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  1. I got my Revan boots from a street bike shop then took them to a cobblers to have the strap on the toe added. Show them the picture you need and they will be able to point you in the right direction.
  2. Those boots should have no issue once the straps are removed and the toe strap added, but it is always your local GML that has final say on all costume parts so it would be best to check with them if your ever unsure on a specific costume piece.
  3. I would say most of the Revans here are Wicked armour. He does amazing work.
  4. I use this one from ultra sabers. I cant remember the name of it though. Was a little disappointed as when I got it the sound didnt work because they forgot to soldered a lead so I had to strip off the heat shrink and solder it back together myself.
  5. Does anyone know of a complete back shot of the tenth brother from the comics? I have been able to find front and side shots with a partial shot of the back of the tenth brother and would like to start working on the costume as I like the more ninja look he has including the shorter sabers. He looks to have a lot of wraps instead of sleeves or boots which is an interesting concept I would like to try making.
  6. I also have never had luck with ultrasaber products as they always seem to arrive with wiring issues (broken wires, faulty connections, or faulty solder joints) even other members of my local saber guild have had that issue too, but luckily as I know how to solder I fixed mine and theirs as well. Really no matter where you get from you run the risk of running into the problem of shoddy work being done to rush something out the door. Also if you have bigger hands go ultrasabers as their sabers are a bit bigger, and saberforge run a bit slimmer.
  7. As saberforge just put this saber on their website and it is close to their original silver knight I'm wondering if it would be approvable for the imperial knight. https://saberforge.com/collections/eco-sabers/products/ranger?fbclid=IwAR1DY85ViAj-nNROcZqcd6QMW6zCIwZp7IFFDhTL0LvrDbh8obBoOM4_o8E&variant=30171171029072
  8. Best and easiest place to start for a Revan if you dont want to build it yourself would be going to Wicked Armour on etsy.
  9. I have the fallen from saberforge and I highly recommend it if your not in a rush to get it. It is well constructed and has the built in charge port with a kill key if you want sound. The only down side with saberforge is they have the longest production time but I personally belive the quality is worth it.
  10. I dont think it would be an issue as it doesnt say on the CRL anything about them being plain. But I would recommend getting in touch with your local GML to see what they say based off their interpretation of the CRL.
  11. If you end up getting from wicked armour most of his options of armour come with the mask too which I find to be very comfortable as well as accurately painted.
  12. I do belive that the request is in to be approved under the new merch rules and it is just waiting for approval so that the run can be started again. I think Nina said the run would take place before the end of the year with the new rules.
  13. I was wondering if it would be possible to do a maskless Darth Revan, as wookipedia has a profile picture for Revan and I keep being told I look like him anyways. It would require some make up but would be a nice alternative to wearing my mask all the time, especially on the hot days. So I guess my question is this enough to go off for a new CRL or an optional portion to the existing CRL? Or would it need a better shot?
  14. Hell yeah another Revan! It's a simple fix for the caplet, you need to just bunch the cloth and then put the pins so they hook into the 4 small rings in the top of the chest peice. Also one other small detail, the red loin cloth should be slightly lower the top should be about at the bottom of the ring.