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  1. Great! It seems that we are all on the same page about this. However the question about the "cuff" or "ring" still remains. What is it made of? judging from the picture i posted before, it looks to me that the cuff matches the hard armor rather than the leather. Also from a practical standpoint it would seem to me that it would work better to make it out of a hard material, since that (at least in my mind) would hold its shape better than leather or faux leather would. But i could be wrong.
  2. Interesting. But if the cuff is a seperate piece, can we then be sure of that what he is wearing is actually greaves/boot armor and not just tall boots with a seperate ring or cuff around it? I also found this picture in the refrence gallery (it's also on the star wars website.) the picture is a color guide which seems to show that the "greaves" are actually made of leather, same as the boots. As previously mentioned you can also see in this picture that the "greaves" looks the same as the boots and also different than the rest of the armor.
  3. Hi! Working on and off with a G.I costume and the parts that really confuses me are the boots and greaves. The crl states that the boots should be "knee-high" or for level 2 be "English riding (dress) boots or Equestrian boots". The problem i have with this is that i can't imagine being able to put on greaves with those kind of boots. Also the boots pictured in the crl pictures looks more like ankle boots to me. does anyone on here have any input or any clear pictures of what the boots should look like?