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  1. I was contemplating getting that mask, since it covers the cheeks too, but I kinda prefer my metal greeblies lol. They add a bit more to the look. I'm not a fan of the paint on the wicked armor, might want to redo it and darken the red above the brow/around the "T", and weather it a bit more.
  2. Ah yeah, I'm seeing that "T shape" now, damn lol. I'll sand the paint off and redo it. Darken the grey, differentiate the red more, and I might make the red "brow" a bit higher. I can't find any info on the seller I got it from, it was about 3-4 years ago, paid like 50-60 bucks for the thing. It's some kind of resin. I am noticing that one "cheek" is rounded, though, while the other is straight. I'm used to having an asymmetrical helmet with Vader haha, but I'm thinking Revan's shouldn't be that way. Thank you for your input!
  3. Got this mask from some random etsy seller, a few years ago. It was unpainted so I googled a bunch of Revan mask pictures and tried getting this paint as close as possible. Any idea if this would be approvable? I see so many variations in the mask regarding raised ridges and etc here and there. Thanks!
  4. Definitely interested in ordering a holocron, but the picture links in the thread aren't working. Do you have any updated pictures?
  5. Much appreciated, thank you! This is the mask I have, got it from some seller on Etsy years ago. Would this be approvable? Seems to hit the necessary factors in the crl?
  6. Hey all, Just joined this site as I've completed my ESB Vader (working on approval) and I'm looking for something a little more comfortable to wear to parties/troops/events. Figured Revan was always a favorite of mine, and I did a bit of a half-assed Revan suit a few years ago (with some mask from Etsy). I'd like to complete a proper Revan suit, so I'll be looking for guidance around which vendors have good approvable costume parts that won't break the bank (Vader was insanely expensive). I'll also post up a picture of the mask to see if it's approvable. Any advice you guys can give would be appreciated, thanks!
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