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  1. DarthValkyria

    Sintra Mandalore the Ultimate

    There's a fairly in depth reference gallery if you click the main Mandalore sub-forum, as well.
  2. DarthValkyria

    Sintra Mandalore the Ultimate

    If you have a 360 view of the one you are using that shows good details, you can do that version and submit it as its own CRL. The 360 view is usually the kicker for that aspect with new costumes as there is always one view (usually the back or the knees down) that are never seen and can't be validated.
  3. DarthValkyria

    Sintra Mandalore the Ultimate

    Just make sure you stay consistent with the entire reference. One thing I see quite a bit are people cherry-picking parts of different references and sticking them together. That's a no-no!
  4. DarthValkyria

    Sintra Mandalore the Ultimate

    It is never a bad idea to contact GMLs before you start just to get to know folks in your area. Some garrisons do armor parties, and the ability to get in-person advice on the actual build process is always a benefit. Plus, you can at least start to get to know the folks in your area and make it a smooth transition into membership after approval. It is always a VERY good (dare I say, should be required) step to contact the Detachment that you are building the character for, since we are the specialists for details and the nitty gritty that the general Legion wouldn't have. With regards to the approval of sintra and styrene, my only comments are that it comes down to being able to replicate the armor from references. The important thing should be the quality and surface finish of the final product (lumps, dents, divets, bubbles, etc that would alter the surface of your armor), troop-ability, durability, and weight. As a MM, you probably have already seen the differences that people have provided between ABS, resin, and metal armor in those areas. If it is meant to be armor, it shouldn't bend when you walk (hence, no foam). It should have a smooth surface overall, with some weathering. It should take into consideration where you live (certain plastics react and age differently in colder climates). So, the short answer is yes, those materials are approvable so long as you are able to replicate the details and structure of the references while also taking into consideration wear and tear in your climate.
  5. DarthValkyria

    Detachment access plz

    ALSO! Make sure you go here and read about adding the Detachment to your 501st profile here: http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2673-important-please-read-detachment-membership-information/ If you don't you won't have voting access come election time, and your Membership rank here will get dropped down to 501st Member, meaning you'll lose access to the Detachment Member sections. If you have any questions, please let me know, and let me know when you have requested membership at the https://www.501st.com/memberDB/ area in your profile so we can get you updated asap.
  6. DarthValkyria

    Detachment access plz

    You should be good to go!
  7. DarthValkyria

    Detachment access plz

    Need the link to your 501st profile and we can get it started.
  8. DarthValkyria

    Sith stalker

    That's actually a very recent thing, which would make logical sense when you think about it, right? A couple years ago, it was determined that any New to the Legion costume (not previously existing) would have to go through the CRL process as part of approval. Makes it so that we don't have these gaps in references. Problem is, that wasn't the case prior, and existing costumes are not under the same requirements, so it literally all falls on folks responding to my pleas for info and images (which both have actually done as of several days ago, so now it's working with them to get everything we need). I have contacted literally every person on the membership database roster with costumes that have missong or incomplete info, and slowly but surely, we've been able to fill in 6 empty CRLs in just a year and a half, with another 5 on the way after we get images. The time killer is that folks don't always wear their costumes or have them inaccessible for periods of time. But, we get there. Considering that this time two years ago, we had over 26 incomplete or empty CRLs, I'd say we are chugging along, but it is still a long process.
  9. DarthValkyria

    Sith stalker

    There are two stalkers approved, atm. Still not a very high number, though. Lol
  10. DarthValkyria

    Sith stalker

    There are maybe 8 members for every approved costume in the Flagship Eclipse when you compare the number of approved costumes to the number of approved members. This is in stark contrast to the nearly 350 members per approved costume in FISD. When you don't have the purchasing base to support the stupid amount of time and money it takes to invest in making the molds to sell commercially, then they don't make them. That is both the blessing and the curse of TFE costumes in that they are special, and often made from scratch by the wearers compared to the bulk of the box builds that other Detachments have.