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  1. I have been researching this costume lately as well (this is going to be next years project), unfortunately I have found very few resources for it. Most of the hard parts can be found on thingiverse.com, search for the Sith Stalker armor (many of the hard parts are the same for both costumes) and you'll also need a couple Tusken spikes as well. I was planning to either 3D print the trophy sabers or make them out of PVC since they don't need to be anything more than belt hangers. As far as the robes and other soft parts go, the tunic and pants are pretty much the same thing that Jedi wear so you'd just need to someone that sells those items (check etsy) in the colors you need (Tan tunic, Brown pants). Unfortunately you're probably on your own for the skirt and neck scarf unless the person making your tunic and pants would be willing to make the additional parts, but that's something you'll have to discuss with them Hopefully this gets you started, but if you have any other questions, lemme know and I'll do what I can to help. If you haven't already checked it out, here is the CRL for the costume, so you can double check as you build: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_starkiller_desert
  2. In my mando I've gotten everything from Boba/Jango to Power Ranger I got called Darth Vader once in my Republic Commando (to be fair, I was in black armor holding a red lightsaber)
  3. KB Props on Facebook sells the armor. The soft parts will probably have to be custom made. Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions for that, hopefully someone else can chime in on that one. Whichever hilt you decide on, I would suggest avoiding Saberforge unless you buy the hilt empty and then have a reputable installer put electronics into it. Other folks have made a pretty close replica using parts from The Custom Saber Shop, personally this is the route I would suggest as they sell quality parts and their customer service is top notch.
  4. KB Props on Facebook is the best source for the armor.
  5. I tend to laugh A LOT when I'm hanging out with my Star Wars family and one of the hardest things for me going from Mando and RC to a face character (Starkiller) was trying to figure out what to do with my face. Thankfully my group here in the Dune Sea Garrison isn't TOO strict about staying in character, because I do tend to remove my helmet when I see a kid afraid of me & I still have a hard time dropping the smile for pics when I'm in my SK...luckily my newest SK project (Heavy Training Gear) covers the lower half of my face
  6. Thanx for this info Rep Com! As you may be aware, we are currently reviewing several of the TFE CRLs at the moment and Malgus is one that I'm working on. I appreciate you doing some of the leg work on this and I will be adding this to the mountain of references I am sifting thru
  7. Great progress so far! One of my favorite things about this hobby is learning new things, over the years I have learned, fiberglass work, painting/weathering techniques, electronics, leatherwork & most recently sewing, I also love seeing folks learning new thigns as well. Keep up the good work & good luck on the rest of your build!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous work!! The fact that you did all of this out of sintra blows my mind...well done!
  9. I haven't had any personal dealings with Wicked Armor, but I have heard good things about them...good luck on your build!
  10. Welcome! Glad to see another Starkiller in the works (there aren't NEARLY enough of us). I'm still a fledgling Costume Mentor, but I have been pouring over the CRLs that fall in my scope, so if I can lend a hand, please feel free to reach out & I'll do what I can to help. Good luck on your trip down the rabbit hole
  11. Hi guys, Been a while since I was on here, but with my new position in the detachment I plan to be more active. With that in mind I wanted to show you what AZStarkiller has been up to lately. So a couple months ago I decided to upgrade the soft parts of my TIE Factory gear (wraps, tunic, pants) & while I was at it, I figured I'd make the parts for the Heavy Training gear as well, since it is so close to what I have already. I don't have much in the way of progress to share, so for now I'll just share the parts I have collected so far. First up I went and got a bunch of fabric (12 yards iirc) and I had a friend design and print the backpack for me. The red plates are printed in opaque filament so that the lights will shine thru & my friend also left me a space for a battery pack with wire pass throughs for the lights. I also had my friend design and print the hand plates and knuckle details for the gloves (opaque filament used for the screen on the left plate) One of the MAJOR upgrades I have planned for my SK costumes is to build myself a proper weapon. Here's what I have in the works, it is a Korbanth 2.0 graflex that I converted myself, currently it is empty as I sold my MHS one to fund this one, but I am planning on a NeoPixel build with a double crystal reveal. Really looking forward to getting these projects finished up as I haven't been able to suit up as Starkiller in FAR too long and I really miss being him. As always, thanx for looking and lemme know what you guys think
  12. Requesting detachmentioned access RC-18015 Dune Sea Garrison https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16924
  13. Absolutely! I honestly didn't know there was more available. I'll look into it straight away, thank you!
  14. I'd LOVE to help! I have an approved TIE Training gear costume & I'm working on an Arena gear costume from TFU2. I can get you updated pics tomorrow (well today)