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  1. WIP Darth Revan for Ukrainian Outpost

    These are coming out nicely! I'm not seeing any issues thus far in the sculpts, so good job! My only comment is make sure that the bracers are as seamless as you can get them on closure since the closure line is on the bottom of it.
  2. WIP Darth Revan for Ukrainian Outpost

    These are looking absolutely gorgeous so far. The only thing I can't tell is if the outer siding of the bracers have the flatter appearance and single seam line facade.
  3. Black Series Revan

    Hakama->wraps around legs to make pants Split skirt->skirt panels that aren't attached in the front or back. ALL Revan references are a split skirt, NOT a hakama.
  4. Requesting 501st access

    You had gone inactive, so it locked you out. I'll fix your stuff now.
  5. Revan material and patterns

    I am still trying to find the name of the fabric I used. It is a pain in the ass to work with, but the fabric is lighter and has a nice sheen to create the draping effects seen in the game.
  6. You were put as 501st with SLD, but corrected today to TFE Member.
  7. First Time Darth Revan

    I built mine out of wonderflex and fiberglass resin. Essentially the front is all wonderflex that was sealed and then the back is fiberglass tape layers coated in resin. I am going to be redoing it this spring/summer to be cold cast resin backed with fiberglass, but that is still a bit off.
  8. COTF Work in Progress

    Whatever............suits............. your needs. I couldn't help myself.
  9. Acolyte in SW game

    COTF is the bane of my existence when it comes to references.
  10. Is this a good vender??

    He is not 501st approved, but with some modifications, it can be made to BE 501st approved. NO VENDOR is approved out of the gates.
  11. Acolyte in SW game

    Will there be 360 degree references? I am intrigued!
  12. Trooping as Nihilus SL-97424

    Glorious! Don't shoot your ey........ you know what? You should be fine.
  13. Black Series Revan

    I am digging this a lot! I would love to see other versions of Revan approved. Good job!
  14. Darth Revan (WIP)

    I am not sure what fabric mine is made of, but it has a satin-matte finish that mimics the reflections seen in the game pretty damn well! I can ask my seamtress what we ended up using, but it was definitely a soft yet heavy fabric.
  15. WIP Darth Revan for Ukrainian Outpost

    There are not any specifications other than black, to proportion that fits references, and enclosing around the ring.