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  1. Hi so im intrested in making A’sharad since my garrison friends r all making tuskens. So is the helmet the same as a normal tusken helmet or is there some differences or is it a different helmet entirely?
  2. Hi guys so I just did a troop where I got alot of my armor parts scratched (its wicked armor) anyone know how the paint color of revan specifically ? Thx
  3. So i actually already submitted the application photos, but need to do that again cause my GML said my gauntlet need to go to the other way. And I also I need to straighten my capelet and pull up my kama.
  4. Is there gonna be any further Changes to the CRL other than the clasps? I know some like the hood and the capelet are gonna be changed
  5. Thanks for the info, but I can't see the pic you uploaded. Will definitely put velcro on the hood
  6. So I just fixed the capelet and hood also use some rings to replace the clasps, also here's the backside of the capelet (the fabric isnt actually glossy and the white lines on the cape is temporary just to hold the pleating for now)
  7. Thx for the help ill take a pic of the shoulder asap
  8. I don't know if this helps but when I applied for my other costume its front, front arms raised sideways, side, side with arms front, back and back with arms raised on side. Then iconic pose
  9. Pls help me on my hood and capalete ive changed it 4 times and didnt get it right.... ive posted many threads but none have been replied yet here is a progress my my revan thx
  10. So I just bought the armor for darth revan from wicked armor since the crl is using his armor. What modifications should I make to the armor and where do I attach the capalete to the armor and the hood also the cape? Also the black shash do I just attach it to the O ring also there is a metal bat hanging behind is that where I should hang the red sash? Thx
  11. I need to know is there a specific number of pleating for the cape, capalete, kama and front red cloth?
  12. So the officer boots is still usable for now then?
  13. Thx for the reply so it seems that officer boots is a go cause it said a wide strap may be included?
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