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  1. Nice. I do think you're nearly there, really there's not a ton left to do. And again, some of the points I made *could* still be passed by your GML. I'm not saying they should, but an item like 15 ribs vs 20 ribs on the shirt might be something they'd let slide, just have a conversation with them about it. I had the same issues using the vinyl decals you're having too, what I did to fix it was just xacto blade the bubble out and make it a subtle damage/weathering hit. And I totally feel for you about starting and basically finishing a build and having the CRL change on you at the last moment. I had the same happen to me with my Tie Pilot, I finished and before I could submit for approval the CRL updated and there was way more than I wanted to do to update myself. But you're looking great so far and I'm glad you were also able to get that new lightsaber.
  2. That neck looks much better! You still won't have very much head movement, that is just the nature of this costume. Take a read through the CRL, the text was all been updated in February. There is no longer a need for greaves on this costume, ankle rings are perfectly acceptable. The rings can be leather to match the boot or printed as you have them and match the armor. I would suggest wrapping your prints with leather to match the boots. Your pictures are rather small so it is hard to see some details. I can't tell if you have a neck seal or not for example. It looks like there might be some strange skewing with your imperial cogs. It looks like they are pointed and not circular. I see your earlier post says they are printed cogs so they have a thickness to them, but silver vinyl decals instead would be your best bet for these. The Grand Inquisitor's shirt has only 15 ribs on the front, it looks like you have about 20, but this might be something that would be up to your GML to decide if it will be acceptable. It looks like you still need to add the colors to your neck as well, the flange on top should be grey with a silver pinstripe underneath. Overall this is looking great! A few quick things to do and I think you'll be ready to submit a really nice costume. And I'm digging the color of your gloves. Those should ideally match the color of the shirt sleeves and finding a good pair of gloves was something I struggled with myself but it looks like yours are a good match.
  3. C2E2 2022 with the actual inquisitors and daddy Vader. Tbh I don't think Rupert recognized me as the Grand Inquisitor but they were both excited to see us. Chicago Wolves game 2023 with the squad. Lightsaber died within an hour or two of being turned on. Not sure what's up with that but my guess is because it is a single core running two pixel blades it's just too much to handle. CRL pic. So you can see how much the red lens can change from red to black depending on the lighting. And how the chest and vambrace lights change in camera. After 3 troops in this costume I gotta say it's really not the most easy to wear. Collar comes off as I intended so I can actually move my head around which is nice at least. But the shape of the chest armor is surprisingly awkward. The stl files are all very nice looking but wearability could be better. That's the problem with some of these 3d printable armor sets, the artist probably isn't the one printing and wearing the model so they don't know exactly how it will fit and function. They are very thick models which makes things heavy and tight. And if wearing the collar with the helmet it forces my back and neck to be stretched up the entire time while my shoulders are pressing down to make enough room for the helmet and collar to mate up. In a shocking comparison I also perform as C-3PO and I'm not kidding when I say I am almost more comfortable wearing the droid than wearing this inquisitor. But still it is a really cool costume to see at events. Imposing yet familiar. I have been recognized as an "inquisitor" but also as I predicted "vader" and "that guy". So not too bad.
  4. Belt Really straight forward. This I fabricated from sheet aluminum. Gave it a slight curve in the sheet metal roller. Same dimensions as a standard officer's belt, about 3 x 4 inches and the extra little rectangle glued on the left side. I engraved the circle with my dremel and it's being held with velcro to keep it easy. 2 inch black leather for the belt part. Boots Now with the CRL update gone is the greaves and in is the ankle ring *and everyone cheers*. This is literally just craft foam to get the shape correct and laminated to black vinyl to match the leather boots. My current boots as listed in my first breakdown post here are Crowprops officer boots and I gotta say Crowprops has been pretty hit or miss for me. My TK boots are perfect but my jackboots and now these officer boots are just massive on me. Not too sure what the deal is because they ask for very specific measurements. So i'm looking for replacements now but bottom line is the Grand Inquisitor wears officer boots with an ankle ring.
  5. Finished Helmet Updates finally... I've been done with this costume for a while now but with it's inclusion into the new CRL I gotta finish this wip thread. This helmet was a challenge ngl. As mentioned earlier, I cut the neck away so it can actually fit onto a human head. It hinges in the back with a nylon webbing strap that is glued in and then locks in around my jaw with magnets. Putting it on requires a second person to hold the helmet while I spread the neck around my own. And once it's on, it's on. After this the collar of the armor can be put on which also takes some finagling. The helmet does in fact fit right inside the collar like in the show, and as you can imagine there is absolutely no head movement at this point. It's essentially like wearing a neck brace. But this is accurate for the show[emoji854] Being that the only time the Grand Inquisitor wears the helmet is when he's flying his tie fighter, this is exactly the way tie pilots act in that their hoses are meant to retain head movement. And being a tie pilot myself I can confirm that those hoses are stiff. Painting the helmet was pretty straight forward, nothing too crazy going on here. The biggest detail that I think could be missed is the ears are not completely grey. Taking a closer look, the face of the ears is of course grey but this only extends to the radius of the edge and NOT along the sides of the ears. Looking at the detail on the forehead, the two half rounds end in points facing down. And the small blob on top is a stout raindrop shape also with its point facing down. I freehanded these details with the same silver as for the pin striping on the armor. I will point out that the top half round is wider at its start and tapers off as it gets closer to the pointed bottom. All the weathering is the same as I did on the armor which is rolling a ball of tape over the wet surface which irregularly reveals the grey metal basecoat. I may go over the whole kit later with brushed on Elmers glue which will give it that hazy, dirty look like in the show. A very similar look to the character models in Battlefront 2. The lens is RED! Finally. I've stared at this image for a long time and I think I've figured it out. I know the argument that there are red lights shining in the tie fighter so that must be what's making the lens appear red, HOWEVER those red lights are not what is shining and reflecting on the face of his helmet. There is clearly a bright, direct, white light shining on his face in this scene. This white light is reflecting in the lens and showing its true color, red. In the scene where the GI is walking in the hanger holding his helmet under his arm, the lens appears black. This is the same way a stormtrooper helmet appears, when not in a direct light source it appears black but as we all know and love the stormtrooper has a green lens. I would also argue that it would be acceptable for the wearer's eyes to still show if under direct lighting conditions because you can see the glow of his yellow eyes here as well. Very subtle though.
  6. I am the new V2 crl for doing the helmeted version and I will say the helmet is a challenge. Where did you get your model from? The issue I had was the model I got wasn't even scaled for a human, it was scaled for an action figure. And I had the same issues you're having with scaling to fit over your head and mate with the neck. From your picture it appears you're scaling is skewed in the Z direction making it more short and wide when ideally it should be more tall and skinny. Could be ok if it is all proportional. What I had to do was scale it so it was the height of my head, and proportionally in the X and Y directions. This helmet is goofy because at proper scale the neck hole will not fit over your head. I needed to cut the back of the helmet off in order to make it go on and off my head. This is the same way a clone helmet gets put together. I will update my build thread now that the crl is being finalized but what I have said is mostly detailed there already. Once it is made and you're wearing it, it will fit right inside the neck of the armor, and no there is not going to be any neck movement after that. But that is technically accurate... In your picture it's looking like your neck is going to be too small as well. Keep in mind the neck opening in the front needs to be able to fit around your own neck so you can get it on.
  7. Requesting detachment access thanks! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=32826&costumeID=6
  8. I'm not too sure that fabric makes sense, not to me anyways. Capes aren't a lightweight garment. I'd find out what Second Sister's are using and go based on that. A cotton blend sure, but a heavier weight definitely. For the cogs it would probably work best too to paint them especially to get the beat up look and because from a practical standpoint it looks more like its printed on the fabric and not like a decal on top of the fabric. That belt looks like its also not a uniform width. Probably 2 inches at the buckle but in this picture at least it widens on the sides where the boxes are attached. Boots look pretty regular but especially in the design render of him they are clearly not classic imperial boots like on an officer. I would guess that could be a level 2 option though.
  9. I’m late to this but it’s looking good. This texture could also be done after the armor is painted smoothly using a sponge and Elmer’s glue. Gives it a grimey battlefront 2 look and can be taken off or layered up easily. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah the paint on the collar is not called out on the crl but it is absolutely present in the show. As for the saber, xeno vs proffie. It’s already an expensive saber. Unless you will be customizing it a lot more for the fonts then sure get the proffie. For me I decided not to because it is a face character so as long as I have it as a red blade 99% of the time then I’m all good with that. The effects transitions as I have mentioned could be better for the price but that’s my only gripe. The gesture controls on the xeno are quite fun to play with in front of fans I will say. I do not know if a proffie has gesture capability. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I just saw that! It looks nice. Yes, that is what I have learned is the difference between the two lightsaber boards. Just is a shame the xeno doesn't have the same clean transition from effect back to smooth humming.
  12. Reference pics And for good measure so I can prove out the paint detailing on the neck and chest armor, this is what I'm looking at. It is very subtle but it's all there.
  13. Lightsaber update By now I'm sure you've seen it on tic tok and instagram, the LGT Grand Inquisitor *inspired* lightsaber. I knew this would happen. I knew I'd finish this costume and then with the release of Kenobi someone would finally make the Grand Inquisitor lightsaber for real. I just thought it would be the live action version and not rebels version. But here we are. So surprise I bought it. Dark Wolf had the best price I could find for it at $650 for a xeno pixel. I still have no idea what the difference between a xeno and a proffie is but I wanted to save $100 and try it out. My opinions on this saber... It's cool but could be better. Not as much of a fan of the xeno pixel option vs the proffie. The effects are all the same like clash and tip drag and fonts are all the same pretty much, but the proffie does a much better job executing these effects. For example on the proffie for clash effect, hold the button and hit the blade and it will clash until you release the button, and the sound will resonate for an extra second like a thunder clap. With the xeno option the sound just stops abruptly when you release the button. Same difference with the other effects as well. Just seems to me like even with the price difference, it doesn't seem like the sounds should be this different especially with it still being expensive. The hilt itself I think looks very nice. It's not a replica but inspired so I know it looks different than the show. Mostly the polished aluminum shouldn't be a thing here. The hilt should be a gun metal, dark grey, not polished aluminum. Besides that, looks-wise, it's a nice hilt. It folds and has the red buttons (fake buttons) on either side. There is a squeak sound on mine that I can't figure out where its coming from. Either squeaking in the chassis or on the metal shroud around the grip, I'm not sure. There are several moving parts on this hilt so I guess that is to be expected. One concern I do have is for the battery life. I have not found an option on the xeno pixel that will tell me the battery percentage like the proffie does. And with this being two blades on a single battery I fear it will not last nearly as long. I've noticed after playing with it for a while, changing fonts over and over and playing music on it, the top blade tends to not light properly after a while. Like its too much to keep both blades going especially with the music also playing. Maybe its a connection issue to the blade but idk. Also have found that if opening and closing the rings this sometimes makes the blade connection go bad because of how it all screws together. So overall, it's a really nice one, but some things could function better especially for this price. And for it being the ONLY metal hilt Grand Inquisitor lightsaber, probably everyone in this group should get one.
  14. Not saying these would or wouldn't pass basic... But shirt should have 15 vertical ribs, not 26. Colors overall look pretty spot on to me. The fly should be a rectangular panel and not just a regular fly. Could be an easy change to just sew a rectangle of fabric over that area. Once you have boots just be sure the pants are long enough because they look disproportionally short in the pics. For the armor JMS and Tristone props on etsy are the only creators I know of for this armor. If you have a garrison mate with a printer that's the way I did it because I don't have a printer either. Magmel creations on etsy for the belt is an option.
  15. Thanks Malte. I know it's not accurate but the TIE belt also doesn't look too out of place so I'm not going to fuss over it right now. Yeah on the lightsaber I definitely was planning to do the same as you but decided in the end that anything base lit, even tri cree, just wouldn't look as nice as I'd like it to be. And at least with the saber I got it will absolutely be able to be heard in a con. It's very loud haha. And why have a lightsaber if it doesn't do lightsaber things, ya know? My hope is that with Kenobi out now and good reference for the live action hilt then someone will eventually make a metal hilt, albeit a realistic and not animated version, so I'll maybe invest in that someday.
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