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  1. COTF Work in Progress

    Gloves look great, very similar to the ones I use.
  2. Nihilus COTF WIP

    Welcome, I look forward to seeing your progress.
  3. COTF Work in Progress

    Believe me, you'll never worry about being cold in this costume. I love doing winter troops in it. I use regular black pajama pants for the pants under my costume.
  4. COTF Work in Progress

    I sewed my blackout mask to the front of my Under armor shirt. That way there's no gap that can happen, and I can easily slide it over my head before putting the mask on.
  5. Acolyte in SW game

    I love the KOTOR II version as well, in fact I've thought about doing both. The COTF one just looked more cool to me lol.
  6. Acolyte in SW game

    If that's your only reference, then I wouldn't be very confident in using it lol. Of course COTF Nihilus doesn't have the greatest reference material either.
  7. Acolyte in SW game

    You can rotate the characters 360 degrees in the character page. They're not very high res looking though.
  8. Acolyte in SW game

    The character is coming this next week. Plus there's going to be a whole new raid in the game set in the Old Republic with the Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion, and Darth Traya as the focus.
  9. Hi all from Spain!

  10. COTF Work in Progress

    I ordered 20 yards of material for the costume and had quite a bit left over.
  11. COTF Work in Progress

    Gloves look good to me, very similar to the ones I have. I used Black Raw Silk from Dharma when I made my costume, I did not line mine at all. In my opinion there is no point in lining the material because its going to get weathered. It's supposed to look worn and tattered.
  12. COTF Work in Progress

    Boots look good.
  13. COTF Work in Progress

    Good luck on the costume. I look forward to seeing your progress.
  14. COTF Nihilus WIP

  15. A Nihilus from France

    Sounds great, I can't wait to see how it turns out.
  16. A Nihilus from France

    I use a hook and loop system for my inner tunic, this way it will stay in place. I don't use anything for the outer one, that's held in place by my belt.
  17. Which mask is the best?

    Here is the mask I use for COTF https://www.etsy.com/listing/245124688/darth-nihilus-mask?ref=shop_home_active_18
  18. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    Yes, like I said it is ultimately up to your local GML. In my opinion this costume is not approvable as it is show from the MWA website. The last MWA costume I saw was earlier this year and it was not approved right out of the box because it did not meet the CRL. This was before the recent update to the CRL.
  19. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    In my opinion. Ultimately it is up to your GML to approve. There needs to be two distinct tunics, the MWA has two but last time I saw one the inner tunic was not a cross over one. The outer skirt should be open in the center, the MWA is not. The cape and hood should be one piece, the MWA often looks like 2 pieces. The costume should be heavily tattered, the MWA looks almost burnt. The mask should be skull like with distinct cheek bones, the MWA is almost smooth.
  20. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    The costume standards have been update very recently.
  21. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    Yes, the lightsaber hilt is not required for approval currently.
  22. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    The lightsaber is not currently required for approval. Also the Wicked Armor costume has several things that are not approvable with is, including the mask.
  23. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    As is the Wicked Armor costume is not approvable for COTF Nihilus.
  24. Nihilus COTF update on CRL - what is a natural weave?

    I used raw black silk for the main part of my costume, and a cotton fabric for the sleeves.
  25. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    Which version of the costume are you making?