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  1. Thanks...didn't mean to offend by the tone of the message. Anyway, I don't sew, I have to rely on others for the sewing part of things. Do you know of any other companies or people out there that would be a better choice. Maybe with in the flagship. Otherwise, maybe I'll have to rethink this, and find a different character to go with. Unless I could find someone here in town to do it. Hard to find good people willing to do commission work...
  2. So, can I ask an honest question without offending...it sounds like about 2/3 of the outfit isn’t correct. Is it going to cost a small fortune to have it altered? I was hoping it was going to be closer to accepting it. It sounds like it will be expensive to fix. The price is $485.00. I wouldn’t want to spend a few hundred more in alterations...
  3. What type of modifications on the outfit? The suit it self isn't to cheap, but wouldn't want to spend a whole it more to make it acceptable. Otherwise might think about going in a different direction if the cost is higher then what I want to spend.
  4. I did not. Forgot about it, and got busy in January. Have seen one from wicked armor from a guy that has one locally here in Denver. I think he’s part of tde. It looked good, well made. If your not from the Rocky Mountain region, I don’t see a problem getting it approved. Have been working on piecing my dark sith together. Need a few more pieces, and hopefully trying to get into the TDE. Flagship doesn’t have a generic sith in the costumes, so have to go about it a different direction. If I get approved, hope to do some troops and such with some of the local groups here. No chapter of flagship is here. Would love to see one. Good luck if you get one. Let me know what they say about them. Maybe I’ll try to order one later...
  5. Hey all, thanks for the feedback. Am happy to know there is a direction I can go in. I would like to see a spire here in Denver. I understand there was one a one point. I have run into one person who is part of the TDE. He's got a nice nihilus. He's also part of the Mando mercs. My Sith looks like a Jedi, but all black with a hooded robe. Topped off with a kyber light saber, red of course. I am looking for someone who can help with the picturing end. Hard to do a self setup. Hope to have pictures soon.
  6. Hey guys...am thinking about joining the dark empire. They have a custom sith category. I was wondering if you accept anyone from the empire on troops. I know it would be a separate group, but would like to do something with a local group from Denver that would allow me to go along. I am part of Rocky Mountain fan force. We do the Denver con, and the st paddy’s day parade in conjunction with the 501st. I can’t officially join, they don’t do generic sith. Just looking for a place to have a little more fun with my sith outfit. Any help?
  7. Thanks for response. I had a simple hooded cloak made, and the material was around $80. Thinking back, you have a good point I didn’t realize. I like the nihilus, and really haven’t seen much better for most of the parts. Will start saving the checks from the haunted house this year, and hopefully have enough to order it after October. It is the easy way out, but when the proper equipment and materials aren’t in my realm, guess you have to go about it a different way...
  8. Hey guys...have been looking around at some of the nihilus costumes. I was looking at wicked armor, they have one of the (Cotf) version. It pricey ($485). Has anyone dealt with them, and are there some others who are reputable and wouldn’t take the money and disappear with it. Would like to make my own, but don’t really have the sewing machine or strong knowledge to make something quality. I am looking for something I can get start with, and have some fun. I don’t see to many nihilus’s at DCC. I am with Rocky Mountain fan force, so I know some of the group in the 501st. Also, is there a local group of flagship in the Denver area? I see postings, but usually from other states...
  9. Have a question for you. How much was the costume form wicked armor? I have been looking at it. How was the service. I have heard of people sending the funds only to have them take the money and run. Looking to take the easier route for the first costume of this type. Looks very sinister...
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