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  1. Prockiw

    My Darth Revan

    Hell yeah another Revan! It's a simple fix for the caplet, you need to just bunch the cloth and then put the pins so they hook into the 4 small rings in the top of the chest peice. Also one other small detail, the red loin cloth should be slightly lower the top should be about at the bottom of the ring.
  2. Prockiw

    SOLD: Starkiller Costume Complete

    What size boots?
  3. Prockiw

    Darth Revan (New Builder)

    Yay another Revan! So I would absolutely not recommend any Cosplaysky stuff like what you are looking at if you wish to be approved. In the CRLs it states for most peices that Cosplaysky will not be accepted. Just so you dont have to buy peices twice. For my hard peices I used Wicked Armour, it's a little more expensive but man does that guy do amazing work. And for your boots those ones are missing the square toe. For my boots I went with a square toe Roper boot, to match the square toe as stated, and took it to a shoe repair place to have a simple strip of leather placed over the toe area. Hopefully this helps and gives you some of the information you were looking for.
  4. Prockiw

    Starkiller Patch Run

    Just sent money for 6 patches shipping to Canada with shipping address.
  5. Prockiw

    Starkiller Patch Run

    I love this patch. How much to ship to Canada?
  6. Prockiw

    Darth Bane (Clone Wars)

    I'm very interested in this project as I've wanted to do a clone wars bane for a long time but had no idea where to even start.