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  1. Hey! I have decided to sell my 3d pritned, finished Revan mask. It's made out of PLA. I am thinking about 75$ (usd)+shipping. Ships from Hungary. If you are interested you can contact me on Facebook (Zsombor Turjanicza)
  2. Hello! I am torn between ANH/R1 Vader and Revan costume. I am looking for a cheaper project for now. So I am more towards Revan. And I have a few question: can I modify the cosplysky Revan soft parts to meet the crl standards? Are there any approvable 3d print files for the armor, rings, and mask? What is the best place to get a lightsaber? (going with 1) My current budget is around 1000 dollars for this costume but I can always spend a bit more on a few parts. Thanks in advance!
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