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  1. Absolutely amazing work! The attention to detail is incredible!
  2. Hi Charles, I'm pretty sure I've already spoken to you on Facebook, but just in case...both Rahm's and Kasdan's sabers are fairly simple (aside from the tsuka wrap on Rahm's) and could easily be made out of PVC. The belt hangers for this kit don't really need to do anything other than sit on your belt and look pretty so you can go low tech for these. If you are looking to have them be functional, I highly recommend checking out The Custom Saber Shop, they have a HUGE variety of custom parts and I have had them do custom one-off pieces as well, so if they don't have what you're looking for, reach out to Tim and he may be able to help get you the part you need.
  3. WOW...well done, the attention to detail is amazing!
  4. Best bet would be to do a deep dive on Google and find every reference pic you can. There are a few reference pics in this section for the Sith Stalker armor. But really only good one that shows the biomechanic arm. TFE Sith Stalker resource pic thread The CRL also has a pretty good reference pic for it that shows some good detail 501st CRL If I were to build it, I would use PVC and dowels for the large actuators (piston looking things), then it looks like just a soft strap that wraps around the fleshy part of the forearm with a plastic strap that goes around the back of the hand with maybe blocks sitting on the backs of the fingers. The blade on the upper arm looks like it might be "T" shaped when looked at from the front. Not too much useable info, but hopefully it helps gives a starting point.
  5. Awesome work so far! This one is on my list to do as well, but I need to finish my Heavy Training Gear first
  6. LOVE Dark Disciple...easily one of the best in the "New Canon"
  7. Absolutely freaking amazing! LOVE Asajj...her story arc and character development were awesome!
  8. Love seeing more progress on this...that blade is 🔥🔥
  9. That shoulder armor and backbox look amazing!
  10. So YOU'RE one who got that beauty...saw the pics on his FB page and was wondering who lucky owner was. Totally jealous, Woodchuck does amazing work!
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