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  1. December 2017 Trooper of the Month

    Erika McKinney, BH-51703.
  2. 26230811_1617971694908539_3629652509033215661_n.jpg

    Is this the Black Series figure version? You should totally do the whole costume and submit with it for a new version!
  3. Mara Jade WIP, literally beginning!

    Here is a good place to start! It is a good place to learn from those who have previously made the costume. http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/forum/84-mara-jade/
  4. Thanks for the add

  5. WIP costume (need to trim capelet)

    That's simple stuff. Nothing that will hinder the approval.
  6. WIP costume (need to trim capelet)

    Yeah, but if you follow what I've been telling you during or conversations, you'll be fine. P.s. the CRL edits go live this weekend.
  7. WIP Darth Revan

    As for the vambraces, If you make the pieces wider, you can use the internal seam line that is supposed to be present to cover your straps, or just connect both halves permanently together. The ridges that should be present don't seem to be on yours. Here is what I mean.
  8. WIP Darth Revan

    The new mask looks much better!
  9. Questions/Issues Pertaining to the Forums

    Those are for the CRLs themselves. You'll want the "Approved Costumes" area for Savage. Here's the link! http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/forum/135-savage-opress/ Good luck on the build
  10. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, Glad Yule, and Happy New Year!
  11. WIP costume (need to trim capelet)

    The current clasps are good as is, no need to switch them out. We are in the works of phasing that part out since it is not clear why they were pushed to be inaccurate over the accurate ring setup.
  12. Hai! can I make darth sion costume?

    Greetings! Sorry for the late reply, but I have been unwell and traveling (a great combination), but am back up and running now. This topic was brought up previously and it was decided that, it is possible to do, but it would need to include a full and single-piece body suit, and the face must show your own actual eyes and mouth. That means it must encircle but not cover the eye socket area and the lips with prosthetic adhesive. The bodysuit must look like actual skin in that it can't look like a shirt or sleeves in separated pieces. If you can take care of that, then there is no stopping you.
  13. Jacket white parts

    I am not much help on the jacket templates, but if the jacket cogs and vinyls show as high gloss material, then so long as they are attached properly (no lifting edges or major wrinkles in the vinyl), I would not see an issue.
  14. Boot covers question

    The majority have agreed that the boot covers are high-reflect spats of fabric material given the assembly ad attaching of them to the boots themselves. (specifically the way that it reaches all the way down to the back of the heel).
  15. WIP Darth Revan

    Nice photos!