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  1. Exciting! I can't wait! Thank you for the compliments. With regard to the in-game model of Nihilus, it definitely screams early 2000's era of cloth movement and texture modeling techniques where the entire 3D object model is "skinned" to a skeleton and animated frame by frame depending on what animation is being executed. As opposed to current games with defined objects on a model that can dynamically move based on the simulated physics determined by the objects characteristics (cloth, hair, chains, ropes, etc.). I could see where things like the way the cowl lays/droops below the neck being a higher tiered approval option, but I feel like the look of the mask and the crinkling of the shoulders of the cape should probably be standard in the upcoming CRL changes. That's all up to Nina and the Legion crew to decide, though. Just my personal opinion based on being able to find the consistent in-game source material, but the pleating on the skirt is also quite visible as well. But how far does one go with a video game character model from the early 2000's vs an on-screen, tangible costume such as a TK from ANH for a CRL, I get it. I definitely see both sides. Honestly, the modifications to the WA KOTOR II mask was very straight forward. I used a dremel with a 1/8" cut diameter ball burr bit to take sections off and apoxie sculpt to build sections up, then just paint it. I'm confident that you could take on that challenge; especially with the experience of a ROTS Vader. Again, thank you for the kind words and if you have any questions about the way I made modifications to the WA KOTOR II Nihilus, feel free to message me or send me link to a build thread here, etc.
  2. Awesome. You'll be well on your way. Rob and his wife are great to work with and pretty fast at responding to messages. You should be in good hands. Enjoy the COTF build!
  3. Hi Gomcse! I purchased the KOTOR version of Nihilus from Wicked Armor, but ended up making a handful of modifications to it to be more like the in-game model. I saw that you already replied to my build/comparison thread. Hopefully that thread will be of use for anything that you plan on tackling -- The major modifications were the mask, cowl, and cape, which I cover in the above thread. I'm willing to provide any of the tips that I've learned from the build as well as any source images that you may need. Unfortunately, Nihilus isn't in many scenes within the game. I've provided updated images to Nina and her crew along with a few text tweaks for them to consider while they are revamping/completing the CRL for the KOTOR II Nihilus. Since elections just wrapped up, I've confirmed with Nina that there was a brief slowdown due to the leadership transitions at the legion level. I'd imagine in the coming weeks you will see updated CRL images and minor tweaks here and there to the text. For gloves I went to an Etsy vendor, GamesPro, which no longer has a shop. The key is to find leather gloves that stop just short of your elbows. For boots, I picked up Funtasma black boots (https://www.amazon.com/Funtasma-Pleaser-Mens-Halloween-Captain/dp/B001AH60TC). I could have gone a bit higher end, but since barely any of the boot shows below the skirt, I didn't sweat it.
  4. Hi All! My KOTOR II Nihlius was recently approved. I just recently joined the detachment only Facebook group. Could one of the admins update my user role to detachment member on the forum, please? Thank you! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=20740&costumeID=107 I posted here as well, just in case, back on the 8th...
  5. Requesting detachment access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=20740&costumeID=107
  6. Thank you! Assisting Nina with updating the CRL next
  7. Alright! Here are my photos that I will be submitting. I'll pass these along to my GML who will coordinate with Nina and the LMOs. Any questions or comments please feel free to provide feedback! FULL ALBUM (Including reference images): https://imgur.com/a/EBBox8A REFERENCE IMAGES:
  8. Nearing the finish line for submitting photos for this one. Almost 100% happy with the cowl/hood. One last thing I plan to do is add small fishing line weights to each side of the hood to get a more straight/boxy shape on the left and right. Excuse the bad lighting and dirty mirror. Just wanted to take a quick photo to show the layering of the neck portion of the cowl/hood.
  9. I've fixed the shoulders and tightened the elastics around the waist of the skirt. Here's an example of how subtle the chest armor is, when I've taken a breath in and then exhale...
  10. I've just tried on the full costume after making the initial modifications. Based on the first fitting, I've already identified things that need improved or adjusted to keep the costume's components in place while moving around. Cowl/head covering rear section needs a way to stay in position to keep the rear of the shirt/cape area hidden. It stay in position quite well, but wind, leaning over, etc. will cause problems. Cowl/head covering front neck opening needs slightly adjusted and likely a way to keep the front in place to reduce it moving around. The black under-mask has managed to get white paint rubbed onto it from the outer white mask. Clean up the white spots and buff the shine the will be reduced due to cleaning. Spray the white mask with a matte clear coat spray (inside edges) to reduce paint rubbing off onto the black under-mask. Adjust the shoulders of the cape and add velcro onto the shirt and bottom of cape to prevent the cape from drooping too far over shoulders. (Test fit shoulder look a little high too) Add additional velcro to waist of skirt so that it can be fitted tighter. Add velcro to front of shirt and inner section of the chest armor foam to prevent it from drooping/sliding down. Simple Suit Up Issue -- Make sure that shirt sleeves do not bunch up when putting on leather gloves to reduce sleeve wrinkling effect. I may think of some other items, but these will need addressed. Once completed I will take new photos. But in the meantime, here's some from the initial fitting.... I'm not a huge fan of the "chest armor" you can see it very subtly in this first photo. I will likely need to raise it some, it looks like its on my belly, but that is due to the skirt being too loose and I had to hike it up a bit.
  11. Spent 3 hours sewing for the cowl/head covering. Just need to iron everything one more time and try it on. If I'm satisfied with it all, I'll be taking photos to post up. I will be busy with other things the next few days leading up to Christmas. Hoping to have photos around then!
  12. Hoping to finish up the last bit of this costume this weekend. Fingers crossed! It's been a busy few days for my wife and I, so I haven't had time to tackle this as I need her help with a few steps.
  13. I've finished adjusting the cape height to just barely miss touching the floor while wearing my boots. Once the cowl updates are completed, I will be ready for the first full test suit-up. During that suit-up, I'll be looking for places to hide an Aker speaker for the voice glove audio. Just a few more things to tackle: Adjust stock WA cowl/head covering to mimic in-game model. This will need some stitching to be removed and reattached with pinlocks in specific locations. Re-iron the cape one more time to add subtle pleating. BONUS: Wire up and hide sound board, buttons, and aker speaker
  14. I've started working on the lower section of the cowl. WA's stock cowl is a great start and I really enjoy the simplicity, yet sharp look of the "cat ears/crown" that comes standard. The one change that needs to be made is the opening of the lower section. The stock solution lays in a more circular pattern based on how it is sewn. Which is very close, but just not as straight and open as I'd like: So I've split a center seam and will be adjusting how it lays around the neck area. Here's the initial seam removal, I continued onward for another 2 inches. Here's a quick shot of how I want the upper and middle portion of the cowl to lay. The plan will be to tuck and sew/pin these corners into the inner section of the cowl. Once those are positioned, the lower fabric will be bunched into sections and pinned into place (using pinlocks) to mimic the folds in-game. Sorry for the slightly blurry photo, it's a bit hard to see in that mask. I still need to do some work on the cape to bring it up off the ground a bit more as well as finish my chest armor that will be attached to the inside of the outer tunic. My goal is to finish this up by the new year.