good evening everyone, Can the Grand Inquisitor be approved with black pants and top? Please find image of official Star Wars toy showing him with black pants and top. Thank you all. Ian TK-12820