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  1. Requesting 501st and Eclipse access- approved as DS-18518, Concept Asajj
  2. Tricotajj

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    My GML liked me, so I sent in an application. Plus I was absolutely mobbed by younglings at the Purimspiel.
  3. Tricotajj

    Names Called While Trooping

    Now have two new ones as Asajj- Female Cenobite and Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy. I guess all bald women look the same. Also: Aja, Aji, Ava, Saji, Ventures, and "uh, that one Sith chick." They don't recognize the power of the Dark Side.
  4. Tricotajj

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    Upd8: I added my D-rings, and magnets to hold the sabers. They're pretty strong, I wouldn't vigorously Caramelldanse or anything but they hold just fine for walking around. I'm getting my head shaved tomorrow and taking my submission photos. There's a local con this weekend. Big bro and I are going to put on a lightsaber duel for the cosplay contest. Wish me luck, y'all.
  5. Tricotajj

    Names Called While Trooping

    Someone at NYCC called me Ahsoka. If you know who she is, shouldn't you be able to tell her and Asajj Ventress apart? We're both... girl... dual wield... and have face tattoos?
  6. Tricotajj

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    I've got your templates already, I lurked these forums for a while before making my account. All the step-by-steps were a great help, and I'm sure the tempaltes will be as well. Not sure I'll be able to darken the vinyl without ruining it, but I was planning on making a backup bodysuit anyway. I'll keep it posted.
  7. Tricotajj

    Prospective Dr. Aphra says hi

    I had good results with They have free shipping to the contiguous US, they have a bunch of deals and scrap packs, and they do samples!
  8. Tricotajj

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    Well, I have the "geared up"version that I wore to New York Comic-Con. My brother and I got into IGN's gallery! (I made his costume too.) But of course I'll have to change it up for approval.
  9. Tricotajj

    Hello everybody!

    Thanks! I've posted some pictures here.
  10. Tricotajj

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    This page also shows /O\
  11. Tricotajj

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    LadyB- your pictures were a great help putting this together, thank you! The CRL does say D-rings are ok, and one of those references looks more like D-rings. I guess asking my GML directly is better for tiny details like that. No glaring inaccuracies, though? Apart from the fact I've got hair and no makeup? (I shaved it for NYCC, this is three months' growth.)
  12. Tricotajj

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    Yes, constructive criticism. Sorry These are a couple of the references I was lookin at. The CRL only says "attachment points made of D-rings", so does that mean anything goes? She's the sort of girl to own more than one belt.
  13. Tricotajj

    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    I made all this myself. The skirt is a half-circle of black linen and moves gorgeously. The white of the bodysuit is matte stretch vinyl, while the black is crepe. I need concrit on the belts. I'm planning to add d-rings per her appearance in the comics, and I also want to add clips to hang the sabers. I have 3d printed clips already (brother's in the local CAD program.) But there's canon sources for a bunch of different configurations of the saber hilts and belt buckle, and I'm not sure which one is best. I like the idea of )O(, but also the comics often have them hanging horizontally from the side belts, and the "betrayed" outfit from TCW has them hanging vertically from the side belts. I don't think putting them on top of the belt buckle like some of the concept art has would work- too much mass in too small an area.
  14. Tricotajj

    Hello everybody!

    I'm Eve, I'm a new Concept Asajj Ventress from the Garrison Excelsior, and I actually already have a costume so I'll be posting some turnaround pictures in the appropriate forum in a hot second! Looking for concrit...