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  1. Barby007

    Hello from a nerdy noob!

    Thanks for the welcome! I too am glad to see another STEM person in here. Thank you for the link. I will definitely ask for help on there. Barby
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Barbara. I go by Barby. I know a few people in the 501st (Everglades Squad). I have been trying to get my life in order in order to be able to join myself. I'm a teacher. I teach STEM. My classroom is Star Wars themed. I love Star Wars. I am also a part of Disciples of the Force which is a Dark Side Disney Star Wars Social Club. I'm the secretary & web designer for the club. I'm planning on joining 501st as Doctor Aphra. Unfortunately, I do not know how to sew or cook. I'm not the girliest of women. lol I am looking to get some information on costuming & will need a lot of assistance. Costuming is a whole new thing for me. I have cosplayed as Ed & Ein from Cowboy Bebop & Rey in the past but I tend to buy my costumes. I never enter any contests. I cosplay because I love to. I'm a big gamer nerd. I play miniature war games, card games, video games, etc. I hope to get in contact with many of you & get LOTS of help. Barby