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  1. I would not use that "licensed" costume as reference for anything. Focus on images from The Clone Wars. Like many things in TCW it is multi-tonal. If there are inaccuracies, you can work with the detachment leader and her team to address those and once cleared by the LMOs things could be adjusted.
  2. ionicdesign

    Darth Nihilus sounds

    pm sent.
  3. ionicdesign

    Barriss Offee Traitor CRL Text

    Ah, my bad, that is indeed not the same one, the other appears to have been archived.
  4. ionicdesign

    Barriss Offee Traitor CRL Text

    The updated link is here:
  5. ionicdesign

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    Best of luck with the photos. If your GML has any questions let me know. We hope all goes well.
  6. ionicdesign

    Flagship recognize the dark empire?

    As long as what you submitted fit within The Dark Empire's standards (for LFL characters they typically link to TFE and SLD CRLs) for custom characters they have specifics of what they look for, you should be fine. Their forums also have places to do build threads and get feedback along the way.
  7. ionicdesign

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    Sounds good. Oh the middle of the shirt is vinyl? Interesting. No changing that would require special boot paint. Not a big deal.
  8. ionicdesign

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    No. The lighter part of the top is ideally a little more grey, but you look well on the right track. Do tell on other questions, Brita (LadyB) and I would be happy to help. Brita and I made templates for the tattoos if those would help.
  9. ionicdesign

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    As far as belt construction goes they should be circular rings. as to attaching sabers to it the one figure has a covertec on both sides, the comics and animations the sabers basically hang magically from the middle or sides.
  10. Welcome Greg, glad to have you here.
  11. ionicdesign

    Darth Nihilus sounds

    It is PM replied to. Best of luck with it.
  12. ionicdesign

    Darth Nihilus sounds

    The link does work. If interested send me a pm, happy to share.
  13. ionicdesign

    Mortis Ahsoka Tano

    Be sure and take them without con badges and in the best light and simplest background possible. Posting here is fine, be sure and also email to the LMO address @ Thanks.
  14. ionicdesign

    Emperor Roan Fel (Legacy) Question

    I agree. I think it would be fine to have gauntlets optional on the first. Also I would keep the gold, comic are quick and have fast turn over and I would concur that it was probably an accident to not include those details. The IK is another outfit as noted and would have its own CRL.
  15. ionicdesign

    Asajj Ventress Dark Disciple

    and do tell if LadyB or can can assist, happy to do so.