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  1. Marietta

    Darth Plagueis - a new CRL?

    It would be really cool to meet fellow costumers. I'm on the Galaxy Stage taking part in the cosplay competition on Saturday 3:30 pm, and after that I will be hanging in the crowd in the costume. On Sunday also.
  2. Marietta

    Darth Plagueis - a new CRL?

    Thank you for the answer. What will the costume builder's role be in the process? Wait for comments/requests for more information/changes? I am asking this because meanwhile I'd surely love to discuss this character and costume with fellow fans, because I for sure am not sure how exactly some the parts in the figurine should be constructed in real life and what to do when a decision needs to be made between source images that are a bit in conflict. And simply because it is fun.
  3. Requesting 501st access
  4. Hello fellow Legionaries, my name is Marietta, I'm a 501st member ID-27888 from the Nordic Garrison (Finland). For the last 10 months I have been building a costume based on the Black Series Darth Plagueis figurine and a few other Lucasfilm approved images. I am attending the Star Wars cosplay contest with my build at the Chicago Celebration this Saturday, hoping to make my favorite character Darth Plagueis more known within the Star Wars community. I am still completely foreign to Flagship Eclipse and unsure of the process of suggesting a brand new CRL. I'm Marietta Ivanova on facebook and @mariettaart on Instagram. Please message me, especially if you're coming to Celebration, I would love to get to know you and show you the costume to get your opinions on it. I have so much respect and awe for the costumes in this detachmet. Once I return from Celebration, I will start seriously but humbly working on my dream to get this approved, if it fits the Legion requirements. Here are a few images of the source material and my build, please keep in mind that these are work in progress pictures,: A short video if you click the link or image below: 20190408_184459 by fl fi, on Flickr