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  1. The True Lord of Hunger

    Help with Revan?

    Alright I'll order it with a day blade, does seem to be the best option. Just got to lose a couple of pounds and I'll get the costume haha
  2. The True Lord of Hunger

    Help with Revan?

    Just had a look at Vader's Vault, the Sabers look really nice. Definitely want the Rev-N elite and Revanchist. Think I'll have to go with the former for now until the latter is back in stock. I've never had a plecterpixel from there, would you recommend it? Only downside I can think of is the battery life if I'm going on troops, if not I'll just get a red day blade.
  3. The True Lord of Hunger

    Help with Revan?

    Thank you! Yeah I had a Saberforge relic, hilt was nice but the electronics did break down on me a couple of times. Will have to look into them then, would like a red and purple. I'll give crowprops a look too! Cheers
  4. The True Lord of Hunger

    Help with Revan?

    Hey guys, I change my mind like the weather, and I'm planning on putting the Nihilus on hold. Did look into Revan as I love the character (who doesn't?) Anyways I was planning on buying the full set from Wicked Armor and the lightsabers from Saberforge. Any idea where I could get the boots? Or any better suggestions? Cheers
  5. The True Lord of Hunger

    COTF Nihilus WIP

    Hey guys, I'm looking into putting together a Darth Nihilus costume, haven't bought anything yet as I want to make sure the items I'm buying are suitable. Nihilus Robes and mask- ... ch_click=1 Gloves- ... ch_click=1 Belt- ... ch_click=1 Boots- ... 501st.html I was a little unsure about the boots, but they seem suitable. For the Lightsaber I'll be ordering a saberforge Nihilist in deep red. If you have any suggestions on what I could improve or add please let me know Thank you
  6. The True Lord of Hunger

    Saberforge Nihilist?

    As the pach store don't have any Unicron's available, I was looking elsewhere and came across the Nihilist by Saberforge. Has anyone bought this? Would it be suitable for the 501st? Thank you!
  7. The True Lord of Hunger

    COTF Nihilus Costume

    Looking to put together a Nihilus COTF Costume. I'm planning on buying the Wicked Armor version but I'm not sure where to source the rest of the costume. Any help would be appreciated