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    Florian Bösiger
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    Basel, Swizerland
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    Iam a Life Long Star Wars Fan and i read a lot of Books and Comic and i love the Expended Universe.
    Since iam finished my Vader ESB i try to get in to Starkiller Hoth Armor and Revan.
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  1. Congrats Really nice Build
  2. Bogan

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    Welcome Sister to the Ranks of the Fallen
  3. Bogan

    Starkiller Dark Lord Armor (Hoth)

    Are the Pants also Leather ? Why do you wear a Kylo Lighsaber ?
  4. Bogan

    Newly Approved Members Post Here!!!

    Hello SL-44485 here My Lord Starkiller was approved a Week ago and iam very happy how it turned out. Iam a Member of the Swiss Garrison and it is my fourth Costume in the Legion. Allready had the Chance to troop once in it and it was a Blast. Much more flexible than Vader
  5. Requesting Detachment Access please Donesies. -DL
  6. Bogan

    Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    On the Road...
  7. Bogan

    Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    Spine Armor is done...
  8. Bogan

    Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    Second Turn: Jacket is fixed and the Heelplates and Cables are attached. Only Thing missing: Neck Spinearmor (working on V2 with Gum Base. (And the left Collar Armor was getting loose during Pictures ) But besides that.... What what do u think? Ready for Approval?
  9. Bogan

    Starkiller Dark Lord Armor (Hoth)

    No Picture is incorrect. Thats the Way a WIP works. So everyone can give you Tips and Opinions. Iam glad i do it with every Costume. The Progress and the Learning is mutch faster then. And Starkiller is my Fourth.
  10. Bogan

    Starkiller Dark Lord Armor (Hoth)

    Sorry to hear..... : ( What are the two difficult Things?
  11. Bogan

    Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    Yes i know It looks silly.... have to change that. BTW: what Material do u use for the Heel Plates..? PVC is nice but really hard on the Heels...
  12. Bogan

    Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    Test with all Parts. Only missing Pieces are the Cables and the Neck Spine. And i have to attache the Jacket to the Pants. Otherwise it will pull up like this.....