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  1. Awesome. Any noted sellers for boots and gloves? Someone mentioned to me that his gloves weren't approvable. So want to make sure I'm in the right the first time. Was looking at these, but not sure if they flair out too much. Also would rain boots work ? Im having the darndest time finding jackboots that will fit my massive calf in em.
  2. This is the mask they are currently selling for KOTOR. If needed I can go elsewhere for max, but would love to know beforehand.
  3. Hello all! I'm the new kid on the block and searching for direction. Trying to join the 501st with Darth Nihilus Kotor version. I was looking at wicked armor cause I saw that his COTF version was approveable, but didn't see anyone saying anything about his KOTOR version. As far as I can tell it looks right, but I don't have a huge eye for detail and so I figured I would ask those who have come before me. If his isn't, if anyone could point me in the direction of someone who is, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for any help and info! Zack
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