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  1. Really sorry I missed your inquiry Christopher, I hope you'd already long found your answer. But, if you haven't, this is a KB Props rig I built. I'm thinking about ordering a new kit, a size down, which I think will fit me more appropriately. I think the KB large size kit is for someone of 6'2" or larger stature.
  2. Gio can be hit or miss on emails, but I was always pretty lucky with getting a hold of him. However, I haven't had any direct communications with him since 2017, so I cannot speak for now. Though, as far as I know, he's still well spoken of in the Legion with reliability. I do know he's been working closely with the new Major Vonreg pilot costume, so his attentions might have been diverted elsewhere (though that really should prevent one from responding). You can get boots almost anywhere though... I'm wearing Han Solo boots, which are basically tall jackboots, which come to the knee. So don't feel like you need to special order boots, unless that's something you are really striving for (or need very specific sizing).
  3. I did get approved with my Archon, yes. I had since had two different options come up, however. First, I had commissioned an empty Imperial Knight hilt through Ox Works sabers (on Facebook) out of Finland. It took a long time to get the finished product, but I kept good communication with Janne throughout the process and had no expectations of getting it the following week (which he was quite appreciative of and not accustomed to that sort of reception from customers). From design, to machining, to painting, and then international shipping, it took about 4 months and about $155 shipped (if memory serves). I do not know if he's up for doing any more of these however, but I imagine he has his artwork saved so the design is there. Next option I discovered at our C2E2 convention this past March. I happened to be walking the con floor, and I saw a saber vendor there and low and behold...an Imperial Knight saber. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to ask them if this was an active run, or was it just a display. It was an active run. WonderForce Sabers and their Kishi saber. I bought the model they had available at the show, which was a color changer, with a few different soundfont banks (I believe it's three - I actually haven't bothered to figure it out yet because I don't really care). There isn't an actual white color in the switch, but the Cool Blue gets close enough to pass for now (they told me that I can plug the saber into the computer and edit the blade colors). I also bought it with their opaque white blade, so I have a white blade when the saber is off anyway. This saber is crazy loud too. It's the loudest saber I've ever heard...you can still hear it during a con. I had to tape the speaker port during my last hospital troop, because I felt it was too loud for that application. :p It uses 18650 batteries, so I bought a bunch of 3500mAh Tenergy batteries, and I'm all set to go non-stop. Here's a video link to the saber overview, if you want to see it. The switches are still a bit quirky for me, but I'm definitely happy with it.
  4. I did neglect to update here that I was approved on September 11th. Yes, that is very strange our chestplates are different, wonder if somehow you got an older model that was lying around or something. The one I have matches the one in his Facebook armor album he posted this year (and I got my stuff August of 2016). I custom ordered my undersuit from Giovanni (Crow Props). When I saw the First Order TIE Pilot flightsuits up close, and how similar to leather they looked, I just knew I had to see if I could get the suit for the IK made. Gio and I communicated a few times, dug up a bunch of reference photos from Jan and Thomas, and he went to his seamstress and they came up with a plan. Submitted my measurements, and granted it took quite a while, but he got the job done. And I am very pleased with the result. The suit breathes, so I don't sweat my cajones off, yet gives a leather-like appearance so it looks right. I inquired, and Gio said that he is able to make more suits, for those interested. He also makes the male and female versions of the belts, and boots for those who need.
  5. Hello. I just received notification of my Imperial Knight approval today, requesting Detachment access. Here is the link to my costume profile: http://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=21196&costumeID=309 And thank you!
  6. Thanks Tommy, and thanks for the help earlier. To answer your questions, the pants I'm wearing in these pics, actually, are just some Champion running pants I had from Target. So, yeah, they have a sheen to them, but don't think it gives a leather-like sheen...ya know? And the sleeves should be relatively easy to fix...just tighten up what already has been stitched a little bit more. I'm not expecting much difficulty with that. I'm also considering sewing some velcro right on the cuff edge, and then on the inside of my gloves, just so they will adhere together just a little bit.
  7. Avatar190

    Imperial Knight WIP

    Avatar190's Imperial Knight WIP Album
  8. Current checklist for changes needed: Pants - ones in these images are incorrect. I do have a pair of Vader pants, but I do not like them they are too hot. But if my replacement takes too much longer to arrive, I'll do what needs to, and suffer. Sleeves - need to tighten up the wrists, they are too big Bracer & Hand guards - after fixing the wrists, get that gap closed up Upper back plate - ensure velcro is not visible below the shoulder straps Touch-up Painting - not really visible, but I know it's there, and I want it fixed Shoulder straps - install padding That's it for now...I think...
  9. So, the latest test run was at RennCon this past weekend at Bristol Renaissance Faire. The cod piece definitely held in place better. Ab plate still pops out a bit, and the snaps kept popping out, which might have been the problem at the time of this image. Might replace the snaps for stronger snaps, or incorporate velcro with the snaps (likely this). Wondering if I reinforce the pleather, or go with leather and harden it... Really need to get that hand guard and bracers placed correctly...too much gap. I'm going to tighten up the sleeves on my tunic, and make sure those bracers are sitting in the proper place to marry up with the hand guards. Oh, and pad the shoulder straps, like I mentioned before...damn I was sore after this run. I'm just waiting for my pants to arrive, and aside of those few tweaks, I might be ready to go. Anyone here have any thoughts, comments, suggestions?
  10. The snap configuration with the strip of pleather. Hoping this provides enough rigid support to prevent breathing and my gut to pop the armor pieces out or alignment with the belt. All of the pieces snapped together, as viewed from the backside. This is the front view, without the belt Front view, with the belt
  11. Back to square one, I decided to switch to a snap system and a hopefully less pliable strip of pleather. So, replaced all the velcro, and glued snap anchors in their place.
  12. I used YaYa Han "leather" fabric strips to tie the armor pieces together behind the belt with velcro, It worked well, I had no problems with anything popping off. Problems I experienced, the YaYa Han fabric was too stretchy, so it allowed for a lot of movement. This would be comfortable, but... As noted above, the stretchy YaYa Han fabric was too stretchy, and as I found out at Celebration, the armor pieces would be popped out of place from my gut. I didn't care for the look.
  13. Backside of the chest plate and pauldrons, now painted black. Used snap system, à la stormtroopers, to attach the shoulder bells. Velcro to attach the sides and, as I mentioned before, the ab plate and cod piece. Ab Plate (front and back w/velcro) Btw, notice the black...this isn't paint. I thought I'd give it some "weight" by using Flex Seal. DON'T DO THAT. It does give it weight, but Flex Seal does not let you stick anything to it. So, none of the velcro or any glue that I tried to put onto it would not stick. And it was a HUGE pain in the testicles to get the residue off, so things would adhere. Cod Piece (front and back w/velcro)
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