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  1. So I've been looking at boots for my Ventress and haven't been lucky untill now, potentially. I know its up to my GML to finally decide, but I want some input this option from those who are/more familir.
  2. Awesome! Thank you so much for the quick reply. That's a very good point about it being based on a 3D model. Would you recommend sintra/similar material to make the buckles for the bracer straps? Oh, and the greaves. I've seen a template floating around here. Is the idea to print it out and use it to cut/shape/form the material to the shapes? Seems like a silly question, I know but I just want to be sure, haha.
  3. Hello all. I want to start a Nightsister Ventress build. I've been looking at the CRL for about a week and it's all I've been thinking about doing. My husband just had his birthday recently, and was given a Star Wars book from a family member of each character through till Last Jedi. Thumbing through it and I saw Ventress, I remembered her being such a badass in Clone Wars, I wanted to try to do her build. I'm already a Jawa for my garrison (Starkiller), so this would be my 2nd costume and something completely different. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! :) I've taken a look at some of the threads here and right now my biggest questions are: 1. Is there a recommended fabric for the bodysuit/leggings, sash and cowl? 2. How best to make the medallions, bracer straps and greaves? 3. Are white/light grey leggings acceptable for the part of the legs that are visible?