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  1. DarthValkyria

    Starting Seventh Sister: Looking for 501st Approval

    He wasn't in his previous castings. After a member of my Garrison bought his stuff and showed me what it looked like, she went back to him and he contacted me to get the helmet fixed. Since then, his new helmets are a LOT better.
  2. DarthValkyria

    Bit by the TFE bug - KOTOR Nihilus WIP

  3. DarthValkyria

    Starting Seventh Sister: Looking for 501st Approval

    I am not sure of the vendor name, but David Skarratts in the FB Sister group worked with me to get his sculpt for the helmet to 501st standards. The quality of the actual cast or the armor, I am not sure of, but I know pretty much every publicly available SS helmet cast and file have inaccuracies from what I have seen.
  4. DarthValkyria

    Lord banes

    Colors and details much match the references.
  5. DarthValkyria

    Darth Zash

    Side of the dress is where my idea was, as well. It could go up to the sleeve armpit area and give you just enough space to squeeze in.
  6. DarthValkyria

    A'Sharad Hett WIP Questions

    Depending on how you have the wraps done, you can make a bracer form out of plastic that the wraps attach to at the wrist and the forearm. Even if you wrap yours each time, you can permanently attach them to the bottom ring, then have a velcro or similar system to attach them to the upper ring.
  7. DarthValkyria

    Barriss Traitor - WIP DeathStarBaby

    I would look through the other WIPs in the Barriss subforum to see what others are doing. I know some did individual strips to match the thicknesses.
  8. DarthValkyria

    3D print files accurracy

    For the, "boob plates" they cover from the collarbone down to the bottom of the pecs, and then the rib cage section to follow the bottom of the ribs.
  9. DarthValkyria

    My Visas Marr: KOTOR II Submssion

    You can always just get approved without the saber. It is listed in the Optional section since it is not required. What is required, is that *IF* you submit it, it needs to be accurate.
  10. DarthValkyria

    Barriss Traitor - WIP DeathStarBaby

    She has thicker lines on the dress than what is currently present on yours, so that will be an issue later down the line. Unless you are up close, it isn't visible that you have lines on yours. http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/gallery/image/2958-screenshot-109png/
  11. DarthValkyria

    Fabric + Mask help?

    I wouldn't worry about the forehead too much as you shouldn't actually see much f it anyways as the hood sits at the brow line. Put a piece of sticky velcro on the mask about half an inch higher than where the hood sits, and attach the other side to the inside of the hood, also half an inch up the inside. That way the hood stays in place.
  12. DarthValkyria


    Revan NPC from KOTOR II showing the hilts are the same.
  13. DarthValkyria


    Revan NPC from KOTOR II showing the hilt in better detail.
  14. DarthValkyria

    Fabric + Mask help?

    With the masks, it comes down to proportions, but the etsy one has the required prongs on the chin, whereas the 3D file does not.
  15. DarthValkyria

    Fabric + Mask help?

    There is no one fabric that is used for Revan, but it should have a slight sheen to it, be heavy enough to drape, and pliable enough to move.