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  1. Names Called While Trooping

    I've been called these things: Darth Maul (this more than anything) Darth Vader (got called this once while riding on a float in a parade, while standing next to Darth Vader) Darth Revan (this one shocked me, if you know who Revan is, how do you not know who Nihilus is? More importantly how do you get the two mixed up?) The guy from scream (this one made me laugh) Boba Fett (not sure how they thought that) About one person per troop actually knows who I am, though at least most little kids come up to me and ask who I am. One troop a kid even went around and got autographs from all of us.
  2. Issues on WA Nihilus build?

    Unless there has been some major changes to the costume in the last year, the MWA Nihilus is not approvable as it.
  3. Nihilus COTF WIP

    Overall too big, the sides should be almost flush with the sides of the face.
  4. Nihilus COTF WIP

    In my opinion, the "cat ears" look a little too large.
  5. COTF Work in Progress

    Looks great.
  6. Acolyte in SW game

    Marr isn't working right, they have already said they are going to fix it so she doesn't bonus attack as much.
  7. Nihilus COTF WIP

    That's what we're here for
  8. Nihilus COTF WIP

    The cape should drape straight back, not over your shoulders at all. Also the hood is all wrong, it's way too open like a hood. It should look like one solid piece, with no opening at all. The peaks should be at the corners of the mask.
  9. Nihilus COTF WIP

    I'm guessing this was originally a MWA costume. Those are definitely not approvable right out of the box.
  10. Acolyte in SW game

    Oh that's been a debate for a while now. They've never ruled him out, but they also won't say when he's coming into the game.
  11. Acolyte in SW game

    Darth Sion, Darth Traya, and Visas Marr are all now officially coming to the game as well.
  12. Nihilus COTF WIP

    Quilting on the sleeves looks good.
  13. COTF Work in Progress

    Gloves look great, very similar to the ones I use.
  14. Nihilus COTF WIP

    Welcome, I look forward to seeing your progress.
  15. COTF Work in Progress

    Believe me, you'll never worry about being cold in this costume. I love doing winter troops in it. I use regular black pajama pants for the pants under my costume.
  16. COTF Work in Progress

    I sewed my blackout mask to the front of my Under armor shirt. That way there's no gap that can happen, and I can easily slide it over my head before putting the mask on.
  17. Acolyte in SW game

    I love the KOTOR II version as well, in fact I've thought about doing both. The COTF one just looked more cool to me lol.
  18. Acolyte in SW game

    If that's your only reference, then I wouldn't be very confident in using it lol. Of course COTF Nihilus doesn't have the greatest reference material either.
  19. Acolyte in SW game

    You can rotate the characters 360 degrees in the character page. They're not very high res looking though.
  20. Acolyte in SW game

    The character is coming this next week. Plus there's going to be a whole new raid in the game set in the Old Republic with the Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion, and Darth Traya as the focus.
  21. Hi all from Spain!

  22. COTF Work in Progress

    I ordered 20 yards of material for the costume and had quite a bit left over.
  23. COTF Work in Progress

    Gloves look good to me, very similar to the ones I have. I used Black Raw Silk from Dharma when I made my costume, I did not line mine at all. In my opinion there is no point in lining the material because its going to get weathered. It's supposed to look worn and tattered.
  24. COTF Work in Progress

    Boots look good.
  25. COTF Work in Progress

    Good luck on the costume. I look forward to seeing your progress.