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  1. Isn’t that under tunic sewn in at the wa suit or at least something that makes it look like that. But the faceplate has for sure 3 ovals. Not 2. maybe the gmos of the garrisons just didn’t notice that and approved them.
  2. Did the CRL Change? wicked armor faceplate has 3 side ovals. CRL says 2. but as far as i know everyone was approved with a wicked armor faceplate so far. It should be no problem to remove one oval. I am just curious. beside of the faceplate. Is there any other change that makes the wicked armor nihilus not approvable anymore?
  3. He would make a inner tunic (second one). And CRL says: The sleeves are made from a smoother fabric than the rest of the costume. So i think, it should be no Problem, that the Shirt is of a different material? My question was: Is it a Problem, that his outer and inner skirt is sewn into one Piece? The inner and outer skirt is there, but just one Piece.
  4. Alright ty. And what about this: Anyone an idea?
  5. Hello, i am Chris from Germany. And i want to start a cotf nihilus. I realized, that wicked armor does a great Job on this costume and i want to buy one of these. Besides that he does not offer the inner tunic, his inner and outer skirt is sewn into one Piece. And i want to ask, if this is a problem or not? I already have gloves and boots for my officer and want to ask, if these are ok for the nihilus costume? Best regards, Christian
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