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  1. I'm not too sure that fabric makes sense, not to me anyways. Capes aren't a lightweight garment. I'd find out what Second Sister's are using and go based on that. A cotton blend sure, but a heavier weight definitely. For the cogs it would probably work best too to paint them especially to get the beat up look and because from a practical standpoint it looks more like its printed on the fabric and not like a decal on top of the fabric. That belt looks like its also not a uniform width. Probably 2 inches at the buckle but in this picture at least it widens on the sides where the boxes are attached. Boots look pretty regular but especially in the design render of him they are clearly not classic imperial boots like on an officer. I would guess that could be a level 2 option though.
  2. I’m late to this but it’s looking good. This texture could also be done after the armor is painted smoothly using a sponge and Elmer’s glue. Gives it a grimey battlefront 2 look and can be taken off or layered up easily. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah the paint on the collar is not called out on the crl but it is absolutely present in the show. As for the saber, xeno vs proffie. It’s already an expensive saber. Unless you will be customizing it a lot more for the fonts then sure get the proffie. For me I decided not to because it is a face character so as long as I have it as a red blade 99% of the time then I’m all good with that. The effects transitions as I have mentioned could be better for the price but that’s my only gripe. The gesture controls on the xeno are quite fun to play with in front of fans I will say. I do not know if a proffie has gesture capability. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I just saw that! It looks nice. Yes, that is what I have learned is the difference between the two lightsaber boards. Just is a shame the xeno doesn't have the same clean transition from effect back to smooth humming.
  5. Reference pics And for good measure so I can prove out the paint detailing on the neck and chest armor, this is what I'm looking at. It is very subtle but it's all there.
  6. Lightsaber update By now I'm sure you've seen it on tic tok and instagram, the LGT Grand Inquisitor *inspired* lightsaber. I knew this would happen. I knew I'd finish this costume and then with the release of Kenobi someone would finally make the Grand Inquisitor lightsaber for real. I just thought it would be the live action version and not rebels version. But here we are. So surprise I bought it. Dark Wolf had the best price I could find for it at $650 for a xeno pixel. I still have no idea what the difference between a xeno and a proffie is but I wanted to save $100 and try it out. My opinions on this saber... It's cool but could be better. Not as much of a fan of the xeno pixel option vs the proffie. The effects are all the same like clash and tip drag and fonts are all the same pretty much, but the proffie does a much better job executing these effects. For example on the proffie for clash effect, hold the button and hit the blade and it will clash until you release the button, and the sound will resonate for an extra second like a thunder clap. With the xeno option the sound just stops abruptly when you release the button. Same difference with the other effects as well. Just seems to me like even with the price difference, it doesn't seem like the sounds should be this different especially with it still being expensive. The hilt itself I think looks very nice. It's not a replica but inspired so I know it looks different than the show. Mostly the polished aluminum shouldn't be a thing here. The hilt should be a gun metal, dark grey, not polished aluminum. Besides that, looks-wise, it's a nice hilt. It folds and has the red buttons (fake buttons) on either side. There is a squeak sound on mine that I can't figure out where its coming from. Either squeaking in the chassis or on the metal shroud around the grip, I'm not sure. There are several moving parts on this hilt so I guess that is to be expected. One concern I do have is for the battery life. I have not found an option on the xeno pixel that will tell me the battery percentage like the proffie does. And with this being two blades on a single battery I fear it will not last nearly as long. I've noticed after playing with it for a while, changing fonts over and over and playing music on it, the top blade tends to not light properly after a while. Like its too much to keep both blades going especially with the music also playing. Maybe its a connection issue to the blade but idk. Also have found that if opening and closing the rings this sometimes makes the blade connection go bad because of how it all screws together. So overall, it's a really nice one, but some things could function better especially for this price. And for it being the ONLY metal hilt Grand Inquisitor lightsaber, probably everyone in this group should get one.
  7. Not saying these would or wouldn't pass basic... But shirt should have 15 vertical ribs, not 26. Colors overall look pretty spot on to me. The fly should be a rectangular panel and not just a regular fly. Could be an easy change to just sew a rectangle of fabric over that area. Once you have boots just be sure the pants are long enough because they look disproportionally short in the pics. For the armor JMS and Tristone props on etsy are the only creators I know of for this armor. If you have a garrison mate with a printer that's the way I did it because I don't have a printer either. Magmel creations on etsy for the belt is an option.
  8. Thanks Malte. I know it's not accurate but the TIE belt also doesn't look too out of place so I'm not going to fuss over it right now. Yeah on the lightsaber I definitely was planning to do the same as you but decided in the end that anything base lit, even tri cree, just wouldn't look as nice as I'd like it to be. And at least with the saber I got it will absolutely be able to be heard in a con. It's very loud haha. And why have a lightsaber if it doesn't do lightsaber things, ya know? My hope is that with Kenobi out now and good reference for the live action hilt then someone will eventually make a metal hilt, albeit a realistic and not animated version, so I'll maybe invest in that someday.
  9. Initial suit up cheesin. I'm very pleased with how this is looking so far and I'll be very happy to get the helmet finished. Really not too much different than in Kenobi and I'm going to be called Darth Vader anyways so why does it really matter [emoji6] I'll make changes to the lightsaber and the boot/greave debate at some point but for now I'm totally good with this. It's funny, I started this well before it was ever announced the Grand Inquisitor would be in Kenobi and I knew there would be costume changes but I was way too far into this to stop lol. I couldn't be happier though with his live action inclusion.
  10. Helmet Bueller..? Bueller..? The helmet i'm still waiting on while my buddy's printer is down. I anxiously await it's arrival. Edit: 7/31 After a few attempts at printing the helmet, we finally go it. The files from JMS props were great, the only problem was when my buddy took it into his 3d printer program it was coming in at about 1/12 scale. With the way the helmet mates with the neck armor we needed it to be as tight as possible to my head dimensions. Ideally the head opening lines up with my jaw bone and fits perfectly inside the neck armor. We ended up scaling up about 900% and printed about an inch of the head opening. Did this about three times scaling up and down every time until we got one that fit over my head. After getting a ring that fit we printed the whole helmet at that dim. This gave us a helmet the size of a giant pumpkin. It was massive. But it fit over my head.. Turns out, these files are just not going to fit over a human head and be accurately scaled without some finagling. If the helmet is properly proportioned then the head opening will be too small, and if the head opening is big enough then the helmet will be too large. This helmet needs to be made like a realistic clone helmet is with the back cut off and hinged because the neck is so small on those helmets. So, after measuring the too big helmet we just printed we crossed our fingers and picked a smaller scale. This turned out nearly perfectly I think. And after cutting the bottom off I'm able to get it all on. Proportionally it looks very nice on my head and next to the rest of the armor. No pads yet in these pics but its looking like it will sit right where i need it. Still in process of painting and finishing but the plan is to hinge the cut off and add magnets. I cut the helmet underneath the flange so it worked out pretty well to hide that seam. For the most part its hidden and on the sides it should at least look aesthetically intentional this way. That's the hope at least because there's no other way to do it.
  11. Armor The pride and joy of this costume. I like sewing but there's something about painting armor that is just so satisfying. There are two venders for Grand Inquisitor armor that I know of, JMSprops and Tristonecrafts. Both on etsy. Both for Rebels style. I went with Tristonecrafts for the armor. No real reason why that I can remember I think at the time JMSprops only had his helmet listed and Tristonecrafts only had the armor so it just worked out that way. Looking at the two files now though I do like the Tristonecrafts armor better. It's all pretty much the same except for the compad on the arm. Tristonecrafts is flat and not protruding out like the JMSprops version. The files also came in as separate parts for the arm and the compad which was nice because I wanted to make the three buttons light up. For reference I am 5'11 150 pounds or so and printed all the files at 100% scale. 3d print, sand, filler primer, sand, bondo, filler primer, repeat. You know the drill! I don't get too picky about paint colors usually and I'm not painting a TK bucket here so it's pretty straight forward. IYKYK[emoji6] I like Krylon paints, they dry quickly and I've had good results with them. I laid down a gunmetal basecoat and then did a matte black topcoat. The Grand Inquisitor really doesn't have too much weathering. If he does it's very subtle or just a hazy metal look like the character models in Battlefront 2. So I went with the tape ball technique picked up from island_fett on insta. Cool, cool dude. Anyways. Before the top coat is dry just rub a ball of tape all over it and it'll get nice irregular scratchies and scuffs and exposes the metallic basecoat underneath. I think it turned out super well and I actually wish I had done more to it but I wanted to take it easy because too much weathering will start to look unnatural. Over that went the satin clear coat. I should mention that the 3d models did come as a chest, a back, and a neck piece. And they all had dowel holes for easy assembly. I installed magnets and it works ok... For connecting the chest to the back I also have velcro straps on the inside because the magnets would for sure not hold. The neck sticks nicely and I don't foresee it falling off ever. It could get bumped and move but with how tight of a squeeze it is to get it around my neck it's not going to fall to the ground and break. The forearm bracers are in two parts as well with a main section and a chunk of the inner wrist that can come off. There are very thin spots to install magnets but I decided to just use a velcro and elastic strap on the inside to hold on the wrist cover. I'm still working out a way to keep it all tightly together because with the shirt and glove on the seam will sometimes get bigger the more I move around. Figuring out the chest LED and the compad LEDs. I'm doing a really basic connection here. Maybe I'm not even doing it correctly idk but it's worked for me in the past. Anywho, 9 volt with a resistor and LEDs. On the chest I just used 2 red LEDs but on the compad I'm using 1 red and 2 white LEDs. I used white opaque acylic for the white buttons and red trans acrylic for the red. Playing around with how the lights look inside there i decided to go with a layer of open celled clear foam on the red lights to diffuse it more and then on the back of the foam used white electrical tape. I found that a white inside was key to making the button and the chest really look 3 dimensional. The compad LEDs look pretty much just like they do in the pictures as they do in person but the chest LEDs are much more diffused across the whole piece of acrylic. Pictures really don't show how nice it looks in person unfortunately. Mating the neck, the chest, and back turned out ok but there were still gaps between all the parts when there really shouldn't be. *or ideally shouldn't be* I'm not building magical cartoon playdoh armor lol. But I found it worked very well to just lay down some sticky felt to the neck and to the back piece. I did felt on the neck piece and not just around the neck hole of the combined chest and back because when this is done and I have the helmet I'm not convinced the helmet will fit with the neck attached. So I want it to be removable and not scratch up the neck hole on the other pieces. They had the right idea to get rid of the neck piece in Kenobi[emoji28] The felt filled in these gaps really well and there's still a seam yes, but now it looks a little more intentional. Shoulders came out very nicely. Decals not so much haha. Because of the curvature of the bells the decals did not quite flatten out so well. But not to worry! This gave me an opportunity to rough em up a bit. Anywhere the decal got bubbly or folded over itself I just cut out the blemish and now its weathered. Bam! These get velcroed to the shirt nothing fancy. Hips...Well the files did come with hip files but my buddies printer took a crap and we haven't been able to get these printed yet. But fear not! I made them out of sintra. I hate cutting sintra because it gets really dusty and the dust is sticky. Wear a mask! But the good thing about sintra is it's nice and light and can heat form pretty well. I made the basic shapes and then heated them on the side of a bucket with a heat gun. It worked so well idk if I even want to bother finishing more 3d prints now[emoji28] I'm not sure how large the 3d files for these were so I am just guessing on the size and judging based on my own legs. These are about 15 inches tall. They also flatten out the jodhpurs nicely but don't completely cover them either. Lastly, the detailed painting. Hmmm. I spent a long time re-watching all the Grand Inquisitor's scenes and what I found is that his neck armor is not just painted black. The top of the neck is distinctly a grey color which is part of a flange which is also grey on the bottom side. Then a lighter grey pinstripe is present. Then it is black like the rest of the armor. For the top flange I just used the same gunmetal color as I used for the basecoat. Seems to work very nicely next to the black. Then for the pinstripe I just used a silver acrylic. Also silver acrylic on the chest details as well. The 3d model does not have this top flange defined so I just eyeballed the proportions. The flat base of the neck on the chest is the same dark grey shown on the neck. Then there is a lip at the very front with this face being black. Around the entirety of the neck, on the chest and back there is also a silver pinstripe, again not modelled into the pieces but this does not extend up onto that front lip.
  12. Lightsaber Ok so I'd like to think I know quite a bit about making stormtrooper armor and making soft goods and blasters and all that. I've done quite a lot of that. But lightsabers are just something I had no knowledge of at all before starting this build. I still wouldn't say I know anything about them now [emoji28] I quickly learned that the only metal inquisitor lightsaber available was from....I forget who now... for about $1,000 and was the second sister's anyways. Yeah I can't swing that much for this costume this was supposed to be one of my cheaper 501st costumes haha cheap 501st costume... Anyways this was the ONLY Grand Inquisitor lightsaber of any kind that I could find https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1945665 And it looks pretty nice I was going to print this out and then do a pipe build sorta saber. So I spent time looking at thecustomsabershop.com at what parts I could use. For my personal preference I decided that none of the base lit electronics would be good enough for me so i started researching other saber companies and found Crimson Dawn oooh. The hilts are really nothing fancy from what I understand. They all come from the same factory in China as other saber companies. But even still, a neo pixel Proffie lightsaber for only $350 sounded perfect to me. I picked this one https://www.crimsondawn.com/collections/in-stock-sabers-only/products/twilight-saber Again, it's not a perfect match to the Grand Inquisitor. Obviously no ring to helicopter away with and the emitter is not the same, but I really liked the grip on this one. I think of everything that I looked at this was the closest to his hilt and in my price range. And hoooly cow this thing is cool. It came with about 40 different fonts which I was not expecting so it will not be blue when I'm out as the Grand Inquisitor [emoji6] I also picked up a second emitter from Crimson Dawn. It still will only be able to house the one Proffie board and one pixel blade but at least this way it looks like it could be double bladed. Also the length of the hilt looks pretty close to his actual hilt now. It's not quite a staff but it's also not quite a single handed hilt. About 15 inches now. I did however get two red day blades so I can absolutely still run around with a duel ended saber. I do plan to build the ring so it can slide onto the hilt and look more accurate either by printing the model I found or fabbing my own but likely just the half circle configuration.
  13. Gloves, belt, boots I mentioned in my first post that I was doing my own thing for some of the costume. Well here they are, lightsaber too but I'll post that separately. The gloves, He doesn't have strictly black gloves I know. He also for sure doesn't have medium grey gloves as per the CRL either. His glove color most closely matches the sleeve color. Different scene lighting makes everything look different for sure but they are definitely not a medium or light grey color. I searched and searched for a medium to dark grey plain glove and came up empty so I'm just going with black. I could probably just make the gloves myself with the same fabric I used but gloves are a whole other beast to tackle when it comes to sewing. The belt is just my TIE pilot belt from WampaWear. Not the perfect match to the show but I believe it is perfectly acceptable to how I want myself to look. In the future I will plan on making a new buckle that is correct but for now this is good with me. My boots are regular Crowprops officer boots. Gio is the man for Star Wars boots. I also just don't agree with the CRL saying it's short boots with greaves. I will wait for the proposed changes from @Mono to happen and make an ankle ring later but it's not something I'm losing sleep over 😉
  14. Pants Like I said earlier, I used my real suit pants as my pattern here. Partly tracing each leg and partly guessing where it all was going to line up because I couldn't take these pants apart. After making a regular pants pattern I added on the jodhpur thighs. This wasn't super precise I just measured and made a guess on where to end the curve on these which ended up to be a few inches above my knee. Looking at the Grand Inquisitor this is about right. Sewed one side of one pant leg first then did the grey stripe down the middle. I used the same dark grey fabric as on the shirt sleeves and did an inch width to match the red stripes. It wasn't until after making both legs that I realized I need to angle the tops of the stripe outward because it was getting too narrow near the fly. Not a huge deal I just needed to pic a spot on my thigh a few inches down and then scooch the stripe out about 2 inches on the top. It wasn't until I had the pants complete and the hip armor made that I decided that I moved the stripes out too much this time. I'm not particularly keen on moving them in again because that would mean seam ripping the waist band off and the fly and belt loops and I'm more than fine with not doing all that. Ankle hems done the same as the wrists. Added a 2 inch waist band to match the belt width. This is lined with interfacing to keep nice and flat forever and sturdy too. Fly is about 10x2 inches also with interfacing. I'm really happy about how this turned out I even put a hook clasp in there to make them seem like legit pants. Belt Loops!! All two of them lol Test fit of shirt and pants with the belt and boots. Looking pretty good.
  15. Neck Seal I went through *several* iterations of this thing. The first one was totally not the way. I was trying to get the right curvature around my shoulders and my jaw line and it just wasn't working out quite right. Necks are such a goofy shape. The "stacked strips" as the CRL calls it were not doing it for me. In references, to me it looks more like ribbing like on the shirt or like a regular TK neck seal. I tried doing it that way but still pretty unsuccessfully. Somehow I forgot about/didn't think it would need batting to make the ribs and I just stitched it flat. So gross looking. Also it was too tight on me anyways and was choking me lol. So back to the drawing board. Can see here I was trying to figure out those funky neck curves and measuring out the ribbing. Version 3 (i think). You'll like version 3. I like version 3. Version 3 was just slightly larger in circumference than before so now I can just be force choked by vader instead of physically choked by my clothes. I decided to try the stacked ribs called out in the CRL annnnnd it turned out great sorry for doubting you guys. Grand Inquisitor has 5 or 6ish ribs at about an inch wide. My neck is not 5 inches tall but I still managed these dimensions. I made the base of the neck seal with black jersey fabric and cut 5, 1 inch, strips of the black vinyl. Starting on the bottom rib, I sewed just the top of the vinyl strip and then layered them on one by one overlapping about a 1/4 inch. I can't decide if he actually has 5 or actually has 6 ribs but I'm going with 5 and playing the very bottom off as that's the bib. Hope that makes sense. Stacking the ribs like this turned out to be super beneficial though because now if I bend my neck it will accordion and will bend with me instead of being all stiff and choke me like before.
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