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  1. Hi all. Does anyone have any photos of how to tuck the fabric sleeves? I just cant get it to sit right. I have read to tuck the excess material inside the armour and then pull it out a bit to hook onto the front top shoulder rings. Can someone please help with this that would be awesome. Thanks
  2. Don't buy EBAY, Amazon or any of those places that mass produce. ETSY is your best bet, Wicked Armour is worth the $ for sure. And can not go past this guy, the best maker by far. And he will keep you posted the whole way, making sure he gets it right. Lightsaber Ultrasabers does the best replica of the original lightsaber Darth Revan had. If you go Saberforge, prepare to wait atleast 2 months. Ultrasabers took 2 weeks. U can have 2 but once you put on the mask you will have very limited sight. Trooping will be hard, made even harder with 2 sabers for sure.
  3. Ok. I have redone the chest and back to align. And will bunch up the caplet. Then repost a few pics. Where do I submit for approval? Once I have done the fixes.
  4. Ok, I was not sure what to do with them. I have some spare hooks so will do that. Anything else you can see that I may need to fix. I will redo the straps on the side so the chest and back align. And the rings hang down. So will repost once I have those fixed up. Anything else will help as I want to get this approved before I go away for a few weeks to site.
  5. Here is my Darth Revan build.
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