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  1. By the way.. about how much lower heel? 3/4 of it, 1/2 of it or even smaller than that?
  2. Ok. Thanks on the response. I am still looking and now I know I need to look for lower heels too . I am used to be need to look for a while, since I need 45-46 in size and that is not as usual as the smaller sizes.
  3. Cool. I made mine out of a Raspberry Pi 1 that I had laying around. The only disadvantage with mine is that it is wired, but I am thinking of looking into the RPi Zero with BT for a possible upgrade in that aspect.
  4. I know, but I find it best to always ask here first about Flagship Eclipse parts
  5. Hi. I want to know if these boots (with som alterations of the the straps to just have the required single one oc) would be approved? What else would be required as alteration if they pass the test? (except the obviuos strap and some weathering) 2020 Mens Boots - Harness Western Boots
  6. Now I got a bit confused here Is my hilt resembling the KOTOR II or the COTF version of the hilt? If I look at the CRL's for the both, this is COTF, which is my aim with the hilt, since my costume is COTF, If this is more of a KOTOR II look, is there a resource for the COTF somewhere? My doubt lies in that when I search the rest of the net for reference, this hilt show up as COTF on some hits and KOTOR II on others and I get hits on a more round design as the COTF version. Also, I am currently working on making the rough parts a bit smother whe
  7. Hi. I have been working on a lightsaber for my COTF Nihilus costume and since it seems hard to find this on the net I gave it a try and made my own. It is only light, no sound at the moment. And i know this is originally the KOTOR-design, this lightsaber is made from the reference pictures for the COTF Nihilus The only thing I am aware of is that my coloring on the blade might be a bit uneven. (The picture with light is bit missleading, it is not as strong as it seems) Want feedback ck on htsaber
  8. Hi. Now that I have used my Nihilus build a few times I have experienced a small problem. I use a blackout mask to cover eyes and neck and in front of that I wear a worbla mask do create the mouth. With this setup, people seen to have problem to hear me talk. Any suggestions on a solution? A bonus would be if the solution also gives me a voice closer to the one Nihilus have, to make a better experience for those I meet.
  9. I use worbla for the cowl and ears. Add some minimal support to make it stay in shape better. I used an ice cream stick for support.
  10. I am no expert on the subject yet, but here are some small input from my side. (feel free to correct me if I am wrong on any point) * The hood has no knot, as it should have. * The hood seems a bit to big IMO. * You will have to add a hard blackout mask since Nihilus needs a mouth now. * The quilts seem to be a bit far apart IMO. * The quilted fabric does not seem to differ from the fabric of the rest of the costume, as it should according to CRL. * I think the fabric is a bit to smooth for Nihilus old appearance. * The cape needs to be adjusted to not hang s
  11. Take two. Another coloring technique. And simple electrical wiring done.
  12. Thank you all Looking forward to my trooping's. And a lightsaber is WIP. Experimenting with a led I bought some years ago. Got a glow in all of the blade, but it is not as evenly spread in the blade as I hope. Blade is polycarbonate and i have tried with a layers of cellophane wrap and a reflective tape at the top to make the light "bounce back". Want to give it a try at least to have a first saber, and then maybe look at upgrading in the future
  13. Hi. Just wanted to share an early draft of my "slightly damaged" Nihilus hilt.
  14. Requesting access for Darth Nihilus https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29970 Complete. ~Satya
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