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    Florian Bösiger
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    Basel, Swizerland
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    Iam a Life Long Star Wars Fan and i read a lot of Books and Comic and i love the Expended Universe.
    Since iam finished my Vader ESB i try to get in to Starkiller Hoth Armor and Revan.
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  1. i use a JBL Speaker in mx Backpack with a Looping Breathing ans some random lines. No Mics yet.
  2. Some Upgrades on the Way First off... A new Lightsaber. Blackcat Bazaar SK Hilt..... What a Beast. Really acurate and the best Stalker/Lord Starkiller Hilt ive seen so far. I installed a LGT Neopixle Core and now this Thing rocks...!!! Fully motion controlled and with 33 Fonts (3 Starkiller Ones of Course) The Ultrasaber Raven i had i the last Years served me well but its a cluncky and heavy Piece of Garbage in Comparison to this.... Side by Side: A worthy Upgrade.... There is a good Review on Youtube with References. more will come.
  3. how did you make the Vest Closure? thats one thing i want to upgrade on mine.
  4. Looks nice. How is the Backside?
  5. Beltring. on top WA below my printed one
  6. Had the Chance to get my Hands on a second hand WA Revan V2 Upgrades i made: Made a new Sash Altered the Hood for Level 2 Replaced Rubber Straps to Leather (also on the Armor Rings) Printed new Belt O ring Metalic Weathering on Boots and Armor New Strapping System Big Water99 Mask (shipped) Turtleneck Shirt with Line sewn. Additonal Item: RvN v2 Neopixle Lightsaber/ THE PACHSTORE Have to shorten the Bild a bit and i will add the Detail on the lower Backplate
  7. Acctually working on Sharad. I guess he fits more RL because he is still a Jedi. Still.... he lives and breathes the Tusken Belive. ( i would be ok with both Camps) But he also trains his Son as a Jedi, that is clearly light Side. Besides his Son becomes on of the most powerfull Sithlords
  8. its just on the lower Backside. The Hood Fold covers it.
  9. Robe almost done... Polarfleece.
  10. Torso with Gauntlet and Gloves Test. Feels good
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