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  1. Revan Updates and Improvements

    THIS MAKES ME HAPPY TO SEEEEEE. Also, do you have both a front and back set or just front?
  2. Sokar's Revan build

    Yes, it is in editing phase. The photos that were going to be used were lost before upload. If you look at my WIP, you'll be able to see things as they should be. Please, PLEASE do NOT do pleats on your shoulders or in the back of the hood when you make your soft parts!
  3. Names Called While Trooping

    My favorite one to date is a dad who, when trying to explain who I was to his young son, called me, "That one Jedi dude from the Battle of Endor".
  4. The parts not in direct light show it really well! I think it looks great.
  5. Starting Revan

    The armor has straps that feed through holes in my shirt so it's a seamless/strapless looking system.
  6. Camera phones are not good for capturing that sort of thing, but I see the weathering. Looking really good!
  7. Tiggerrr's Savage Opress WIP

    You know, there is a certain Savage CRL that could do with having photos taken and used in it after approval...... Just sayin'.......
  8. I used regular craft paint on mine. So long as you aren't covering huge areas with solid sections of the paint, it works pretty well. You can also slightly sand the pleather and it will give the paint more grip. Just don't go too crazy or you will get spots instead of grime.
  9. M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Communication is key! Glad it worked out in the end, at least.
  10. M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Too bad in this hobby the, "hard" aspect of it sometimes turns out to be just basic financial transaction malfunctions. Being ripped off shouldn't be a factor in the difficulty of making awesome costumes!
  11. M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Oh good! ::phew:: It can never be easy, can it?!
  12. Starting Revan

    Never received a notification for this one, but the shoulder area under the hood is actually NOT pleated. It is gathered in sections.
  13. Working on an imperial Knight

    Out of the box is difficult to do in TFE. If you search the forums for Imperial Knights, there should be a post with some vendors, though I am not sure how current they are.
  14. Starkiller HOTH ARMOR References (Ultimate)

    If you could add them to the gallery for him, that would be great! or email them to me and I can get them if the permissions don't allow. http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/gallery/category/34-starkiller-dark-lords-armor-hoth/
  15. My Mara Jade WIP

    I have already said it everywhere else, but why not here as well? Congrats!