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  1. Since I cannot really wear contacts, I just decided to wing it as I spent several hours looking for something with no luck. I then thought that maybe tanning goggles might work. I had an old pair in a drawer and grabbed them. The lenses easily popped out. I then spent about 2 hours pulling up every single close up from Rebels I could find of the Inquisitor's eyes and printing them on one big tabloid sized paper. I then sat down and started painting, trying various paints. I do think this first draft turned out pretty good, I didn't have the elastic tight inside the mask so one side was a little droopy. I will play more with it but think it looks pretty good for version 1.0. I might take the dark tanning lenses and drill a hole in them, put them back in, to make the pupils look smaller in version 2.0.
  2. In 52 years I have never been able to put anything in my eyes, open my eyes under water, et cetera. I am not sure how to overcome this phobia or whatever it is. I was trying contact lenses but cannot seem to overcome this to date. Is there some sort of goggle type eye wear I could put on between the mask and my eyes instead of under my eyelids? I know someone here had a mask made with something like that but cannot seem to google the correct words. Thanks
  3. What Diameter are you all doing the silver Imperial icon on the shoulder?
  4. So far I have printed; the boots (though may get a lifted pair later as I'm only 5'6"), thigh forearm hand pieces and have the mask. I have sanded and got the first few coats of black on. A buddy will be printing imperial stickers for the shoulder pieces as templates so I can spray the logo with paint. QUESTION: Anyone have a particular silver color they picked for the Silver COG? Half way through printing the chest piece the printer had a catastrophic failure. Took about 2 weeks to get everything figured out and replaced and now I am about 20% into the chest piece. We are starting to look for fabric and begin sewing since I have about 2 weeks left on just the chest piece. I then need to measure the leg armor with over boot adjustments. JediDad2011, did Mr. Kerry Alan Rowntree make your belt buckle or just the belt. I was looking at 3d printing it but if it isn't too expensive and he's already made yours I might buy there. Contact info??? Thanks
  5. Bought 500mmx500mm 3D printer and finally have it dialed in. Printed first thigh piece and it is looking good. How is everyone attaching these to the costume? Magnets? Velcro? Thanks
  6. I am searching for Grand Inquisitor boots with no zipper and noticed in the picture there is a bit of a flare or something near or just above the ankles in most of the pictures.  Did you do that as an armor add on, leather, or something else?  Not many clear pictures of his feet.  Thanks

  7. Well my girlfirend and I usually do some sort of paired deals, for instance we both have Tusken Raiders (male/female). So she decided to do a Jedi Temple Guard and me, while I'm more of a dark sider. Thus, I am heading down the Grand Inquisitor path now. There doesn't seem to be much here yet. I've looked around several of the other forums as well as this one. Any of you that have started this path have a list of sources, model numbers, amazon links, et cetera for fabric, gloves , boots? I've seen the few links for 3D armor, saber (minus blades) and mask. In regards to the saber, one of the 3D etsy files is basically the circle or half circle guard that you put on a saber. Any recommendations for the saber that goes between for the bladed version. I have not done any force sensitive cosplays yet of all the ones I have so I am an absolute nuub to the saber thread. I have a friend with a Seventh Sister costume that said she started with the double blade but switched to a single as walking a con with 6' of saber ended up in some unhappy kids. Thanks for any thoughts and advice from all that have finished and merely started this path. Flea
  8. Mauri, Do you have any pics close up with that mask and your eyes? Just curious how it works and how well the mouth moves. Do you use some sort of glue to keep the mask eye holes attached around your eyes? None of the costumes I've done to date have used a mask so I'm clueless. Lee